Renegade Space Marine Chapter Creation Table

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A creation table for Chapters that do not serve the Imperium, nor the Ruinous Powers, choosing to go rogue instead.

Chapter Origins[edit]

Who was the Chapter's Progenitor? (d100)
1-30 Ultramarines
31-45 Blood Angels
46–55 Dark Angels
56-60 Traitor Legion
61-68 Imperial Fists
69-78 Reroll, choose a successor from that chapter, or choose unknown
79-86 White Scars
87–94 Raven Guard
95-98 Iron Hands
99 Space Wolves
100 Salamanders

When Was The Chapter Founded? (d100)
1 31st Millennium (the Chapter claims to be a Second Founding) (If rolled Traitor Legion, this must be taken by default.)
2–5 32nd Millennium
6–10 33rd Millennium
11–20 34th Millennium
21–30 35th Millennium
31–45 36th Millennium (Cursed Founding)
46–55 37th Millennium
56–65 38th Millenium
66–75 39th Millenium
76–85 40th Millenium
86–95 41st Millenium (Twenty-Sixth and last known Firstborn Founding, with no Primaris Marines going renegade or traitor)
96–100 Unknown

Imperial Exodus (d100) Causes
1-6 Altruistic Downfall: They came to blows with the Imperial Inquisition for actions undermining their authority to aid other fellow Imperials, resulting in the excommunication of the chapter.
7-13 Imperial Destruction: This chapter often caused more collateral damage than the Imperium felt comfortable with, so they were branded traitors and excommunicated.
14-20 Eternally Loyal: Secret commands from high-ranking Imperial Lords demanded this chapter's secession from the Imperium, whether for unspecified reasons or for a particular mission.
21-27 Chaos Use: They somehow came to discover the power of Chaos tainted weapons, and began using such artifacts. It was not long before they were driven out.
28-34 Hereteks: Chapter began to dabble in technologies beyond them, and found themselves enemies with the Mechanicum, who forced them out of the Imperium.
35-41 Xenophilia: The Chapter was friendly with a group of Xenos and collaborated with them a bit too frequently. When the Ordo Xenos found out, they had the Chapter excommunicated.
42-48 Bitter Resentment: The Chapter was constantly ridiculed and undermined by other Imperial forces, losing numerous glories and gaining an increasingly poor reputation. Becoming frustrated with their treatment by the Imperium, they chose instead to strike off on their own.
49-55 Political Suicide: Several bad political decisions and affiliations made this chapter a victim of their own ineptitude, being declared traitors and forced to flee from their former allies.
56-62 Codex Diversitas: The Codex Astartes is a Marine's life-line, and this chapter diverged too greatly from its rules and regulations, causing their ultimate expulsion from the Imperium of Man.
63-69 Emperor's Light: These Marines saw the Imperium as a perversion of the Emperor's will, deemed its festering bureaucracy beyond redemption, and rebelled in order to try and stay true to the Emperor.
70-76 Cowardice in the Face of Extinction: Near the brink of annihilation, the Marines took an extremely cowardly or horrible action to preserve their Chapter, and were excommunicated for this.
77-83 Destiny: The seeds of their leaving the Imperium were implanted long ago, be it by their founders, another institution, or some other force this was always going to happen...
84-90 Wretched Impurity: Through no fault of their own, the Chapter's gene-seed deviated far beyond what was acceptable and they were soon declared heretical.
91-97 Cult of Personality: A single Champion within the Chapter(s) whose philosophy and ideals have led the Marines down their own path.
98-100 Lust for Adventure: These Marines saw a life free from the Imperium and their restrictions enticing, and left seeking high adventure at whatever the cost!

Properties and Defects[edit]

Geneseed Mutation Severity (d20) ( For Wretched Impurity, roll a 1d2 for either Significant or Heavy Mutation)
1-10 Pure Geneseed: No flaws, aside from those the predecessor has.
11-14 Minor Flaw: Geneseed takes a new form from its predecessor's. Represents a mutation that does not
15-19 Significant Mutation: Roll once on the Geneseed Mutation table.
20 Heavy Mutation: Roll twice on the Geneseed Mutation tables.

