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The Missile Launcher is a very simple weapon, being little more than a tube capable of firing different kinds of explosive payload, similar to the Mortar. The Missile launcher is capable of firing a variety of payloads, chief amongst which are the anti-personnel Fragmentation "Frag" missiles, and anti-vehicle "Krak" missiles, though anti-air "Flakk" missiles were brought in with the advent of flyers in Warhammer 40,000 6th edition. Missiles with defoliant chemicals or chemical weaponry can and have been used, as well. The main advantages of the Missile launcher are that it is cheap to manufacture, able to take several kinds of munitions, and portable. The main drawback is that the ammo is more far expensive and complex then comparable gun ammunition, and also bigger and heavier per shot.

From the power of missiles and giant cannons in 40k, perhaps swarming infantry and small-ish tanks are favored because they need to spread out with numbers or else be wipes out by one giant gun or fuck huge missile. Resulting in more epic and grimdark than just pushing a button.



Missile Launcher[edit]

Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher is one of the most common explosive weapons fielded by the Imperium of Man, employed very commonly by Imperial Guard Heavy weapons teams, and extensively used amongst Space Marine squads of all kinds. It also sees use among the ranks of the Chaos Space Marines. Its incredible versatility in payload allows it to be a potent anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon when the situation calls for it. Its anti-vehicle capabilities are only outstripped by the Lascannon and vehicle-mounted weapons, and it is easy to learn and easy to use.

Back in the days of the Great Crusade, these things were the goofiest looking weapons ever, with banana-shaped top-fitted magazines (as seen in some recent Forge World weapons packs). Dark Eldar laughed at how oddly shaped and impractical they were. Seriously.

They stopped laughing after said missiles evaporated them.

Aside from the two standard Missile Launchers, the Astartes short launcher and the longer Imperial Guard version that shoots long, almost torpedo-like missiles, the Imperium also employs several other large missile weapons.

Mole Launcher[edit]

Mole Launcher

Basically the Imperium's take on the Squat's Mole Mortar. The Mole Launcher is a specialized missile launcher utilized by Imperial Guard Engineers, in particular the Death Korps of Krieg. Known more formally as a breaching torpedo, the weapon fires burrowing warhead capable of digging through obstacles and detonating on the other side.

The explosive charge is contained within a shoulder-mounted launch tube, which can lock in place facing the ground or the side of a tunnel. When fired the torpedo is launched into the earth, where a powerful drill and small powerfield generator allow it to slice through rock very quickly. The projectile also contains a guidance system linked to a separate control panel, allowing a team member to guide the the torpedo to its target.

The Mole Launcher's primary purpose is for blasting into enemy tunnels, causing a sudden and catastrophic collapse. It can also be used against surface targets, burrowing up to the surface and exploding underneath a bunker or vehicle where it's armoring is weakest.

Castellan Launcher[edit]

Castellan Launcher

The T-Shirt Cannons Nerf Guns A 1980s Hasbro Gun Toy designed by Rob Liefeld Proof that sometimes having more shit does not make it better.

Resembling the horrid byproduct of a Primaris Space Marine fucking an Ork Kopta Rokkit/Kombi-Rokkit Launcha. The Castellan Launcher is the primary weapon of the Desolation Squad and ho boy, has this thing reached Paragon Warsuit-levels of revulsion and mockery.

This...ergonomic nightmare is a rotary Missile Launcher with a belt-feed of missiles that can launch missiles like a Heavy Bolter, as well as having a rail attachment to mount larger and even MOAR missiles. It is also able to fire a selection of either Super-Frag and Super-Krak missiles, whatever the fuck that means. Sounds awesome on paper right? In practice unfortunately, this thing looked hideous.

For one thing, as a Missile Launcher, conventional wisdom goes that such a weapon requires a system to vent out the tremendously excess gas that would be generated once the rocket propellant has been ignited, doing so without a system would lead to both the kinetic energy of the missile/rocket ripping your arm off in the opposite direction and causing a catastrophic explosion as the weapon's superstructure is unable to withstand the sudden change in air pressure. Typical Missile/Rocket Launchers circumvent this by having a backblast, in which the air pressure and kinetic energy from the propellant is redirected safely from the user, which is why nearly all forms of these launchers have an 'over-the-shoulder' design. This hunk of Cawl's fever dream however? Has no such physical evidence of a backblast design, and even if it did, the rifle design means that it would be blasting directly into the marine's face and chest. They'd only be able to get around this if they did something like use regular propellant to kick the missile out before it engages its rockets. Huh, why does that sound familiar?

So yes, Cawl reinvented Bolters and like the used car salesman he is passed them off as new.

Another problem is the sheer unnecessary add-on of the rail accessory. Now, we get where the weapon design is going for. Having a modular weapon system that has a rail attachment for easy retrofitting of disposable and extremely versatile ATGMs and SAMs like an oversized under-barrelled over-barrelled Grenade Launcher may sound neat and all. But that would work best for an actual assault rifle. On a Missile Launcher, it just creates redundancy and unnecessary increase weight. Missile Launchers ain't light, even for transhumans, and making a weapon this top-heavy is bound to cause some mobility and logistical problems. If you really want these giant missiles, make them shoulder-mounted for Emprah's sake.

The final issue is that design-wise, it just looks like a mess. The interchangeable fuck-off missile attachments does not grant the model a degree of consistency and - when paired with the aforementioned problems already present - it makes it overly-designed; like the designer wants to overcompensate for something. The humble Flashlight isn't much to look at, yet, it is one of the most identifiable and iconic weapons in 40k, in part because of its simplicity. This however? This will give a gun enthusiast a god damn seizure.

Crunchwise, the Castellan is a 36" ranged Heavy D3, S4, AP-1, D1 with Blast. An okay GEQ clearer, but it is - weirdly enough - clearly the secondary weapon to the bigger missile tubes on the top.

Oh yeah, and about those 'super-frag and super-krak' missiles? Those are the Castellan's sub-weapons. More can be read directly below:

Superfrag Rocket Launcher[edit]

Superfrag Rocket Launcher

The first type of sub-weapon for the Castellan. According to Warhammer Community, it is considered more reliable, more powerful, and with an effective range that exceeds even a sniper rifle. Which you know, we consider bullshit, since rockets are anything but accurate, let alone more than a sniper rifle. So these things have to be a missile to be 'accurate'. But GeeDubs' inability to accurately name things strikes again!

The Superfrag consists of four launcher tubes with a laser-designator cogitator in the middle. Again, what make these things 'super', we have no idea. So it is safe to just chalk this up as Cawl's marketing ploy. As a fragmentation-based explosive, the Superfrag is obviously designed to perforate lighter infantry, and is the ultimate rebuttal to hordes of unwashed heretics and slavering aliens.

Crunchwise, as expected, these things deal with GEQs. A Heavy D3+3 weapon with 48" range and is S4, AP-1, D1 with Blast. Aim, shoot, fire and say goodbye to your horde armies.

Superkrak Rocket Launcher[edit]

Superkrak Rocket Launcher

The second type of sub-weapon for the Castellan. The Yin to the Superfrag's Yang. When your foe rumbles toward you with a spearhead of hulking behemoths, a volley from a Superkrak Rocket Launcher will punch cleanly through any armoured shell – be it metal or chitin. Again, why they are considered Rocket Launchers when they clearly have advanced maneuvering capabilities, we have no idea.

This Wall-E looking contraption has only two launcher tubes instead of four with a laser-designator cogitator in the middle. Again, what make these things 'super', we have no idea. So it is safe to just chalk this up as Cawl's marketing ploy.

Crunchwise, these are you standard anti-tank buster. A Heavy 1 with 48" range and is S8, AP-3, D3+3. Vehicles and even superheavies are going to feel a lot of hurt especially when you consider that each marine can carry two of them.

