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Renegade Command Squads are forces of the Lost and the Damned. Consisting of a Renegade Demagogue and his group of immediate Disciples, in the press of battle the charismatic presence of their leader keeps often undisciplined masses of renegades from fleeing at the first sign of defeat. They are the eviler and spikier counterparts of the Imperial Guard Command Squad.

Tabletop Rules[edit]

6th and 7th Edition[edit]

The Renegade Command Squad is made up of a few units.

  • The Arch-demagogue: WS:4 , BS:4 , S:3 , T:3 , W:3 , I:3 , A:3 , Sv:5+
  • Disciple: WS:3 , BS:4 , S:3 , T:3 , W:1 , I:3 , A:1 , Sv:5+
  • Disciple Heavy Weapons Team: WS:3 , BS:4 , S:3 , T:3 , W:2 , I:3 , A:2 , Sv:5+

The Renegade Command Squad has a very modest starting points value, but adding additional members is actually quite expensive. They’re armed nearly identical to an Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Command Squad, have access to a couple banners (hint, like AM, neither are worth taking), and come standard with the Fanatics rule.

The special rules are Uncertain Worth, Fanatic, Independent Character (Arch-demagogue only), Master of Renegades (Arch-demagogue only) and Bulky (Disciple Heavy Weapons Team only). The wargear for the Command Squad includes an autogun/lasgun/shotgun (Disciple only), autopistol/laspistol (Arch-demagogue only), a close combat weapon, some frag grenades and Flak Armour. Furthermore, the Renegade Command Squad can be given special specific covenants for each Chaos God to gain special rules or even units. This can be seen on the right.

WH40k Renegade Command Squad Rules.PNG

Overall, if you want to play renegade guardsmen, than the Renegade Command Squad is a rather decent moral booster.

8th Edition[edit]

Big changes from the previous edition(s) to 8th, the main thing they bring over Troops is better WS/BS and morale boosters like vox casters and banners. They don't have access to various squads within a squad anymore (because that isn't a thing anymore) but they are great for fielding heavy and special weapons. They now compete head on with disciples and marauders who have similar battlefield roles as well as enforcers with their morale boosting.

9th Edition[edit]

Now they're a Disciple squad without a champion but can take one of two banners: one that buffs your guys and one that debuffs your opponent's guys. They can still take a heavy weapon team, a special weapon and a voxcaster but no chaos sigil. Like Disciples, they have WS/BS 3+ and never suffer modifiers to their morale tests.


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