NOTE: (The following table doesn't include mutations passed down from their founders, like the Imperial Fists' lack of a Betcher's Gland and Sus-an Membrane.)

If they have one, what mutation do they have?
1 Hyper-stimulated Omophagea - Eat the enemy!
2 Oversensitive Occulobe - "I'm in the dark and I can see perfectly! How usefuAAAAH THE SUN'S COMING UP HOLY EMPEROR MY EYES!"
3 Mutated Catalepsean Node - Marines alternate between long periods of wakefulness and slumber. Needless to say, this is a problem if it happens mid-battle.
4 Oolitic Secretions - The Oolitic Kidney is leaky; poisons sometimes pass through the Kidney and back into the bloodstream (or nearby tissues) without being filtered out.
5 Disturbing Voice - Ranges from speaking like a creaking floorboard to having a deep, booming voice.
6-8 Lost zygote - One of the Chapter's minor organs (Catalepsean Node, Preomnor, Omophagea, Occulobe, Lyman's Ear, Sus-an Membrane, Oolitic Kidney, Neuroglottis, Mucranoid, Betcher's Gland o' da Melanchromic Organ) is buggered up to the point of uselessness. If the organ is mutated (see results 1-4), it cannot be declared Lost.
9 Doomed - the Chapter has either lost the ability to generate Progenoids or the Black Carapace, stopping future neophytes from being created. Unless they fix this fast, they're fucked.
10 Multiple instabilities - roll 1d3 more times on the table; re-roll any results you've already gotten.

What is the Chapter's Flaw? (d10)
1–2 Acute paranoia - The renegades believe that everyone is out to get them and the Imperium lurks around every corner to purge them. They trust no one but themselves and are extremely cautious.
3–4 Pride in the Colours - The Chapter hates doing anything that covers their livery.
5–6 Kleptomania - The renegades tend to take anything valuable not nailed down, and then rip up the things that are nailed down.
7–8 Eye to Eye - The Chapter hates any method of warfare other than running up to the enemy and punching them.
9-10 Chapter Cult - The practices of the Chapter are weird and probably quite unsavory.

Chapter Legends[edit]

Figure of Legend (d100)
01-20 A Battle-Brother seconded from a previous generation Successor or even the First Founding Legion that provided the new Chapter’s gene-seed. Roll again on this table to determine what type of warrior he was, rerolling if you get this result again.
21-50 Chapter Master
51-60 Chief Librarian
61-70 Master of Sanctity
71-73 Master of the Forge
74 Master of the Fleet
75 Chief Apothecary
76-85 Company Captain (roll d10 to determine which company).
86-90 Squad Sergeant (roll d10 twice to determine company and squad).
90-98 Battle-Brother (roll d10 twice to determine company and squad).
99 A specialist of your choice (Librarian, Chaplain, Techmarine, driver, pilot, etc).
100 Scout Marine.

Deeds of Legend (d100)
01-10 The figure is responsible for bringing the chapter and its allies together, and possibly ensuring their very survival.
11-20 The figure is remembered as the bane of the Orks, to such an extent that his name is known to the vile greenskins even to this day.
21-30 The figure was instrumental to defeating a Tyranid splinter fleet, earning eternal glory among the ranks.
31-40 The figure bloodied the very nose of the Imperium, challenging and rebuking a minor crusade to purge their chapter.
41-50 The figure dealt a grievous blow to a loyalist chapter, so dire that they have yet to recover and will never forget.
51-60 The figure fought a great servant of Chaos and slew them, scattering their warband and spurning their patron god(s).
61-70 The hero led a glorious campaign against an attacking army, defeating the foe and bringing an entire sector back into the Chapter's fold.
71-75 The figure annihilated much of a dark eldar kabal when the opportunity struck, putting an end to their depravities for a time and earning their eternal enmity.
76-80 The figure led an action against an Eldar craftworld, boarding it and inflicting grievous casualties before withdrawing.

He and his Chapter are especially hated by the pernicious Eldar, for whom the event is still fresh and raw.

