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A very spicy boy.

Remorhaz (the name is plural & singular) are one of the weirder arctic monsters to come out of Dungeons & Dragons. They can be crudely summarized as giant half-dragon centipedes that inhabit the arctic wastes of the D&D worlds, hunting through the ice and snow because their blood is literally boiling hot inside their veins, and thusly they can keep themselves warm in the coldest environments. When excited or enraged, their blood gets even hotter, and their back is studded with protrusions that channel this excess heat; in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, they can potentially melt any non-magical weapon that strikes them, and their Swallow Whole attack was assumed to be instant death due to the heat.

These creatures are voracious alpha predators, and hunt down literally anything and everything that roams the arctic. They live inside of burrows made of melted & refrozen ice, which can form almost dungeon-like labyrinths.