Vengor Launcher[edit]

Vengor Launcher

The retardedly named Vengor Launcher (You wish it was called the Vengeance Launcher now would you?) is the third type of sub-weapon for the Castellan. Somewhat considered somewhere in the middle of the Superfrag and Superkrak in terms of damage potential. The Vengor Launcher is basically a portable hand-held HIMARS, Weishi MLRS or Tornado-S.

Yes, these comically oversized noobtubes are less 'missile launcher' and more 'artillery'. Advance signum targeting systems allows the marine to maximise indirect fire, wiping out whole squads before they ever come into view. Simply 'paint' a target, go into cover, aim in the sky and shoot. The Vengor Launcher is only balanced by being a single, oversized launching tube with an advanced targeting cogitator on its side; the ultimate fire-and-forget weapon.

Crunchwise, this ridiculous monstrosity turns your marine into a mini-Basilisk on legs. A Heavy D6 with 48" range and is S6, AP-1 and D2 with Blast. The main thing you are looking for this weapon, is that it can target units that are not visible to the bearer. MEQs and TEQs cry in their sleep with this bullshit-scale weapon, so you better pray that your opponent using this thing does not target your Lord of War.

Rad Missile Launcher[edit]

For more information, see here:

Infernum Halo Launcher[edit]

Infernum Halo Launcher

More of an area-denial defensive system than an actual weapon. Essentially, your basic flare guns for fighter planes.

The Infernum Halo Launcher is a type of flare discharger used for self-defense on the Stormhawk Interceptor aircraft of Adeptus Astartes and on the Corvus Blackstar of the Deathwatch. The golden "halo's" created by the discharger are a distinctive visual trait of the gunship and announce their presence for dynamic entry.

On tabletop, despite being a relatively lameduck and overglorified flare launcher, the Halo Launcher is surprisingly quite useful. Essentially, if an enemy unit with the KEY WORD 'Fly' targets a model with a Infernum Halo Launcher in the Shooting phase, your opponent must subtract 1 from the subsequent hit rolls. Tis' a great tool to offset any potential life-threatening damage to your personnel fighter.

Tl;dr, its a 40k decoy flare.

Chaff Launcher[edit]

Chaff Launcher

Essentially, pretty much the same as the Infernum Halo Launcher in function. The Chaff Launcher as its name implies launches chaffs which is a radar countermeasure in which aircraft or other targets spread a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallized glass fibre or plastic. The effect of which either appears as a cluster of primary targets on radar screens or swamps the screen with multiple returns.

What this does is confuse any lock-on missile into redirecting its targeting flight at these dummy units, causing the missile to prematurely detonate and allowing the aircraft to escape relatively unscathed.

The Archaeopter and its variants use this shit a lot. Not too surprising since they are relatively low altitude aircraft; juicy targets for anti-air munitions and guided SAM missiles. While it might look like a bad idea to mount the Chaff Launcher on the top of the aircraft rather than the bottom, modern helicopters do have chaff buckets that launch directly into the arc of the rotor blades to distribute the chaff in a cloud around it. So GW actually did their homework.

Cyclone Missile Launcher[edit]

Cyclone Missile Launcher

A miniature Whirlwind Launcher.

The Cyclone Missile Launcher is a Missile Launcher variant specially designed to be fitted on Terminator Armor. Loaded with Krak and Frag Missiles, the Cyclone consists of two cube-shaped missile boxes, twin-linked, with a targeter and sensor array. The missile and sensor unit is fixed on the back of standard terminator armor, allowing the Space Marine to use a Storm Bolter and Power Fist with the Cyclone. Older designs of the Cyclone missile launcher had the sensor array hand-carried by the Terminator, thus taking away the option of a power fist but making it more accurate.

The forerunner of this weapon was mounted (and still mounted in M41) on the Javelin Attack Speeder - anti-grav relic vehicles of the Great Crusade.

Malleus Rocket Launcher[edit]

Malleus Rocket Launcher

The smallest MLRS ever fielded by the Imperial Guard.

The Malleus Rocket Launcher is one of the three primary weapons that is used by the Imperial Guard Field Ordnance Battery, and it looks awfully like WW2 towed rocket artillery. Considered as a light anti-infantry artillery rocket piece, the Malleus contains six fragmentary rockets on each rocket pod for a total of twelve rockets per salvo. This makes it a pretty hefty weapon when it comes to quickly dealing with swarm armies.

Crunchwise, Malleus Rocket Launcher is a Heavy D6+6 MLRS that is S6, AP-1, D1, with the Blast ability. To no one's surprise, this thing shreds GEQs like paper mache put in a blender. However, its low strength, damage and AP means that it struggles against MEQs and TEQs simply laugh it off.

Salvo Launcher[edit]

Salvo Launcher

A missile launcher gifted to only the Emprah's best and finest.

The Salvo Launcher is a weapon used by the Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetor's. Despite their small size, these weapons can destroy even the most heavily armored vehicles in a few...well....salvos. Mounted on the prow of their Dawneagle Jetbikes, these weapons fire Flakkburst Missiles that allow their riders to shoot enemy flyers out of the sky or Melta Missiles that are effective against vehicles.

As usual/expected, these things are gilded in gold Auramite, as befitting for the Emprah's posse of gilded bananas.

They are also far more powerful than missile launchers far bigger than it. Which is unsurprising. But what is surprising is that it looks suspiciously like one of the missile launcher choices for the video game Spore....strange....

Crunchwise, it has a 24” range and is either a Multi-Melta shot that re-rolls wounds against Vehicles but does not get melta dice at half range, or a Heavy D3 S7 AP-1 D3 missile that gets +1 to hit against things with Fly but -1 to hit against anything that doesn’t. This little quirk shouldn’t be a problem, though, since your normal BS is 2+. The melta version is great for ripping apart vehicles and the flakk choice is great for shoring up your slightly spotty anti-air. Very situational, but fills out the lack of high strength anti-tank shooting that Custodes lack immensely.

Typhoon Missile Launcher[edit]

Typhoon Missile Launcher

Named after the Typhoon pattern of Land Speeders, but most notoriously wielded by the infamous flying toasters. The Typhoon showers the sky in missiles to cover a wide area of land.

The Typhoon Missile Launcher is a Space Marine Missile Launcher equipped with both Frag and Krak Missiles. They are most commonly mounted on vehicles, such as the aforementioned Stormtalon Gunship.

Its sister variant is the Skyhammer Missile Launcher.

On tabletop, they are essentially a double shot missile launcher found on land speeders, includes frag and krak missiles. Not bad and allows your flying toaster to have some much-added punch and firepower.

Skyhammer Missile Launcher[edit]

Skyhammer Missile Launcher

Another weapon wielded by the infamous flying toasters. They have a more limited ammo rack to compensate for more powerful explosions.

The Skyhammer Missile Launcher is a Missile Launcher platform employed on Space Marine Stormtalon Gunships. These weapons fire a volley of hyper-velocity missiles that smash into their targets and are ideal tank-killers.

Its sister variant is the Typhoon Missile Launcher.

On tabletop, these are your anti-air krak missiles. Quite good against aircraft and can give vehicles a bloody nose even though it is meant specifically against fighter jets. Should make your flying toaster a bit more viable now.

Cerberus Launcher[edit]

Cerberus Launcher

A anti-infantry rocket launching platform.

The Cerberus Launcher is an Imperial weapon commonly mounted under the nose mount on Space Marine Land Speeder Storms. Considered as the Land Speeder equivalent of the Stormtalon's Skyhammer Missile Launcher. This tri-barreled launcher can launch fragmentation or stun rockets depending on the enemy being faced.