81-85 The individual was a stalwart enemy of the chapter's foes, proving vicious and determined in his fight.
86-90 The hero was lost to his Chapter in a warp accident, yet his descendants have cause to believe he lives still and may one day return to them in glory.
91-95 The hero was the first to face some newly discovered alien race, and ultimately responsible for its total destruction. Centuries later, only the Chapter remembers the name of the race, so utterly was it and its works cast down.
96-100 The hero led his Chapter in many glorious campaigns, slaying hundreds of the enemy’s greatest champions. In the end, he was brought down by treachery within the fold of the Imperium, slain by an assassin’s turbo-penetrator round on the field of battle. Just why he was targeted was never discovered, and the Chapter harbours a special hatred for the servants of the Officio Assassinorum to this day.

Chapter Territory and its Management[edit]

Home Sector (d10)
1 True Nomads: They drift aimlessly in the void, going from sector to sector avoiding destruction, and acquiring what they need to survive.
2 Nebula: These Marines park their Voidcraft on the outskirts of a nebula, using the outer floating debris for either resources or colonies.
3 Primordial Sector: The sector chosen to occupy is in its early years, late into the process or just after the planets began to take form, with only the earliest signs of life in the sector.
4 Dead Sector: This sector is essentially dead, with either a white dwarf, black dwarf, or neutron star at the centre. Only the foulest xenos live here.
5 Primitive Sector: The only other race in the system is a fledgling race either before or on the cusp of their own space age.
6 Abandoned Sector: Formally Imperial Space, abandoned by the Imperium to its fate, they now have a new guardian, in the form of the Angels of Death.
7 Xenos Held: A system held by xenos (roll on enemies table and/or minor xenos table 1d3 times).
8 Imperial Held: This group must remain cautious, for they are not welcome here, but have no choice but to remain.
9 Stable Space Hulk: These Marines were lucky enough to happen on a stable Space Hulk adrift in the void, which they cleared out enough to set it up as their Operating Base.
10 Wild System: A system broken up into multiple different territories (roll 1d3 time on this table, re-rolling this result and True Nomads)

Rule of Sector (d10) (If Imperial or Xenos held, roll a 1d2 for either Raiding or Hiding)
1 Ruleship - "My lord Chapter Master, here are the tax-plans for the North-West district of the sector..."
2 Patronage - "Some Space Marines live here, they protect us and teach us things when we give them stuff sometimes."
3 Enslaved/Iron fist - "Our Astartes overlords have us toil away to assist them in their wars. At least they give us protection sometimes, and if you're lucky they'll take your kid and he'll rule over our grandchildren!"
4 Tribute - "Hi, Planetary Governor? It's me, the Chapter Master. Just calling you to remind you that I can take anything I want, and you have to give it to me."
5-7 Raiding - "You see that ship up there? The Angel men stop by every once and a while to take all our shit, and kidnap our children."
8-10 Hiding - "Some say there are Marines behind that moon there, but who the fuck knows."

Combat Doctrine and Strategic Organization[edit]

Combat doctrine (d10)
1 Rip and Tear - vicious before their rebellion and vicious now, the group engages often in glorious melee combat.
2 True Marines - A strong focus on ship to ship and boarding combat in the void.
3 Silent as the Night - They use stealth and guile to their advantage, striking from the shadows.
4 Overwhelming Force - The group prefers to use much heavy ordnance, be it tanks and other vehicles or heavy weapons.
5 Auxiliaries - Renegades make extensive use of auxiliaries, human or otherwise.
6 Feral Xenos - These Marines use savage xenos beasts as attack animals in combat, whether as mounts, aerial support, or hounds of war.
7 Siege and Attrition - Marines are skilled at trench warfare, sieges and similar forms of fighting. Able to stretch out fights until the foe starves to death.
8 The Sound of Engines - They carry a focus on lightning attacks and raids, using many bikes and other quick vehicles.
9 Death from the Skies - Master pilots and drop pods assaulters, the group use these tactics to bring death to the foe with Thunderhawk, Stormbird, gunships, dropships and jump-infantry.
10 Codex Compliant - Even after their rebellion, they follow the Codex Astartes.

