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Reikland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Karl Franz
Province capital Altdorf
Runefang Dragon Tooth
Specialties Veteran and disciplined soldiers
Commerce Mining and textiles
Primary military colours White and Red

"What better place in the Empire is there, I ask you? The most fertile fields, the finest wine, the most beautiful palaces, and the fairest women in the Empire. Should the rest of the Empire vanish, I would not miss it."

– Reiklander Noble

The Grand Principality of Reikland is a southern province in The Empire, and the current capital province as it is home to the current Emperor Karl Franz. Named after the river Reik which runs through it, the province is rubbing up against the Grey Mountains and is typically the first area where Grey Mountain Dwarfs experience when they first enter the Empire. The province is also the birthplace of Sigmar and as such the Cult of Sigmar is most most dominate religion of the province, with Altdorf being the seat of the Cult of Sigmar as well. Although funnily enough the main deity referenced in the provinces heraldry is Myrmidia shown by the black eagle, so clearly other gods are worshipped in the province as well (much to the Sigmarites seething).


As stated earlier Reikland is the ancestral home of Sigmar and his tribe of Unberogen, meaning that Reiklanders are the direct decedents of Sigmar and his kin which can make them fairly pompous and thinking they are superior to other provinces. Reikland is a fairly wealthy province as well and is home to a large amount of the Empires upper class, and so the province is seen as very proper and stuck up by other provinces, which isn't always done on purpose by the Reiklanders (although sometimes it very well is), it's just that talking about the wonderful time you had at the Altdorf market to a Talabeclander who has had to fight off a group of Beastmen that burnt down his house earlier that week tends to come off as rather condescending.

As a more wealthy province fashion and other luxuries flow thick and fast through Reikland, and the people are noted as being very attractive (though this may be because they can bath and afford nice things) and their are multiple trading and merchant guilds throughout the province which take advantage of the Reik to sail trading ships to and from other countries and parts of the world, which bring exotic items and foods back from places like Araby and Ulthuan, as well as having direct access to trade with the Dwarfs in the Grey Mountains. Though despite these things making Reikland a relatively open minded province, it has specific problems with the worship of Ulric which isn't banned and is formally respected, but worship of Ulric is very rare in Reikland and generally not accepted by the populace which is ironic considering Sigmar himself was a hardcore worshipper of the god. This situation has been caused due to the rivalry with Middenland, who are the most prominent worshippers of Ulric, and disagreements between the Cult of Sigmar and the Cult of Ulric which have caused major political arguments throughout the provinces and nearly caused wars. It should be noted other religious cults such as those worshipping Taal and Myrmidia, while not as popular don't face the same amount of discrimination.


The face of the Empires armies, and the men so brave they stare down charging Orcs with melee weapons. Eat your heart out Guardsmen.

Despite coming from what is considered a softer province, Reikland has a fierce military, which is well trained and very disciplined. Because of this the armies of Reikland have large numbers of hardened veteran troops. Because of this Reikland forces have a wide array of equipment and tactics that they are able to make wider and more common use of rarer and complex machinery such as the few Steam Tanks left and Hellblaster Volley Cannons. There is also a significant amount of Greatsword regiments and most infantry is very well equipped with armour and well made weaponry.

The Reiksguard[edit]

The Reiksguard is a Knightly Order and one of the most elite fighting formations in the Empire and has chapter houses thoughout the province, with small ones in most medium to large cites and the main chapter house being located in Altdorf itself. As the name suggest the Reiksguards main task is to guard Reikland, and act as an elite vanguard and fast reacting hammer to threats to the province, but it is also common for them to ride out to reinforce other provinces in times of need. The Reiksguard is notable for being very involved with the state military of Reikland, as knightly orders usually do their own thing and pick their own battles unless an Elector count shouts at them to do what they want, however multiple Reiksguard captains and marshells will act as military advisors and generals to garrisons and armies from Reikland. They are have no real specialisations apart from being "the greatest and most prestigious Knightly Order", but this is also inline for Reiklands military in general.

Carroburg GreatSwords[edit]

A prestigious regiment of Greatswords, who earned their name during the Time of Three Emperors. During this time the city of Carroburg was part of Reikland, however Middenland claimed it and other parts of land should belong to them. And so a war occurred between the two provinces over the city and the land around it, and during the siege of Carroburg a regiment of greatswords secured a breach in the wall and held the line for a full day, until the Middenlanders were forced to retreat. To signify how thoroughly they had mogged the Middenlanders, they changed their uniform to a blood red to signify how many opponents they had slain during the battle, and even though Carroburg is now part Middenland they retained the name just to piss of the rival province. And the Reiklanders wonder why the Middenlanders don't like them.

Reikland cities[edit]

  • Altdorf: The capital of the province and Empire.
  • Ubersreik: A trading town in the southern part of the province, it is well connected to the Grey Mountains and so it has a notable Dwarf population that resides in the city. It is also the setting for the first Vermintide game.
  • Helmgart: A city and fortress town in Axe Bite pass, which defends the border of the Empire from screaming retards and Cheese eating assholes. It's also the setting for the second Vermintide game.


In a game of Mordheim, a warband of Human Mercenaries can specify that they hail from Reikland and receive bonuses for doing so - the only other provinces with that trait are Marienburg and Middenland. To represent the famous discipline of their warriors, Reiklander mercs can use their Captain's Leadership score when within 12", rather than the usual 6". Their legendary skill at archery also translates into all Reiklander Marksmen starting play with +1 Ballistic Skill compared to the standard Marksmen, for a value of Ballistic Skill 4.


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