Repanse de Lyonesse

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As she appears in Total War: Warhammer II

Repanse de Lyonesse was a not-Joan of Arc character from the Bretonnia faction of Warhammer Fantasy. How much of a Joan of Arc rip-off? The French version of the game didn't even bother changing her name and just called her "Jeanne/Joan of Lyonesse".

The Legend[edit]

Repanse de Lyonesse won fame as the dreaded Damoiselle de Guerre who rallied the battered armies of Bretonnia during the kingdom's darkest hour. This was when King Louis the Brave was slain in battle before Couronne fighting a vast Chaos horde invading Bretonnia from beyond the Sea of Claws. Louis' army was all but destroyed. Couronne was besieged and to make matters worse the king's heir was still a child unable to lead the nation. Chaos raiders spread out across the land burning and destroying. Everywhere Knights were hacked down as they bravely defied impossible odds.

At this dark moment, amid the smoking ruins of a small village in remote Lyonesse, Repanse saw the Lady of the Lake. The Lady appeared to speak saying "Repanse, Repanse, rid my land of these foul foes, for they do offend me with their presence!" Repanse was no more than seventeen years of age, a humble shepherdess who was devoutly religious. Inspired by her vision she donned armour that she found on a slain Knight and grabbed the reins of a terrified warhorse which was running loose. She broke open the reliquary of the village grail chapel and took up the sword she found within it. Snatching a tapestry hung on the wall she fastened it to a lance and rode forth to rally the scattered and disheartened Knights of Lyonesse.

When the retreating knights saw a mere damsel bravely setting off to do battle with the mighty warriors of Chaos, and one who was undoubtedly favoured by the Lady of the Lake, they were shamed and felt honour bound to follow her to death or glory! While the ramparts of Couronne were cracking under the impact of the battering rams of the Chaos Lord, word was brought of a new Bretonnian army approaching fast and trampling beneath their hooves any foe in their path.

As the great doors were about to give way, the banner of the dreaded Damoiselle appeared leading a great host of Knights arrayed in a single lancehead formation. They clef their way through the Chaos ranks shattering the Chaos Army until Repanse was face to face with the Chaos Lord himself. When he raised his great sword above his grimacing visage he was momentarily dazzled by Repanse's radiant aura, and she beheaded him with a single sword stroke! Couronne was saved and the remnants of the enemy were pursued to the sea and justly put to death. In gratitude, Louis the Young bestowed upon Repanse not only all the honours of knighthood but also the Dukedom of Lyonesse.

The power of the Lady of the Lake shines from Repanse like a halo. Her sword and armour glow with the brilliant light of divine retribution. Her eyes shine with terrible judgment and her voice cries forth damnation upon her enemies. Her banner bears the fleur de lys of the Lady of the Lake and was taken from the walls of the same grail chapel where Repanse found the Sword of Lyonesse. The touch of the Lady has made the banner as bright and shining as the day it was stitched by the maidens of Lyonesse.The Lady of the Lake led Repanse to a grail chapel where she took up her ancient warblade - the sword of a devout and honourable Knight of olden times. The Lady guided Repanse well, for the weapon has great power over enemy magic.

Total War: Warhammer II[edit]

Repanse is back and is evidently traveling through time in Total War: Warhammer II, as she has found herself in 2502 helping out Bretonnian Crusaders in Araby. That's a good 500 years in the future, which you'd think would screw up the timeline, but it's fine given that putting her there wouldn't affect anything too major in the Warhammer world (and to be fair, it's also not the most implausible magic bullshit that's happened in the setting). She fights against the Greenies, Ratties and Skellies in the Southlands as FLC alongside The Shadow and The Blade. She gives AP, Physical Resist and Attack buffs to Peasants, turning them from worthless Chaff to an actually efficient fighting force. Battlefield wise she serves as a Tank with dueling capabilities against other lords, though doesn't have the monstrous mounts of Leon and Alberic. She will also have a water mechanic, that makes her immune to desert attrition for five turns after being in a city, which she really needs considering she's in the goddamn desert. She has a talent to give everyone in her army flaming weapons when fighting undeads.

It is regularly agreed that it's utterly tragic she was not modeled actually holding her Fleur De Lys banner, though the SFO mod gave her option of holding her signature banner in-hand like everyone wanted - sadly, not available as a standalone mod yet if you don't also want the overhauling gameplay changes that the SFO mod has.

On The Tabletop[edit]

310 points

M4 WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W3 I6 A4 Ld9 Weapons/Armour:

Repanse is armed with the Sword of Lyonesse, heavy armour, and a shield.

Rides: Repanse rides a barded Bretonnian Warhorse.

Knightly Virtues: Repanse is a Knight and thus has the Knight's Virtue. She also has the Virtue of Devotion.

Special Rules: The Halo of Maidenly Wrath

Repanse causes fear as described in the Psychology section of the Warhammer rulebook.

Repanse carries two magic items, the Sword of Lyonesse and the Fleur de Lys Banner.

The Fleur de Lys Banner Magic Standard-100 points The standard is the army's battle standard, and all the usual rules for battle standards apply. In addition, it has the power to draw magic from the enemy and to turn it against them. In each magic phase, including the magic phase of the enemy player, the Bretonnian player may remove one random winds of magic card from his opponent's hand. This card is then discarded. If the card is a power card or Total Power then the Bretonnian player adds +1 to the combat result of all combats in the following combat phase. If the Drain Magic card is drawn then the magic phase is ended immediately. If any other card is drawn there is no further effect.

Sword of Lyonesse-50 points The Sword of Lyonesse has the Power to defy all magic items except magic weapons. The magic items of any enemy models in base contact with the wielder will not work, unless they are magic weapons, in which case they work normally. The sword will therefore negate the magical powers of all wards and magic armour.