As it is the primary weapon for the Land Speeder Storm, the Cerberus Launcher is a D6 bolter shots with a surprisingly underwhelming range at just 18". You would think the Imperium would have the decency to add enough fuel to a rocket so that it could last more than 15 meters right? But I guess not.

Still, for hit and runs, the Cerberus gets the job done.

Tempest Salvo Launcher[edit]

Tempest Salvo Launcher

Not to be confused with the Eldar Tempest Launcher nor the Adeptus Custodes Salvo Launcher.

The Tempest Salvo Launcher is one of the primary weapons for the Land Speeder Tempest.

Due to its size, the Land Speeder Tempest is big enough that a set of Tempest Salvo Launchers could be equipped and placed on the sides of the vehicle. The Tempest Salvo Launchers are able to hold up to 8 missiles, and are a mixed load of Frag and Krak Missiles.

All in all, it is far more versatile than any other of the Land Speeder Missile Launcher like the Typhoon or the Cerberus.

On the tabletop, the Tempest Salvo Launcher is better than the Typhoon Missile Launcher for the fact that it always come in a pair. Statwise, this weapon is a 36" range, Heavy 1d3, S6, AP-3, D2 Missile Launcher. The only downside is that, compared to the Typhoon, the Salvo Launcher comes in at only 10 points each, making it drastically more expensive compared to the Typhoon.

Deathwind Missile Launcher[edit]

Deathwind Missile Launcher

The Creed of Drop Pods.

Deathwind Missile Launchers are weapons equipped on Space Marine Drop Pods. Like most of these Trap Drop Pods, they are designed to fool the enemy and/or provide heavy covering fire for the Space Marines instead. They replace the standard Storm Bolter, offering a nasty surprise of short-range explosive support fire to the face.

They may be deployed en masse as a Deathwind Orbital Strike Force.

In 7th Edition, the Deathwind launcher is now cheaper. With the reduced price, you can pay a little more than a tac marine for the ability to lock down a 12" area around a drop pod with a S5 AP- pie plate. You kill a MEQ, you basically pay off the cost of the launcher. Put these on your offensive pods, otherwise it'll be a waste.

With the Nerf of Drop Pods in 8th Edition, the Deathwind Missile Launcher has been regulated to the gutter where once the Pyrovore and Mandrakes use to dwell in. At best, they are only useful for creating a annoying distraction and maybe kill a few stragglers for some added benefit.

How this Missile Launcher avoids accidentally hitting one of its missiles at its own occupants or even the structure of the Drop Pods itself remains a mystery.

Icarus Rocket Pod[edit]

Icarus Rocket Pod

Not to be confused with the Icarus Stormcannon Array which also serves the same function as the Rocket Pod.

The Icarus Rocket Pod is an anti-air rocket pod mounted as a secondary weapon on the Redemptor Dreadnought and the Gladiator Valiant Tank. It is a relatively small rocket pod analogous to the much larger Multiple Rocket Pods used by Valkyries, although it carries less rockets of around seven in total. Like the Icarus Stormcannon Array, the name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Icarus myth.

On the tabletop, the Icarus Rocket Pod is a 24" range, S7, AP-1, D1, Heavy D3 weapon. Like most anti-air weapons, you could add 1 to all hit rolls made for this weapon against targets that can fly.

Overall, there are better anti-air weapons around, but for what it's worth, the weapon is a nice free additional complement for the Redemptor Dreadnought to scare away any enemy flyers in its vicinity.

Multiple Rocket Pod[edit]

Multiple Rocket Pod

The Multiple Rocket Pod all simply known as the Rocket Pod, are weapons most commonly mounted on Imperial Aircraft such as the Vulture Gunship or Valkyrie. They work by firing large numbers of small fragmentation rockets, covering a large area in lethal shrapnel. They are an anti-infantry weapon and are particularly effective against high density concentrations of poorly-armoured opponents.

These are basically the Skyhammer's and Typhoon Missile Launcher's bigger and more badass brother. Instead of small individual rockets, this thing saturates the land with explosive munitions.

On tabletop, these are your standard anti-infantry missiles, 16pts for a pair gets you Assault 2d6 with the damage profile of a heavy bolter (and half a shot more on average). Shorter range than Hellfuries, but a better damage profile and more importantly are assault. You're putting these on a flier, so a 36" range really shouldn't be a problem.

Maximum Dakka indeed.

Blackstar Rocket Launcher[edit]

Blackstar Rocket Launcher

The Blackstar Rocket Launcher is a weapon mounted on Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar gunships. Mounted on each wing of a Blackstar, it allows a barrage of missiles that are each selected the moment before firing to maximize the destruction it wreaks. It is the only weapon system on the Blackstar that is actually reliable in attacking enemy air vehicles.

They can fire both incendiary Dracos Air-to-Ground Missiles or Air-to-Air Corvid Rockets, but as you already know, most opt in for the Corvids as the standard issue Assault Cannons do a better job at killing infantry than the Dracos.

The Twin-Assault Cannons from the Blackstar can be swapped for Twin Lascannons for anti-vehicle and the missiles for Blackstar Rocket Launchers. However, despite the anti-infantry option from the Drcacos missile, most would just use the Assault Cannons instead, therefore, the Rocket Launcher is only used for the Corvid rockets which is the only decent weapon on the Blackstar at taking out flyers.

Taurox Missile Launcher[edit]

Taurox Missile Launcher

Mounted on the stupidly designed Taurox.

The Taurox Missile Launcher is a missile artillery array mounted on the Taurox Prime. It bares a uncanny resemblance to the Soviet Katyusha rockets due to the whole 'put a rack of missiles on a truck' schlick. Despite the FAIL of the Taurox, the missile launcher itself is extremely versatile, able to fire spreads of missiles over long distances and suppress distant enemy infantry and armor.

However, despite the fluff, in 7th Edition, the Missile Launcher is pretty mediocre as it is your basic two-shot missile launcher in standard frag and krak. In 8th Edition, its mediocrity has gotten worse in terms of point cost efficiency. Don't even bother mounting them.

So yeah, unlike the real Katyusha, these things aren't made of WIN.

Bellicatus Missile Array[edit]

Bellicatus Missile Array

Imagine the Hyperios Missile Launcher's little cousin with an identity crisis. The Bellicatus Missile Array is a Missile Launcher weapon that looks like the fusion of multiple Space Marine turreted missile launchers reduced into a compact form. Seriously, this weapon can't decide whether it wants to be a anti-infantry, anti-tank or anti-air missile launcher; so it ended up saying "Fuck it!" and incorporated all of them in a tiny package.

The Bellicatus Missile Array is primarily used by Primaris Space Marine Impulsor vehicles. These batteries are frequently used for those squads requiring additional fire support. Because the Magos who 'invented' this wanted to cram in every single type of missile there is in one tiny weapons system, the missile launcher ain't the most prettiest to look at. On the other hand, several vehicles with these would likely work together and result in the same number of each type of missile as it would if you had three Impulsors and each had one type of missile. Just without your eggs being in one basket.

On tabletop, this missile launcher is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades of missile launcher. You want to clear out that annoying infantry harassing your unit formation? Launch some Heavy D6, Strength 4, D1 frag missiles at their faces. Want to destroy that dangerous armored vehicle for the final killshot? Launch the Heavy 1, Strength 8, AP-2 D6 damage krak missiles to make sure that vehicle stops dead in its tracks. Want to deal with those hard-to-hit, nightmare-inducing flyers? Launch the Heavy D3, Strength 7, AP-1, D3 damage icarus missiles to make sure that bird goes down for good. All of these missiles have a decent range of 48". Just don't expect the macross level of missile massacre you would traditionally see, such as the Hyperios.

Hammerstrike Missile Launcher[edit]

Hammerstrike Missile Launcher

The Hammerstrike Missile Launcher is where the Storm Speeder Hammerstrike got its name from.

