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The Regiments of Renown can refer to either of two things, both tying to Warhammer Fantasy.

The original Regiments of Renown were a series of unit box sets, each with its own associated lore, that debuted back in the early 1980s, when Warhammer was just starting to feel itself out as its own independent setting. Many seeds of what would become the Warhammer setting as it was ultimately known debuted here in these box sets.

Around the time Warhammer Fantasy evolved into its 5th edition, the Regiments of Renown came into being as a sub-army to the Dogs of War army in Warhammer Fantasy. As their name implies, the Regiments consist of unique mercenary companies who have gained particular fame or at least stand out for being pretty damn weird. They're essentially the Dogs of War equivalent to special characters... not counting the actual Dogs of War special characters, who are famous individual mercenaries.

In Total War Warhammer, Regiments of Renown are special one of a kind variants on specific unit types with some trait distinct to them like Unbreakable Swordsmen.

List of Regiments of Renown[edit]

  • Al Muktar's Desert Dogs - Arabyan mercenaries led by a Marienburg nobleman named Werner Glook; basically a parody of Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Anakonda's Amazons - A band of Lustrian amazons who fight for other races for their own mysterious reasons.
  • Birdmen of Catrazza - A Tilean mercenary band that use elaborate backpack harnesses to glide through the air and rain down crossbow fire on their enemies.
  • Braganza's Besiegers - Tilean mercenaries who sepcialize in defensive artillery lines, thanks to their combination of plate armor, heavy shields, and crossbows.
  • Bronzino's Galloper Guns - Tilean mercenaries centered around the use of light, carriage-mounted cannons to conduct devastating hit-and-run attacks.
  • The Cursed Company - A mercenary band made of the undead, lead by the cursed wight Richter Kreugar the Damned, whose kills are doomed to fight at his side forever.
  • Golgfag's Maneaters - The original mercenary ogre band. Before that became the general ogre characterization.
  • Grudgebringers - The mercenary army that serves as the player character in the old Warhammer PC games "The Shadow of the Horned Rat" and "Dark Omen".
  • Leopold's Leopard Company - A fled claimant to the throne of the city-state of Luccini and his loyal followers.
  • Long Drong's Slayer Pirates - A band of dwarf merchants who took up the Slayer Oath and turned to piracy after a storm caused them to lose an entire cargo of rare dwarf ales.
  • Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks - The only halfling mercenary unit in the Warhammer World.
  • Manann's Blades - Ruthless mercenaries from Marienburg who often serve as privateers when not fighting campaigns on the land.
  • Marksmen of Miragliano - Tilean mercenaries renowned for their skill and accuracy with the crossbow.
  • Mengil Manhide's Manflayers - A band of Dark Elves who have taken up the calling of the mercenary for fun and profit.
  • Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz - A hobgoblin warlord whose tribe of wolfriders were driven from the Hobgoblin Khanate for their treachery.
  • Pirazzo's Lost Legion - A band of mercenaries who invaded Lustria and not only returned alive, but with a huge cargo of treasures.
  • Ricco's Republican Guard - Tilean mercenaries connected to an ancient band of heroic rebels.
  • Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - A band of mercenary orcs who embrace the use of heavy armor and crossbows.
  • Scarlock's Archers - A band of wood elf scouts who often take up the role of mercenaries to spy on the lands of men or hone their skills.
  • The Alcatani Fellowship - A genuinely noble and heroic Tilean mercenary company dedicated to protecting the common folk.
  • The Bearmen of Urslo - Norscan marauders led by a werebear Chaos Champion named Beorg Bearstruck.
  • Tichi-Huichi's Raiders - Skink riders atop Horned Ones, a variant Cold One from the Southlands, who fight as mercenaries to recover the sacred treasures of the Southlands.
  • Vespero's Vendetta - A mercenary bad made up of some of the most deadly duelists, bodyguards, saboteurs and assassins in all of Tilea.
  • Voland's Venators - A Tilean mercenary cavalry band made up of the most lowborn and coarse but vicious fighting men to ever come from that land of eternal battle.

Famous Mercenaries[edit]

  • Borgio the Besieger - Borgio is the Merchant Prince of Miragliano, and one of the greatest Mercenary Generals of this age.
  • Leonardo Da Miragliano - Leonardo was considered one of the most ingenious minds of this age, and was credited for the creation of many wondrous inventions, his most famous being the Imperial Steam Tank.
  • Lucrezzia Belladonna - Lecrezzia is considered the most beautiful woman in all of Tilea, and also a powerful and cunning sorceress.
  • Mydas the Mean - A famous Paymaster for many mercenary armies.
  • Lorenzo Lupo - Lorenzo is the heir apparent to the city of Lucinni and is a descendant of one of the city's founders.
  • Marco Columbo - Marco is an infamous Tilean explorer who was amongst the few to have successfully voyage to the New World and survive to tell the tale. His entries of the venture has since garnered much respect and popularity across the Old World.
  • Gotrek & Felix
  • Asarnil the Dragonlord
  • Johan & Wilhelm

Oldhammer Regiments of Renown[edit]

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