Chapter Operating Procedure (d100)
1-30 Rogue Military: Operates essentially like a loyal Space Marine Chapter, who chooses its world and its ideals. It answers what calls for help it chooses, fight where it pleases for reasons it deems worthy.
31-45 Piratical: Pirates, these Marines attack Merchant ships, Imperial and Xeno fleets or lone ships, plunder what they want and disappear.
46-60 Mercenaries: These renegades sell their services to the highest bidder. Be it in gear, initiates, ammunition or ships, the renegade Angels of Death come with a price that must be paid.
61-80 Insurgency: We have a purpose, we know our purpose, and we kill for it. We target our enemies homes, their civilization, and destroy it, cause terror in their hearts and show our goals through force.
81-90 Seekers: This Chapter is looking for something, and they will find it, no matter the cost. From world to world gathering evidence, clues and items, for a purpose and through violence if necessary.
91-100 Saviour Complex - "We arrive at the beleaguered and abandoned, and save them. Be it fighting back their enemies or helping them to escape, we are the rescuers, those who come to your aid when no others will."


Specialty restrictions (units the chapter cannot field) (d100)
01–20 Apothecary
21–40 Assault Marine
41-60 Devastator Marine
61-80 Techmarine
81-97 Librarian
98-100 Roll Twice on this Chart or choose something truly unusual (i.e., the Chapter has no Scouts, the Chapter’s Veterans are not formed into the 1st Company, etc.)

This table is for equipment your chapter is missing and/or woefully under-equipped of.

Missing Equipment (d100)
01-5 Terminator Armor
6-12 Artificer Armor
13-19 Centurion Armor
20-26 Boltguns: Excludes bolters of all patterns, including bolt pistols, Astartes Combat Shotguns, and combi weaponry.
27-33 Powered and Chain Melee weaponry: Excludes all powered melee weaponry and chain weaponry. Note that this does not exclude melee weaponry as a whole.
34-40 Plasma Weapons: Excludes every pattern of Plasma weapons, including Plasma Pistols, Plasma Guns, and combi weaponry involving plasma.
41-47 Heavy Weaponry: Heavy Weaponry operated by a single marine, includes Autocannon, Assault cannon, Conversion beam projector, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Heavy bolter, Heavy flamer, Lascannon, Magna-Melta, Missile launcher, Multi-melta, Plasma cannon, Turbo-laser Destructor.
48-54 Melta Guns: Excludes all patterns of Melta guns, including inferno pistol, multi-melta, and meltagun.
55-61 Flamer Weapons: Excludes all flamer weaponry, including hand flamers, compact flamers, exterminators, and immolation rifles.
62-68 Bikes
69-75 Land Raiders
76-82 Rhinos
83-89 Dreadnoughts
90-96 Thunderhawks
97-100 Drop Pod

Special equipment (d100)
01-10 Traditional Weapon: The Chapter favours one specific weapon over all others. Choose one specific weapon to serve as the Chapter’s traditional weapon. Examples: Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Melta Gun
11-20 Xenos Weaponry: This Chapter uses exotic xenos-made weapons. This can range from Necron Gauss weaponry, to Tau Pulse Carbines, to Crystaline weapons from the Psy-Gore system...
21-30 Archeotech: Technology formerly lost from humanity, hidden caches and derelict relics from the Dark Age of Technology, Age of Strife, and the Imperium's Goldenage have found their way into the hands of these marines. Who can know if these technologies are even being used properly...
31-40 Crudely Crafted Weaponry: Specialty weaponry is crafted in a rudimentary and crass fashion, not unlike orkish dakka. What these weapons lack in refinement, they make up for with diversity and availability, providing a wide range of possibilities and being relatively inexpensive to produce.
41-50 Warp-Tainted Weapons: Despite the inherent dangers, this chapter makes use of weapons tainted by the warp, imbuing them with powers, however unstable they may be.
51-60 Bio-Technology: Whether from some Xenos experimentation, Chaos tampering, horrid Geneseed mutation, or something else entirely, this chapter has biologically infused technology.
61-70 Phase Weaponry: Peculiar technologies of unknown origin, these inventions allow the bypass of materials, being able to fire these weapons through walls and other such obstructions. Can be used for more than just weapons, however, producing blinking effects when applied to armor.
71-80 Specialty Void-Ships: Instead of using standard Imperium ships, this chapter bolsters their fleet with esoteric voidcraft, whether of their own design or acquired from some outside force.
81-90 Preferred Fighting Style: The Chapter has a specific way in which it prefers to go about killing the enemies it finds itself making. Examples: Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, dual Power Swords, special Bolter pattern or ammunition, dual Bolt Pistols
91-100 Genetic Modification: Modifications made to aid these marines in battle are their specialities. Whether they enhance certain senses or have biological weapons like fire breath. Examples: Black Dragon's claws.