An anti-armour weapon system fitted with Krak warheads. The Missile Launcher along with its sister weapons from the Storm Speeder has become the butt of jokes due to the fact that the gunner's head is exposed RIGHT BESIDE THE FIRING MECHANISM! Why Cawl decided that giving the poor bastard of what counts as a Sonic Weapon in all but name, we have no fucking clue.

Nevertheless, rules-wise, this thing is pretty beast, albeit, short-ranged. At 36", you ain't hitting far especially on a flyer. But at S8 and AP-3, with the fact that you are dealing 3 Damage per missile. You could theoretically deal up to 24 Wounds in a single salvo. You could actually take down a Knight if the Dice Gods are in your favour. Field several of these and your opponent would flip the table.

Sabre Missile Launcher[edit]

Sabre Missile Launcher

The Sabre Missile Launcher is one of the secondary weapons that could be attached to the Sabre Strike Tank.

These missile launchers are essentially a mini-version of the Hunter-Killer missile attachments. Bearing similarities to the regular old hand-held missile launcher, one of the pros for the Sabre Missile Launcher is that the Sabre Strike Tank is able to carry not one, but four of these things.

The missile launcher itself carries the aptly named Sabre Missiles, which offers the same punch as a regular hand-held missile launcher. If your Sabre is armed with the autocannon or volkite saker, it would make sense to have these to give your Sabre some needed anti-tank punch. However, if you have a neutron laser, the benefit for these becomes a bit more redundant.

Disruptor Missile Launcher[edit]

Disruptor Missile Launcher

The secondary weapon of the Skorpius Disintegrator. The Disruptor Missile Launcher is a hull-mounted missile launcher situated at the front of the giant killer rubber duck of a vehicle. The Skorpius Disintegrator mounts six of them - three on each side - and it is primarily a anti-tank and anti-vehicular missile launcher akin to the Hunter-Killer missile attatchments used by conventional Imperial vehicles.

Crunch-wise, the Disruptor Missile Launcher packs quite a punch with heavy D6 shots and D3 damage a pop. At Strength 7 and AP-2, this weapon can do a whole world of hurt to light vehicles and conventional main-battle tanks. Whilst the random attack numbers and damage makes it unpredictable, you have six missile for you the launch, so chances are is that you are gonna cause some wounds by the end of the turn.

Seeing as how every single Skorpius Disintegrators come automatically with one, a handful of them can prove quite the pickle to handle if there is not enough armor support.

Hunter-Killer Missile[edit]

Hunter-Killer Missile

A single-use fire-and-forget krak missile packaged in a launch tube that is easily mounted to any vehicle. They are effectively Krak Missiles with massively extended range, although only one can be mounted on each vehicle for... reasons? They are also unique in that they are guided weapons with an on-board "logis-engine." Sensors in the missile's nose transmit information on the target and surrounding environment to the logis-engine, which guides the missile in flight by manipulating its stabilizing fins, allowing the missile to match the target's movements and avoid obstacles. The missile's warhead is an impact fused shaped charge, designed for maximum armor penetration. Other instruments include an internal gyroscope for stable flight and a small battery to power the sensor and logis-engine.

In-game, they are a cheap upgrade for most Imperial vehicles and walkers, as a quick way to add a bit of anti-armor punch to an armored personnel carrier or other light armor. However, it is arguably not an ideal upgrade for vehicles with a BS of 3 (4+ to hit), as being a one-shot weapon you'll never actually hit anything with it- it has the uncanny ability to miss every time it is fired. (Unless you stick one on Knight Commander Pask's tank, BS4 with re-rollable 1's to hit and to wound, use it to stun enemy artillery or instagib a warlord of Toughness 4 or below with no Eternal Warrior). In theory you could ignore all this and just take as many as you can in the hopes of alpha-striking the fuck out of your opponent, but the points you would spend doing so are probably better used elsewhere.

Weirdly, unlike real life rocket addons for tanks (such as the Tulip from WW2), the Imperium lacks a version to fight infantry (Frag) or as air-defence (Flakk). *BLAM* That's what your lasguns and the venerable Hydra are for, Guardsman. To suggest otherwise is Tech-Heresy

Hellstrike Missile[edit]

Hellstrike Missile

A Hunter-Killer in the air.

A Hellstrike Missile is an Imperial solid-fuel air-to-surface anti-armor missile outfitted with a high-explosive warhead intended for use during ground support airstrikes. It is essentially identical in function to a Hunter-Killer Missile in that it is a guided weapon equipped with an on-board Cogitator known as a "Logis-Engine".

Sensors in the missile's nose transmit information on the location and movement of the target and the surrounding environment to the Logis-Engine, which alters the trajectory of the missile in flight by manipulating its stabilizing fins, allowing it to match the target's movements and avoid any obstacles. A Hellstrike Missile is larger than its Hunter-Killer counterpart and is often fired at high velocity while the aircraft deploying it is in flight. Hellstrike Missiles are a common armament on many forms of Imperial military aircraft.

Hellfury Missile[edit]

Hellfury Missile

A cousin of the Hellstrike Missile, this time, serving more of an anti-infantry weapon.

The Hellfury Missile is an air-to-surface missile used by Imperial Aircraft such as the Vendetta Heavy Gunship and Vulture Gunship. Each missile is packed with incendiary sub-munitions, which burst in the air to cover a wide area. Therefore, they externally look very similar to the Hellstrike other than the difference in the payload. Not always, though. They usually are just explosive warheads and aircraft generally have large, independent missiles that hold cluster munitions instead.

They are particularly useful against dug-in troops hiding behind cover and have proven highly effective in combat against Tyranid ground swarms.

In 8th edition, Hellfuries are anti-infantry missiles that are expensive for the amount of shots you get. Therefore, they unfortunately haven't found their niche yet.

Skystrike Missile[edit]

Skystrike Missile

Another cousin of the Hellstrike Missile found and used mainly by the Lightning Fighter and Thunderbolt Fighter.

The Skystrike Missile is one of the very many anti-air weapons used by the Imperium. As such, it bares an uncanny resemblance to the Hellstrike in appearances and function. The only difference really is that it is apparently 'cheaper' but less sophisticated than the Hellstrike. The missile incorporates a conventional heat-seeking warhead for targeting the power signatures and engine exhaust of enemy aircraft rather than the more advanced Logis-Engines.

Crunchwise it follows pretty much the same as the fluff. Cheaper at 15 points each, but only Heavy 1, S7, AP-2, D3 damage. Your dedicated anti-air missile, it gets +1 to hit against flyers but -1 against everything else. The strength here seems to be that you get to take 6 instead of only 4. But the damage for each unsaved wound is an average of 2 compared to Hellstrikes' 4.4. Statistically, they are worse unless you are shooting at very specific targets like jet bikes or battle suits.

Stormstrike Missile Launcher[edit]

Stormstrike Missile Launcher

A much better version of the Hunter-Killer missile by virtue of having the ability to fire more missiles.

Stormstrike Missiles on the Stormstrike Missile Launcher are a type of Missile used by Space Marines and most notably, from the Deathwatch chapter. They detonate with a thunderous boom that leaves those caught in the blast reeling and disorientated. They are employed by Stormraven Gunship, Stormfang, and Corvus Blackstar gunships for cases when the Space Marines really want to make enemy tank drivers cry.

Due to their nature, Stormstrikes are pretty deadly against enemy armor. As the Corvus Blackstar comes standard issue with 2 of these badboys, the Stormstrike Missile Launchers are a serious threat to vehicles with 72" Heavy 1 S8 AP-3 D3. The black birds carry four of them just to let you know, which is enough to kill most tanks in one salvo or severely cripple them in one shot.

