Renegade Support Squad

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Renegade Support Squad. Curiously, they somehow found an Autocannon, immediately improving their survival rates by up to 5 points.

Renegade Support Squads are troops within the Lost and the Damned. Few in number for Traitorous Guardsmen standards (Although they can still swarm your ass if your not careful), these troops are often forced to operate with less technologically support weapons such as the Heavy Stubber, making up for this shortcoming via relative cheapness and through sheer weight of Dakka. Renegade Support Squads are the evil counterparts to the Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Squad. Whilst they are pretty damned weak, their Heavy Stubber can still hurt a Space Marine and can provide suppressible and supportive firepower whenever a vehicle is not available or too large to fit in a small corridor.

Unfortunately, their frailty requires some intense backup in the form of elite units to protect them for those nasty men who would like to butcher them in CQC. On the bright side, they are pretty damned cheap. At just 25 points per squad, you can flood an entire map with these guys and their Browning M2s, filling their enemies with .50 Cal bullets. However, despite their cheapness, they are still inferior to the support squads of other races, but I guess you gotta deal with it eh?

Though going just for heavy stubbers is a questionable move as there aren't many times when you'd say "man what I really need in this traitor army is basic bitch S4 shots."

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