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How to create your Reign character with just one roll of the dice.

This method gives you stats, skills, starting treasure and character history with just one roll of the dice. If you already know parts of your character history, just pre-set some dice and roll the rest. I.E.: "I know he served in the army for a while, so I'll set two dice to '6' and roll the rest."

If you're not familiar with One Roll Engine, there's two terms to explain: An Expert Die (ED) is a die you set the number of before you roll your pool, increasing your chance of a certain outcome but not your chance of success. A Master Die (MD) is a die you can change after rolling your pool, guaranteeing you will always have a success.

Step 1[edit]

Each of your six starting attributes start at 2, and you get one MD in speaking your native language.

Step 2[edit]

Roll 11d10. Normally, you can never roll more than (N of N-sided dice) in a pool because you’re absolutely guaranteed a match -- but in this case, you want at least one match.

Step 3[edit]

Previous careers. On the dice you just rolled, you will have at least a one subset of matched dice, likely two or three or more. The number showing on a matched set (called the "height" in ORE) shows what profession you’ve practiced in your life. The number of dice in the subset (called the "width" in ORE) shows how or how far you ended up going in that job. (Singleton dice are counted in the next step.)

The following lists the skills and attribute bonuses you receive at each level of each profession. Note that these are cumulative -- rolling four dice showing "4" gets you the advantages of being a Merchant, Tradesman AND a Banker.

Beggar Living in the cracks of society
2x1 Lowly +1 SENSE, +2 Plead, +1 Run, +1 Sight, +1 Dodge
3x1 Canny +1 Dodge, +1 Run, +1 Fascinate, +1 Jest, +1 Endurance
4x1 Experienced +2 Stealth, +1 Dagger, +2 Lie
5x1 Beggar Monarch +1 CHARM
Thief Taking what you need by force or cunning
2x2 Petty Thief +1 COORDINATION, +1 Dodge, +3 Stealth, +1 Run
3x2 Cutpurse +1 Dodge, +1 Dagger, +1 Run, +2 Climb
4x2 Burglar Change one Stealth die and one Climb die to Expert, +1 Wealth, +2 Lie.
5x2 Criminal Mastermind Change your Exper Die in Stealth to a MD.
Entertainer Singing for your supper
2x3 Street Entertainer +1 CHARM, +2 Perform, +2 Fascinate, +1 Jest
3x3 Traveling Bard +1 COMMAND
4x3 Successful Player Change one Perform die and one Fascinate die to Expert, +1 Graces, +1 Inspire, +1 Language
5x3 Renowned Performer Change one of your EDs (your choice) into a MD.
Merchant Buy low, sell high
2x4 Miserly Merchant +1 CHARM, +1 Wealth, +2 Possession (pick a form of transport), +2 Haggle
3x4 Canny Tradesman +1 Student of Navigation, +1 Languages, +2 Lie, +1 Haggle
4x4 Banker Change one normal Haggle die to Expert, +2 Wealth, +1 Direction, +1 Lie
5x4 Captain of Industry Change your Haggle ED to a MD.
Sailor Life on the seas
2x5 Able Seaman +1 COORDINATION, +2 Student of Sailing, +1 Fight, +2 Climb
3x5 Weathered Tar +1 Athletics, +2 Endurance, +2 Vigor
4x5 First Mate +1 Student of Navigation, +2 Direction, +1 Sight, +1 Language
5x5 Captain +1 COMMAND
Conscripted Military Taking orders, taking lives
2x6 Foot Soldier +1 BODY, +2 Fight, +1 Dodge, +2 Parry
3x6 Veteran Soldier +2 Weapon (you choose), Change one Fight or Weapon die to an ED, +1 Dodge, +1 Parry
4x6 Front Line Fighter Learn the first two techniques on one Martial Path, and the first technique on a different Path, +1 Weapon
5x6 Elite Warrior Change your ED into a MD.
Scholar Consultant, expert, teacher
2x7 Lowly Sage +1 KNOWLEDGE, +2 Languages, +1 Lore, +2 Heal
3x7 Canny Sage +5 ranks of Student in whatever fields you choose.
4x7 Expert +1 Heal, +2 Lore, +2 Fascinate
5x7 Master +1 KNOWLEDGE
Command Military Giving orders, giving them hell
2x8 Squad Leader +1 COMMAND, +1 Fight, +1 Ride, +1 Tactics, +2 Inspire
3x8 Officer +2 Parry, +2 Tactics, +1 Endurance
4x8 Commander +1 Sight, +1 Direction, +2 Strategy, +1 Lie
5x8 General +1 & +ED Strategy, +1 Tactics, +1 Status.
Magician Sorcery for fun and profit
2x9 Apprentice +1 KNOWLEDGE (or whatever stat helps with magic in your setting), +1 Lore, +1 Eerie. +3 Sorcery OR +1 Sorcery and +2 Spells (if spells have to be acquired separately in your setting).
3x9 Hedge Wizard +2 Counterspell, +1 Eerie. +2 Sorcery OR +1 Sorcery and +1 Spells
4x9 Adept Change one Sorcery die to Expert. +4 Spells OR +2 Counterspell, +2 Eerie
5x9 Master Enchanter Change Sorcery ED to MD.
Nobility Born to greatness
2x10 Noble Byblow +1 COMMAND, +1 Wealth, +1, Status, +2 Graces, +1 Sword
3x10 Minor Noble +1 Intimidate, +1 Lie, +1 Status, +1 Graces, +1 Wealth
4x10 Prominent Noble +1 Wealth, +1 Intimidate, +2 Status, change one Intimidate die to an Expert Die.
5x10 Of Royal Blood Change your Intimidate ED into a MD.