Because of this, the Stormstrike is generally preferred over the Blackstar Rocket Launcher as a) not a lot of players really use that much aircraft (Or at all), b) you have better anti-air alternatives as a Space Marines player and c) who the hell use a Corvus Blackstar (A plane design to carry troops and blow up ground units) for anti-air!?

Xiphon Rotary Missile Launcher[edit]

Xiphon Rotary Missile Launcher

The Xiphon Rotary Missile Launcher is a type of Missile Launcher launched from Imperial Xiphon Pattern Interceptors and a crucial secondary armament for that aircraft. Its unique rotary system allows the Xiphon to rapidly launch multiple missiles in a compact form and is often found in the underbelly of the interceptor.

This deadly weapons system is actually a more compact copy of a design more commonly found on heavy void fighters and incorporates sophisticated munitions with their own cluster-charged warheads and internal tracking auguries, mounted on a rapid-firing rotary magazine-fed launcher system. These weapons systems are efficient in their principal task of destroying enemy fighter craft but are flexible enough to be readily turned on armoured ground targets as well.

On the Horus Heresy tabletop, this thing is a Heavy 2 S8 AP2 weapon that re-rolls successful Jink and cover saves and rolls d3 times per Penetrating hit, choosing the best one (and AP grants +1 on that table). This essentially turns your Xiphon into a anti-tank flyer. We know you want it.

Ballistus Missile Launcher[edit]

Ballistus Missile Launcher

A new type of missile launcher wielded exclusively by the Ballistus Dreadnought.

The Ballistus Missile Launcher functions in a role similar to Cyclone Missiles or the larger Aiolos Missiles, which is a type of small, rocket artillery system meant to suppress enemy infantry or vehicles. Akin to a miniature MLRS. As such, the Ballistus sort of forms the 'middle child' of the family, offering greater range and firepower than the Cyclone, but still small and mobile compared to the larger Aiolos.

It has a total of eight missiles, so make sure all those missile count for something.

Crunchwise, on the tabletop, the Ballistus has two firing modes. The first is its frag missiles, which is a blast weapon. The frag missiles has a range of 48", an Attack of 2D6, BS3+, S5, AP0 and D1. An overall decent horde clearer from a distance. The second is the krak, which is self-explanatory. The krak missile has the same range as the frag, but its Attack is 2, BS3+, S10, AP-2 and Damage of D6. A pretty okay tank hunter. Overall, very versatile but too overpowering.

Aiolos Missile Launcher[edit]

Aiolos Missile Launcher

Imagine the Cyclone Missile Launcher on Acid.

The main secondary weapon of the Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought by virtue of the Deredeo Dreadnought having a chassis suitably large and stable enough to mount one. The Aiolos is a primarily anti-armor missile launcher meant for enemy armor on the move. However, it can just be as effective against high-altitude aircraft whilst the Quad-Linked Autocannons harass low-altitude aircraft, creating a formidable platform for air-defense.

The Aiolos missile launcher is noted for its capability of independently targeting enemies. This homing feature is deadly to the aforementioned high-altitude aircraft and is known to down many cocky pilots. Still, these weapons can just be as deadly against ground targets as air.

Despite the potential as a good AA platform, the crunch place the Deredeo and the Aiolos primarily on the anti-armor category, much to the incompetence of GW.

Spicula Rocket System[edit]

Spicula Rocket System

The Space Marines finally have their own Exorcist Missile Launchers.

The Spicula Rocket System is a MLRS-system akin to that of the Exorcist Missile Launcher though in terms of design it seems to borrowed more from a WW2 Hedgehog anti-submarine weapon. It is one of the main weapons for the Legion Arquitor Bombard. Compared to the Graviton-Charge Cannon which specializes in heavy and superheavy units and the Morbus Heavy Bombard which is aimed towards medium armor. The Spicula Rocket System is designed to target multiple infantry units at once.

With its warhead shape and its size, the Spicula Rocket System is like the Exorcist Missile Launcher's more petite and conventional brother. No surprise, as it seems that certain higher-ups at GeeDubs may have bitched about their company's favorite mascot not having a proper MLRS like the Sisters; as if the Space Marines needed anymore goddamned vehicles to the armor-stricken Sisters.

Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher[edit]

Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher

The iconic pipe organ gun. The Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher is a large device used primarily for destroying enemy emplacements and armored vehicles, used solely by the Ordo Hereticus. The main users are of course, the Exorcist.

The Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher is basically an MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System, as the name would suggest) and it is used to pepper the battlefield with a rain of steel and explosives.

It is unknown how the Exorcist manage to store all these missiles given the relatively tiny space the Rhino often exhibits. Nevertheless, the biggest question is how one manage to fire over a dozen missiles with the use of an organ keyboard. It could be stupid if it wasn't so stupidly awesome.

As such, the Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher is great when it comes to killing off horde armies, but start to suffer against more heavily armored troops or vehicles. When that happens, you will have to rely on more harder hitting missile launchers to get the job done.

Exorcist Missiles[edit]

The main armament of the Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher. The missiles fired from the Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher are independently stabilizing high explosive armor piercing (HEAP) missiles that can crack open the armor of most infantry and light vehicles. However, despite this armor piercing quality, it lacks the overall strength and weight to be needed to harm larger vehicles. The small and slim size of the missiles is to obviously save weight and prevent hampering of the Rhino's speed.

Scorpius Launcher[edit]

Scorpius Launcher

The more Dakka brother of the Whirlwind Missile Launcher.

The Scorpius Launchers are the primary weapons of the Whirlwind Scorpius. As the Whirlwind Scorpius is designed for killing a lot of things in rapid fashion, the Scorpius Launcher has been made to kill off hordes of infantry and even vehicles in one salvo. Contrast this to the more tactical Whirlwind whose limitation of four powerful missiles means that its strikes must be significant and destructive.

The Scorpius Launcher projects implosive warheads devastating to armored infantry or light vehicles.

In 8th Edition, whilst the Scorpius Launcher has only half the range of either of the Whirlwind's rocket types, the 3d3 S6 AP-2 D2 shots is still plenty to threaten hordes and light vehicles alike. And as an added bonus, it can fire twice in a shooting phase if the Scorpius hasn't moved in the movement phase.

Arcus Launcher[edit]

Arcus Launcher

The more chad cousin of the Scorpius Launcher. The Arcus Launcher is a type of advanced Missile Launcher mounted on Space Marine Sicaran Arcus artillery tanks during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Combining the looks of a Scorpius Launcher with the internal mechanisms based upon the rotary missile launcher developed for the Xiphon Interceptor, the greater size of the mounting on the Sicaran hull allows for a more complex feed mechanism and the employment of multiple-warhead types. Over time, the advanced Arcus Launchers have broken down and in the 41st Millennium Sicaran Arcus tanks are commonly equipped with more basic rotary missile systems.

On the Horus Heresy tabletop, this thing was Rape incarnate. With the Arcus warheads, it is a 36" S8, AP2, Heavy 4 weapon that forces successful cover saves to be rerolled and if it stands still, the weapon can be fired TWICE, so 8 shots in total. This tank makes 6th edition Eldar cry looking at its cheese. Penetration from these roll D3 time on vehicle damage chart and choose the highest result. It is also the best AA in a Legion army for +15pts, making them fire 4 twin-linked S7 AP3 rerolling successful cover saves hits, 8 hits again if it stands still. This beauty can even be set to destroy MC or infantry in an efficient way with 2 5" blast S5 AP4 or 4 S7 AP4 shots that deal instant death to most mechanicum robots.

Terrebrax Rocket Battery[edit]

Terrebrax Rocket Battery

The primary and ONLY weapon system found on the Mole.

