Renegade Infantry Platoon

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Your basic Renegade. All dressed up like some edgy teenager.

Renegade Infantry are the standard foot soldiers of the Lost and the Damned. These fighters are drawn from innumerable sources from renegade militia to traitorous Imperial Guard, to simple workers and misguided fanatics with stolen weaponry. Just as their origins vary, so too does their skill and dedication to Chaos. Their leaders often place little value on these warriors, spending their lives in battle with no remorse. They are not to be confused with Cultists as Renegade Infantrymen are often 'fresh' recruits and mostly come from Imperial Guard regiments, unlike Cultists who are much more steeped into Chaos worshiping and can actually have some useful buffs for allied detachments. Being as skilled and well equipped as your average Guardsman is actually a sign of Eliteness among the Lost and the Damned, probably because most Chaos Lords couldn't be assed to provide a proper training regimen for their troops, much less do boring shit like manage their logistics so everyone has properly fitted flak armor and is using the same marks of lasgun so Traitor Timmy doesn't load the wrong mark of power pack into his lasgun and make his lasgun explode because the Machine Spirit promptly threw a bitchfit in response.

Needless to say, their life expectancy is pretty poor. In a setting full of cannon fodder whose existence is mostly to catch bullets and die so more important shit doesn't, the Renegade Infantry is among the lowest on the totem pole with literally no base armor, BS2 and WS2, and the courage of a bedwetting eight year old nerd challenged to a fight after school by the local bully. But hey, always more heretics to gloriously take bullets lest the traitor legions' thrice cursed power armor suffer the fate of having their most unholy paint jobs chipped by small arms fire right?

Renegade Infantry Veterans[edit]

Of a higher calibre than most warriors of Renegade armies, infantry veterans are often traitorous Imperial Guardsmen, highly trained private armies, or mercenaries. Such troops are irredeemably steeped in the vile influence of Chaos, given to foul practices and abominable rites intended to secure the favor of their Dark Gods. Which, given that you can count the number of named non-Astartes Chaos Lords who have appeared in canon with your hands probably doesn't happen very often.


A Renegade Infantry Platoon simply consists of 3-5 Renegade Infantry squads (one of which will serve as the command squad), which are fairly sub-standard infantry (WS/BS2 guardsmen). These squads are incredibly flexible, can be taken in squads of up to 20 models (30 for the Master of the Horde), and are dirt cheap to add to (3 points), can be upgraded to WS/BS 3 at a flat rate, which ends up being 1/2 point per model on a 20-man squad. One per 5 can take a special weapon, or a Vox-caster or Chaos Sigil. The Sigil is a must as it’ll keep your unit on the board no matter how bad their LD ends up being, so after that you’re probably good to start stacking up special weapons. One per 10 can be upgraded to a heavy weapon team giving them even more guns.

The Infantry Veterans are priced the same as Disciples, but are Troops and lack the Fanatics rule. They cannot take any heavy weapons, but for every 5 models, you can get a meltagun. 10 in a Chimera with 2 Meltaguns is 45 points more than the infantry squad above, and instead of being BS4 like Disciples, they’re WS4, meaning they want to get in combat, but in the end, they’re still only getting two S3 attacks.

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