Chapter Status[edit]

At what strength is the Chapter? (d10)
1 Endangered: The Chapter numbers only a handful of Companies or less having suffered devastating losses in combat, accident, or dramatic genetic instability. If recovery is even possible it will take many decades, making every Battle-Brother (and his Progenoids) an invaluable resource.
2-4 Under Strength: The Chapter is recovering from a defeat or accident that occurred several decades ago, or has recently suffered heavy, but not irrecoverable losses. It is probably at a minimum of half strength, and should return to nominal strength within a decade.
5-9 Nominal: The Chapter can field ten full companies, each with ten squads. In all likelihood most every squad consist of ten brethren and some specialised appointments may be empty, but the Chapter is regarded as fully fit for battle.
10 Over Strength: Some Chapters maintain more than the prescribed ten companies, either out of necessity or want for power. These Chapters have proven successful, if only in population size.

Goals & Motivations[edit]

This table is optional, and is used for assigning motivations to a chapter in any WH40k game.

Goals/Motivations? (d100)
1-9 Survival: The Renegades have more immediate concerns, currently focused only on surviving the next few decades.
10-19 Recruiting: The renegades are intent on recruiting to bolster their ranks.
20-29 Redemptive Crusade: The chapter believe they can possibly redeem themselves in a holy crusade.
30-39 For the Emperor!: The Renegades believe they still serve the Emperor, if not the Imperium.
40-49 Vision Quest: The Renegades have begun following visions, portents, or more mystical divination for their actions, and can seem unpredictable in what they do.
50-59 Amassing Wealth: The renegades raid around their chosen hunting grounds, in need of supplies and loot.
60-69 Chapter Mania: The Renegades have developed a strange need to keep doing something, and just can't stop. It is this mania that drives their actions.
70-79 Inner Conflict: Currently the renegades are focused and embroiled in inner conflict, be it a civil war or simply vicious disagreements in the direction they are taking this rules their choices.
80-89 Unknown Agenda: Someone or something among the renegades is leading them down a path to the unknown, possibly directly, possibly indirectly, but even the chapter itself is unsure of its purpose.
90-99 Peace: The Renegades are experiencing a time of blissful peace, most likely for the first time in their existence, and will maintain it at all costs.
100 Domain Expansion: The renegades seek to carve out their own loyal realm away and separate from the Imperium.

Allies and Enemies[edit]

Who are the Chapter's allies/enemies?(d100) (Roll twice, once for allies, once for enemies.)
01-10 Fellow Rogue Astartes/Rogue Humans (I.E: Severan Dominate, Space Pirates)
11-20 Eldar Craftworld/leader
21-30 Ork Waaagh!/Warboss
31-35 Tyranid Hive Fleet
36-45 Necron Tomb World
46-65 Space Marine Chapter/leader
66-75 Inquisition Force/Agent
76-85 Imperial Guard/PDF Regiment
86-95 Dark Eldar Kabal/leader
96-99 Specific Minor Xenos leader/group (see below)
100 Select your own

Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Tau Empire (alternatively, you may select a particular Tau force or leader)
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-50 Yu'Vath/Legacy of the Yu'Vath/Rak'gol
51-60 Enslavers
61-65 Barghesi
66-70 Tarellians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)

Lastly, add a name, colours, and heraldry. God-Emperor help us all.

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