Step 4[edit]

Each of the singletons represent extraordinary events that happened in the past that aren't necessarily career related but were educational (or "educational") experiences. (The book has three charts for this, but only one was published publically.)

Unusual Experiences (Chart B)
1x1 Mistaken Identity Shenanegans You were, at some point, embroiled in zany misadventures when someone mistook you for someone else. You still may not know exactly what was going on, but you came out of it okay. +1 Wealth, +2 Lie, +2 Stealth
1x2 Imprisoned Maybe you were locked up for your political views. Maybe you were in a prison camp after your cowardly general surrendered. In any event, you were jailed somewhere crowded and unpleasant. Or maybe you were crammed in a madhouse, with or without good reason. (Ask yourself this: Why was your character imprisoned, rather than killed out of hand?) +2 Fight, +3 Vigor
1x3 Love Triangle At some point, you were in love with her and she was in love with him. Or maybe she was in love with him and he was in love with you. Or maybe they were both in love with you and you didn’t want either. Whatever happened, there were lots of hurt feelings and regrets and probably at least one really embarrassing public scene. Beauty (3), +1 Lie, +1 Plead, Mission: Find True Love
1x4 Caravan Debacle You were in a caravan that never went to its intended destination. Instead, it went terribly, terribly wrong. This could be due to bandits, horrific weather, disease, monster attack, loss of food which forced you all to resort to cannibalism… the details are up to you, but they were nasty. +3 Student: Navigation, +2 Direction
1x5 Press Ganged Against your will, you were forced onto service aboard a warship. How’d you get out of that one? +1 BODY, Craving: Beat On Sailors
1x6 Vengeance Quest They murdered your father! (Or maybe it was your husband, or sister, or child.) You’ve spent years honing yourself into an engine of vengeance. Now they must pay! +2 Sword, the first two techniques of a Martial Path. The Path is up to you, but it must relate to Sword, Dodge or Parry. Mission: Revenge!
1x7 Magnificent Garden You had a really great garden, once. It was your pride and joy. It brought you happiness and tranquility. Now, it’s gone. +5 Student: Plants and Herbs
1x8 Stolen Birthright You were destined for better than this. Maybe you’re supposed to command a merchant fleet, or rule a barony, or own Apple Blossom Ranch. But you’ve been tricked or conned or forced out of what’s yours by right. Now, you’re going to take it back. +1 COORDINATION, Mission: Regain Your Birthright.
1x9 Survived Hideous Occult Ritual Blasphemous religious ceremony? Arcane experiment? Whatever it was, it went really, really wrong. Really. The question is, were you performing it, or just there to be sacrificed? +2 Counterspell, +3 Eerie, Problem: Unwholesome, Mission: Get a Complete Soul Again
1x10 Diplomatic Incident No matter what your current social station, or what your social station was when the… unpleasantness… occurred, you managed to create tremendous antagonism between two states, nations or tribes. Did you intend to be an agent provocateur? Or was it just sheer mischance? Whatever it was, you’ve attracted somebody’s attention. Mentor (5 points), Problem: Enemy

Step 5 (Optional)[edit]

Sometimes, random character generation can lead to some weird histories, and these histories can translate into so oddly dispersed stats. Lowly Beggar + Miserly merchant + Ship's Captain + Sorcerer's Apprentice means you're potentially Andrew Carnegie who studied magic. it also means that you won't likely have a dice pool greater than 4 in what should things your character is competent at, and even skills that a character should be exceptional at produce successes at a respectable (but not earth-shattering) roughly 70% of the time.

If you want to fine-tune your character, remember each die is worth 5 XP. Thus, the first level of each Previous Career (2xD) is equivalent to 10 XP in point-buy character generation, each subsequent level of the Career is worth 5 XP, and each option on the Unusual Experiences table is also worth 5 XP. (The bonuses to Stats, Skills and Advantages rewarded for all of these are priced accordingly below.) Discard each unwanted option accordingly and spend the free XP on the Stat or Skills you want to improve.

In my example, I look at my stats and say "Fuck your magic, I'm Andrew Carnegie!" Then, I dump the Sorcerer's Apprentice perk and get back a sweet 10 XP. I then spend said sweet XP, gaining +1 COMMAND, +1 Haggle and +4 Inspire. Now it's time to start wheelan' and dealan'!

Stats, Skills, and Advantages XP Costs
Increase a Stat 5 points
Increase a Skill 1 Point
Turn normal die into Expert Die 2 Point
Turn Expert die into Master Die 5 Points
Get an Advantage The Advantage's XP Cost (Buy the book, ya cheapskate!)