The Terrebrax Rocket Battery is a rocket system wrapped around the neck of the Mole like a belt conveyor. It is a weapon designed to blast through tough rock faces when it drills and it is capable of cycle-firing a rapid salvo of rockets to crack even the most stubborn redoubt of stone or plasteel. Once the Mole emerges into the surface, it can also still fire the rocket system at the enemy. However, given the way the weapon is structured and its unguided system, the weapon remains a highly inaccurate one that is only useful either against mass infantry or as a close-range assault suppression weapon.

Crunchwise, on the Horus Heresy tabletop, the Terrebrax Rocket Battery is a 48", Strength 7, Heavy 12, 12 shot Autocannon with AP5. Why in the Emperah's tits that a mass rapid-firing rocket system have a similar type with an Autocannon of all weapons, rather than having the multiple blast templates that should come automatically with a weapon with the word 'rocket' in its name, we have no idea.

Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher[edit]

Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher

The Whirlwind multiple missile launcher is mounted on the Space Marine Whirlwind vehicle. It is capable of firing various types of missiles, the most common types being the standard Vengeance missile or Incendiary Castellan missile. The Whirlwind can be loaded with multiple types of munitions, but can only launch one type at a time. The most current versions of the launcher, are either 2 pods of 5 missiles each, fired in tandem pairs, or larger missiles fired one at a time from 2 pods of 2 missiles each.

The ammunition is as follows:

Vengeance Missiles[edit]

Vengeance missiles are the standard warheads used by the Whirlwind. The Vengeance missile is a high explosive missile containing a proximity fuse, which detonates the missile close to the target, scattering deadly shrapnel over the entire area.

Castellan Missiles[edit]

Castellan missiles are defensive missiles, which upon detonating, scatter mines over a large area. They are often effective for denying an enemy an easy route for counter attacks. Sufficient mines are fired in each shot that the field will remain until the end of the battle.

Incendiary Castellan Missiles[edit]

Incendiary Castellan missiles are missiles that have exchanged the fragmentation charge for a volatile chemical warhead that blankets the blast area in searing flames. It is commonly used on targets inside structures which are protected from fragmentation blast. Even the most sturdy of defenses provide no protection and if by some chance the defenders inside the structure aren't burned to death, most die from the after vapors which kill them from the inside out.

Hyperios Missile Launcher[edit]

Hyperios Missile Launcher

The Hyperios Missile Launcher is a specialized, anti-aircraft missile launcher mounted on Space Marine Whirlwind Hyperios. It is capable of firing up to twenty Hyperios missiles at fast, low-flying targets, making it ideal for defense against ground-attack craft making strafing runs.

Due to a lack of manpower for dedicated air defense units in Space Marine Chapters, It is common for Hyperios Missile Launchers equipped with automated remotely-activated defense systems to be utilized by Space Marine forces for local air defense. These automated platforms are dropped in by Thunderhawks, activated by the chapters Techmarines, and can be monitored via command vehicles.

Hyperios Missile[edit]

The Hyperios Anti-Aircraft Missile functions in a similar fashion to a Hunter-Killer Missile. Tracking equipment within the missile locks onto a target, which feeds information to a logis-engine. Once fired, the logis-engine manipulates the missile's fins in order match the target's movements, avoid obstacles, and destroy it. Most of the missile's mass is taken up by fuel needed to intercept fast-moving targets, allowing it to fly short distances at high velocity. The Hyperios missile does not contain enough fuel to reach high-altitude targets, which are better suited to Manticore AA missiles.

Hammerfall Missile Launcher[edit]

Hammerfall Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher found exclusively on its namesake, the Hammerfall Bunker.

The Hammerfall Missile Launcher is a suped-up Hyperios that fires either Superkrak or Superfrag missiles. What's so 'super' about them, we have no fucking clue. Could be due to its larger size which could give it a larger warhead. This Missile Launcher as such would make for a spectacularly violent suppressive weapon, given the immobility and combat nature of the Hammerfall Bunker.

Crunchwise, these things are nasty. Each of them has an impressive 72" range, with the Superfrag being a Heavy 2D6 launcher with S6, AP0, D1 Blast weapon whilst the Superkrak being a Heavy 2 weapon with the stats being S10, AP-2, D6. Your Superfrags are gonna be turning MEQs and GEQs into burger patties with that blast template whilst your Superkraks would turn TEQs and vehicles inside out.

Vengeance Launcher[edit]

Vengeance Launcher

Not to be confused with the Vengeance Grenade Launcher.

The Vengeance Launcher is an Imperial multi-chambered rocket battery which saturates a target area with fragmenting anti-personnel warheads. It is one of the primary weapons of the Space Marine Storm Eagle meant to complement its ground assault/transport role.

Designed for close-range ground attack, this weapon allows the Adeptus Astartes Storm Eagle assault gunship to both clear a landing zone in a hostile area and continue to provide direct fire support once it has delivered its deadly cargo of Space Marines.

The Vengeance Launcher itself is a 48" range missile launcher. At S5, AP4, this Heavy 2 weapon creates large blast templates every time it opens fire. Just like in fluff, this weapon is great against masses of infantry, however, heavier armoured vehicles or units could tank these blasts and continue to chug along.

Boreas Air Defence Missile[edit]

Boreas Air Defence Missile

The Manticore's anti-air cousin. This is a new toy for the Deredeo Dreadnought to play with.

This missile system fires the Boreas (Not Boreale) Air Defence Missiles, which turns your Doredeo into a perfect air-defense platform in times where you don't really need that much anti-tank and anti-armor weapons like the Anvilus autocannon battery or the Aiolos missile launcher.

They can target a separate unit from the Deredeo’s main weapons and can even ignore intervening obstacles if the enemy is outside the bearer’s line of sight, which would make the Doredeo a proverbial pain in the ass for flyer-heavy players. Like the Manticore, the Boreas is limited to four missiles in a game, making these weapons situational but strategic against heavily-armed air assets like Thunderhawks or the Ares Gunship.

The Boreas is often paired with the anti-armor Volkite Falconet Battery to make the Doredeo a slow-hitting but hard-punching weapon system.

Manticore Missile[edit]

Manticore Missile

The primary weapon of the Manticore, the individual missiles of a Manticore can evaporate anything that is not dressed in Power Armor.

The missile is divided into five sections: a fuse, the control and guidance equipment, the electrical unit, an explosive warhead and a propellant container for the two-stage solid fuel rocket. The first stage, a starting rocket, launches the missile into the air where the main in-flight rocket motor kicks in, propelling it to speeds of 1,080 kph. The standard Manticore missile's warhead is a high explosive fragmentation device capable of causing damage to a wide variety of targets including battle tanks. It can also be replaced by any number of alternatives, such as an oxy-phosphor incendiary warhead or chemical warhead for anti-infantry firepower or an Interceptor warhead for targeting high-altitude enemy aircraft. The standard missile has an operational range of 30 kilometers.

Skyspear Missile Launcher[edit]

Skyspear Missile Launcher

Ahhh...the famous corpse cannon.

The Skyspear Missile Launcher is a type of surface-to-air Missile Launcher mounted on Space Marine Hunters. These launchers are able to fire a salvo of missiles, each of which is guided by the interred remains of a Chapter Serf. The very aspect on using a dead guy to aim your missiles had been a source for intense and passionate debates on the type of Drugs GW had been smoking in order to come out with such an idea.

The missile itself is extremely powerful, able to blow apart Tau Barracudas to Eldar Vampire Raiders. It can even destroy creatures such as Bloodthirsters and Hive Tyrants. Although in the case for the former, how a single missile can take out a creature that can give even the giant baby carriers a run for its money is unknown. Unless it is a Deathstrike, we ain't seeing how this is possible.

In 8th Edition, the Skyspear for some reason is no longer explicitly AA. This weapon delivers a high strength hit equal to a lascannon, re-rolling missed hits whether the model is flying or not.

