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Relictors (Fire Claws)
Founding 22nd Founding
Chapter Master Artekus Bardane
Primarch Lion El'Jonson or Roboute Guilliman (or both)
Homeworld None - (formerly Neutra)
Strength near-extinct
Allegiance Imperium of Man (well, kinda)
Colours Grey with Black

The Relictors (formerly called the Fire Claws) are a renegade Space Marine Chapter in Warhammer 40k. Most of their fluff was written in the lead-up to the 13th Black Crusade summer campaign... and only a few mentions since then.


Essentially, they're like the radical Inquisitors (Xanthites, in particular) that believe they can fight Chaos with Chaos. Indeed, their current name (Relictors) comes from their unhealthy obsession with Chaos-related artefacts and weapons. Of course, why a normal bolter didn't suffice is unclear.

They were put on such a path by a rogue Inquisitor who introduced their Chief Librarian (totally not Azariah Kyras) to his views; culminating in a single desperate event where the Librarian used a daemon weapon to kill a Chaos Warlord,

Taking the fact that he could use a daemon weapon without immediately melting into the gribly beast that the orthodox Inquisitors tell you will happen when you touch such things, the Librarian took it as a sign of Big Emp's permission to start using Chaos gear, and introduced his new way of thinking to the rest of the Chapter.

Over time, the two forces hoarded an impressive amount of Chaotic bling. Their primary goal was to obtain the "Axe of Angron" which had been broken into several pieces and scattered across the galaxy. They believed it was some kind of super weapon that would help save the Imperium from its impending doom. Though if they knew anything about Angron, they would have realised that he broke his weapons into multiple pieces through overuse all the time and there are probably bits of them on every planet he ever visited.

However, their quest for Chaos loot was cut short when their allied Xanthite Inquisitor got the chop. The Chapter at that point was allowed to go on its way if it agreed to give up their homeworld and go on a hundred year penance crusade, as well as swearing never to listen to creepy strangers bearing shiny toys ever again.

So they became a fleet based Chapter, but totally ignored everything else that was mentioned.

War for Armageddon[edit]

The entire chapter heeds the call to fight during the Third War for Armageddon.

Having known about the planet's history, they knew that it was the site of a major Chaos incursion during the first war. (Something that was such a big secret for the inquisition to go to war with the Space Wolves over, but whatever)

They busied themselves in the deep jungles of Armageddon, telling the Imperial Guard and Lord Dante that they were purging the Feral ork tribes. Even though every military commander and their dog was telling the Relictors there were more important things to be doing.

The Relictors were looking for (and found) one more piece of Angron's axe, and when they got it they departed the battlefield, aiming for they Eye of Terror, with the foreknowledge that shit was about to hit the fan.

However, their refusal to adhere to commands, and the fact they ditched the war for Armageddon, particularly when their intervention could have saved some key hive cities, earned them no friends amongst Imperial Command, with both the Imperial Guard and Dante separately complaining to the High Lords of Terra to do something about them.


The final straw was during the 13th Black Crusade where they attacked an Inquisitorial facility to obtain yet another daemon-artefact.

The Inquisition (and the greater Imperium) was hardly impressed by what they saw as dangerous heresy and team killing. At that point, any notion of restraint left the Inquisitors' heads and they sent the Grey Knights against the Chapter's orbital fortress monastery. While the Chapter was badly mauled, it is rumoured a few hundred Battle-Brothers survived and fled to the Eye of Terror... leaving the door open for you to collect your very own horde of them!

One lone Relictors Techmarine ends up in the retinue of Inquisitor Czevak though he's fairly disconnected from his brethren, and since Czevak is also considered a dangerous renegade by this point the association with the Inquisitor isn't helping clear up the name of the Chapter.

Still, they appear every so often in the background; for instance, Be'lakor leads a group of them into an ambush in his new Dataslate for 40k. A presumably radical Inquisitor also mentions them as allies in Imperial Armour Volume 13, indicating they still have some friends in the Inquisition too despite being declared renegades.

Come to think of it, they're basically Blood Magpies with extra heresy.


In one moment of derp, it's stated that their Gene-Seed stock is composed from both the Dark Angels and the Ultramarines making them a hybrid Chapter.

What is not so clear is what this actually means to them genetically, if whether their gene-seed is actually a crossbreed of the two, which makes them almost entirely unique in the 40k universe for being a "stable" attempt at dicking with the Astartes gene-pool (see the Cursed Founding as to why this is considered a bad idea, and see the Horus Heresy series for why manufacturing "new" gene-seed is all but impossible).

It is equally possible that the Chapter is simply made up of brothers from two different bloodlines, which doesn't necessitate mixing gene-seed.

However, if they are descended from the Dark Angels, it goes a long way to explaining their predilection for quitting battlefields without warning and being anything but team-players.

If they are Roboutes sons then that explains their predilection for falling to chaos.

Chapter Approved[edit]

The Relictors Chapter were covered in White Dwarf in a much earlier era when GW were all about publishing cool rules letting players tinker with things in different ways.

Though they were intended to fit in with the 3/4th edition codex, they could still be used as written alongside current rules as they mostly refer to in-print codices which have been updated as time has gone by. They certainly aren't tourney legal, and a few rules have no more function. But they can still be awesomely fluffy for casual players who want to try something different.

What follows is an attempt to update the rules as written and demonstrate their interaction with current 7e rules. No changes to balance or points costs have been put into place, only changing names where things are directly analogous to old terms.

  • Outcasts: Relictors may not take any allies, with the exception of forces from the Codex: Inquisition. (Representing radical Inquisitors)
  • Daemon Weapon: One character in the army may be designated the bearer of a Daemon weapon for 25pts, they must then roll on the following table to determine what item they receive:
    1. Black Blade: S:user + 2, AP3, Rending
    2. Dread Axe:
    3. Axe of Khorne: S:user + 1, AP2
    4. Pandemic Staff:
    5. Needle of Desire:
    6. Warp Blade: S:user, AP3, Characters and Monstrous Creatures slain by this weapon are replaced with Chaos Spawn under the control of the Relictors player.
  • Chaos Relics: a standard bearer in the army may be equipped with an Icon of Chaos for 25pts, selected at random from the following list:
    1. Icon of Chaos Undivided: any friendly model or unit within 6" becomes Fearless
    2. Icon of Chaos Undivided: as above.
    3. Banner of Blood: Unit charges 6+d6".
    4. Blasted Standard: Adds 2d6 S4 AP- hits to the unit's shooting or witchfire power this turn.
    5. Plague Banner: This turn all melee attacks are Poisoned 2+.
    6. Rapturous Standard: All enemies engaged in combat with the unit lose -d3 WS until the end of the phase.

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