While not an efficient damage dealer, the entire Hunter tank is a steal for its points. Exact same base cost as a Predator while making the leap from T7 to T8, and getting a free 5' range lascannon that can reroll hits. Won't spit out as much damage as your other Heavy Support options, but incredibly reliable.

Ironstorm Missile Pod[edit]

Ironstorm Missile Pod

Basically a baby Apocalypse Missile Launcher.

Mounted on the back of the Questor Imperialis, the Imperial Knight, and by the Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris. This missile pod is used to blast bloody holes against massed infantry assaults, and it is most effective against light- to medium-armoured opponents (72" S5 AP4, Heavy 1, Large Blast, Barrage).

It can engage targets at a long range and fire missiles that explode and saturate a sizable blast radius. It is most effective against light to medium-armored foes and massed infantry assaults.

There are multiple variants of the Missile Pod.

Ironstorm with Six Missile Tubes[edit]

The standard variant of the Ironstorm Missile Pod, this version features six missile tubes.

Ironstorm with Four Missile Tubes[edit]

An uncommon variant of the Ironstorm Missile Pod, this version features four missile tubes, holding less ammunition than the standard variant.

Ironstorm with Two Missile Tubes[edit]

A rare variant of the Ironstorm Missile Pod, this version features only two missile tubes, holding a great deal less ammunition than the standard variant.

Porphyrion Ironstorm Missile Pod[edit]

A large variant of the Ironstorm Missile Pod that is used by the Acastus Knight Porphyrion. This version is much larger than the standard, featuring sixteen missile tubes, along with the ability to be raised and lowered into the Porphyrion's upper carapace. This version of the Ironstorm Missile Pod can also be outfitted with Helios Defence Missiles, which are used to defend the massive Knight from enemy aircraft.

Stormspear Rocket Pod[edit]

Stormspear Rocket Pod

The Ironstorm's more Dakka brother.

Another pod mounted on the back of the Questor Imperialis, the Imperial Knight, and by the Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris. This carapace-mounted weapon fires self-propelled projectiles tipped with armor-piercing warheads. Only accurate at medium range, they are best employed versus heavily armored infantry or moderately armored vehicles. The launcher itself is capable of firing their payloads in successive volleys of three.

It fires self-propelled projectiles tipped with armor-penetrating warheads and is used against heavily armored infantry or moderately armored vehicles (48" S8 AP3, Heavy 3).

Like its brother, there are many variants of this weapon.

Stormspear with Eighteen Rocket Tubes[edit]

The standard variant of the Stormspear Rocket Pod, this version features eighteen rocket tubes.

Stormspear with Eight Rocket Tubes[edit]

An uncommon variant, this version features only eight rocket tubes, holding less ammunition than that of the standard pattern.

Stormspear with Twenty-Four Rocket Tubes[edit]

A rare variant, this version features twenty-four missile tubes, and consequently holds much more ammunition than that of the standard pattern. This version uses a larger overall pod design to accommodate the additional rocket tubes.

Spiculus Bolt Launcher[edit]

Spiculus Bolt Launcher

The Aiolos' big brother and the Cyclone's gold-encrusted father.

The Spiculus Bolt Launcher is a type of large Missile Launcher used by the Adeptus Custodes. These arrays, resembling the smaller Cyclone Missile Launcher or Apocalypse Missile Launcher, are typically mounted on the Telemon Heavy Dreadnoughts.

Because they are mounted on the biggest and baddest of the golden bois, the Spiculus Bolt Launcher is deadly against all types of targets and enemies. A one-hit KO to speak simply. Anything that missile hits, it destroys.

The Telemon Dreadnought is an absolute monster of a machine on tabletop, with every weapon it carries being considered a god damned rape machine. The Bolt Launcher is no different especially if the Telemon stands still. If it doesn't move, the golden hulk can shoot its Spiculus Bolt Launcher (24” heavy 5 S5 ap-2 D1) twice by itself which makes it a perfect back field camper for chewing GEQ’s.

Shieldbreaker Missile[edit]

Shieldbreaker Missiles

The main secondary weapon of the new Imperial Knight Dominus. The Shieldbreaker Missiles can come in a configuration of either one or two depending on your preferences. They are mounted on the back or the shoulders in order to resemble the Warlord Titan.

In fact, these are the most ridiculously advanced (not to say magical) missiles in all of the Imperium's armory. They are designed to avoid any kind of energy/spiritual shield the target can put up, and manage to do so by using empyric cascade micro-generators controlled by Machine Spirits that teleport the missiles through the Warp for a few milliseconds, reemerging just inside the target's barrier. This is why in-game they negate invulnerable saves.

These missiles are meant to break apart vehicles in precise shots. Whilst the Siegebreaker Cannons are aimed towards light vehicles and mass infantry formations of MEQs, the Shieldbreaker Missiles are definitely aimed at heavier vehicles such as battle tanks and artillery.

On the tabletop, the Shieldbreaker Missiles are a bit situational due to the amount of fantastic anti-superheavy and anti-vehicle weapons that both variants of the Knight Dominus carries. On one hand it’s a one-shot missile, so you are restricted to either two to four missiles depending on your weapon configuration. On the other hand, it’s Str 10, AP -4, D6 Damage Heavy 1 weapon that has an ability that gives Invulnerable Saves the proverbial middle finger if it successfully wounds. Thus, a proper tactic is that this missile can be the 'killing blow' to a weakened character or unit.

Helios Defense Missile Pod[edit]

Helios Defense Missile Pod

The personal FUCK OFF anti-air and anti-vehicle missile contraption exclusive to the Knight Porphyrion, cause they're too big to carry 'kiddie toys' like the Stormspear and Ironstorm Weapon Pods found on smaller Knight Patterns.

The Helios Defense Missile is a type of Missile used by the Imperium of Man to protect ground-based vehicles and installations against enemy aircraft. The Helios Defence Missile is known to have been used in the Ironstorm Missile Pod, however the large size of the missiles makes it impractical to house it in a small missile pod. Hence, the specially built missile pod of the Porphyrion is the only one capable of carrying and firing in large bulk. These missiles are equipped if the Knight is heading into battle-zones where the danger from airborne assault is apparent.

It is only outclassed by the Apocalypse Missile Launcher in both size and devastation.

Praetor Multiple Missile Launcher[edit]

Praetor Multiple Missile Launcher

Carried by a Crassus transport that has replaced its troop capacity with missile racks called the PRAETOR ARMOURED ASSAULT LAUNCHER. Bigger than the Helios by sheer basis of having bigger and thiccer missiles.

Similar to the Helios Defense Missile Pod, it is designed to fold in relatively neatly when not in use. Its large missile racks enable it to be fitted with a number of different munition types. Thus, it is capable of firing apocalyptic levels of dakka with three distinct payload options.

Foehammer Missiles[edit]

Fires high-yield explosives designed to penetrate armour in a hard-hitting and devastating barrage, which can be used against the ground-based enemy vehicles or enemy-held objects to surely turn tanks into scrap metal.

Firestorm Missiles[edit]

Launches a number of small incendiary rounds that saturate an area with flame. Think of it as something like a cluster bombs with a more fiery affect akin to a saturation bombing, or the poor man's/limp dick version of a thermobaric bomb.

Pilum Missiles[edit]

Anti-air rockets capable of defending the Praetor from aerial foes; sophisticated tracking systems in its AA mount constantly monitoring skies for potential airborne targets although generally less suited than a dedicated anti-air vehicle.

Apocalypse Missile Launcher[edit]

Apocalypse Missile Launcher

Strapped to the back of a Reaver Battle Titan, the Apocalypse Missile Launcher does just that: spraying an area in explodey goodness capable of devouring waves of infantry and tanks alike.

The Apocalypse Missile Launcher unit is comprised of the Apocalypse Launcher loaded with 20 rockets, packaged in two 10-rocket pods. The launcher, mounted on a Titan's chassis, is a highly automated self-loading and self-aiming system. It contains a fire control computer that integrates the vehicle and rocket-launching operations. The rockets can be fired individually or in ripples of 2 to 20. Accuracy is maintained in all firing modes because the launcher's computer re-aims the launcher between rounds.

The weapon consisting of the multiple missile-tubes is capable of launching an immense barrage of explosive fire. The destructive potential of just one Apocalypse launcher is equivalent to an entire Imperial Guard artillery company. The missiles fired by an Apocalypse launcher travel at supersonic speeds, and just one salvo is enough to flatten an entire square kilometer of area.

This weapon can fire guided and unguided projectiles and can hit a target a substantial distance away. The Apocalypse Missile Launcher is often employed using "shoot-and-scoot" tactics -- firing its rockets rapidly, then moving away to avoid counter fire.

The Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan can slap two of these on its carapace mounts.

Its Eldar equivalent is the Revenant Missile Launcher.

Revelator Missile Launcher[edit]

Revelator Missile Launcher

The Revelator Missile Launcher is the secondary armament of the Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan.

This weapon system functions something alike the Apocalypse Missile Launcher mounted on lesser Titans (which the Warmaster can still mount two of, as mentioned previously), the main difference however, is that the Revelator Missile Launcher sacrifices missile stockpile for GIANT ECKS BAWKS HUEG EXPLOSIONS. Hence, it only carries six large and powerful missiles in total.

This makes the Revelator Missile Launcher less suited for artillery against massed infantry and more appropriate in giving fortresses and enemy Titans a new asshole. It's an anti-Titan missile for all intents and purposes and, given the role of the Warmaster, this shit is complementary.

Tl;dr, the Revelator Missile Launcher sits in the middle between the Apocalypse Missile Launcher and the Warp Missile Rack.

Hellion Missile[edit]

Hellion Missile

A giant Hunter-Killer Missile.

Attached to the side of the Epic Stormblades casemate was a single shot Anti-Titan missile. The missile's warhead consists of an adamantium penetrator sleeve within which is encased a relatively small plasma warhead.

The armored sleeve ensures that plasma warhead has penetrated deep into the target before it detonates, releasing white-hot plasma. It was there to help kick in the teeth of any titan that came around the corner, but fairly pointless against Gargants.

It was once common for Imperial Guard Stormblades to mount whole racks of these missiles to assist in bringing down the heaviest Titans. Unfortunately this arrangement left the missiles exposed to enemy fire, which could cause the warhead to suddenly detonate if it suffered damage, and led to the loss of a number of Stormblades before the practice was officially stopped.

Deathstrike Missile[edit]

Deathstrike Missile

An explosive set to Maximum Fuck and strapped to a truck, an impact of this weapon will fucking END anything hit by it. A single ICBM made of FUCK YOU out for your blood would make anyone think twice. Batteries of these helped out in the Battle for Armageddon when fired from literally the opposite side of the planet. The missile can carry a variety of payloads, though the most common in use is a plasma warhead able to vaporize a vast area of land. Tactical, biological, and the aptly named titan-killer warheads also exist. But by far the deadliest and rarest is the dreaded Vortex Missile.

The deployment of a single Deathstrike Missile Launcher is a complicated procedure that requires a huge investment of resources and many religious and administrative rituals by the Adeptus Mechanicus and Administratum respectively. As such, the deployment can take months to complete. Instead of just dick-slapping the big red button. Moreover the large lumbering launch vehicles often require their own dedicated escort and presents foes with a valuable and soft target. Except it’s range is such you can plop it down and fire from literally anywhere on the planet. For the Departmento Munitorum, simple logistics has precluded its deployment in all but the most extreme circumstances. That said, when shit hits the fan the Guard's leadership really don't give a fuck about whining adepts' opinions and start smashing big red buttons. Thank the Emperor. Thank God-Emperor you can justify almost anything by saying “It worked, so the Machine Spirits were pleased, so you have no right to complain unless you’re a dirty heretic.”

Warp Missile Rack[edit]

Warp Missile Rack

Hey! Ya know how the Deathstrike can be upgraded into a Vortex Missile for maximum FUCK? Now imagine that, but supersized and mounted on the carapace of a Reaver Battle Titan. Congrats! You now have a weapon that can reliably threaten the walking cheesemongers known as Warlord Battle Titans. The Warp Missile Rack is a missile launching system that is big enough to house only one Warp Missile per mission. It is a relatively medium to long ranged missile, but it is not the ICBM that is the Deathstrike Missile. This is due to the fact that the missile itself is not long enough to go into the outer atmosphere due to its short length relative to its size (Which means less fuel to launch the missile into space), as well as the fact that Reaver Titans are front line support Titans and as such, ICBM capabilities are not as needed.

The Warp Missile itself is one of the rarest and most powerful munitions available to Reaver Titan Princeps. Mounted atop the god-machine’s carapace, the Warp Missile can be fired just once. Equipped with a miniature warp engine like those on starships, when fired it briefly enters the warp and emerges within an enemy Titan’s shields, attacking its weak point for MAXIMUM damage. Contrast this to the Vortex Missile which tears open a hole in spacetime and sucks everything inside the Warp, the Warp Missile acts more like a C'tan Phase Weapon just on a titanic scale.

As such, the Warp Missile Rack is a powerful addition to your Reaver Titans, giving them a one-shot weapon that bypasses shields. This is useful in pegging down Warlords a notch or two. It also gives Reavers some well needed niche as a 'light' anti-Titan walker, given the fact that the introduction of the Warbringer Nemesis Titan has pushed Reavers to near obsolescence.

The weapon has so far only appeared in the Adeptus Titanicus game, implying it's only rarely deployed to Titan vs Titan battles. To be fair, there are few other circumstances when such a weapon would be useful anyway.

Doomstrike Missile Launcher[edit]

Doomstrike Missile Launcher

A missile that can nuke an entire tabletop game in one shot.

Take a Deathstrike Missile, remove its ICBM capabilities and fill it up with even more explosives. You will get the Doomstrike Missile Launcher, the third largest land based missile launcher to date. Bigger then every other faction's by a large margin.

So huge it can only be used by the Imperator Battle Titan, this is a highly accurate missile launcher with a high rate of fire. It gains its accuracy by way of leveling the entire half of the city that the enemy is on so that his destruction is assured.

The Warmonger-class Titan variant of the notable variant of the Imperator Titan mounts not one but eight of these badboys on one gun arm. This is unsurprising given that the Warmonger specializes in its deep strike/fire-support capability. Saturating a entire city in long range bombardment and Dakka.

The Doomstrike Missile earns its namesake as one of the most killy weapons available. Orks wish they can build an awesome missile such as this.

You ask why the Imperial Guard doesn't stick this on a vehicle to use in large numbers since it apparently has far less logistical concerns than Deathstrikes? The reason is that you're a fucking heretic for daring to use common sense.

Hellfire Missile[edit]

Hellfire Missile

(Not to be confused with the real-world anti-tank missile of the same name.)

You want to give the enemy the ultimate middle finger. You want to absolutely annihilate his entire army, city, mountain villa, private jet, luxury cars and his pet dog all in one go? Don't worry we have a solution for you! Move over Doomstrike cause there is a new big kid in town.

A Deathstrike grown several orders of magnitude too large. A Hellfire Missile is capable of annihilating massive swathes of enemy infantry in one go. These things dwarfs the Doomstrike in both size and tonnage.

The Hellfire Missile is basically a giant thermonuclear warhead that is able to threaten entire Titan legions. These things are so big and massive that they are as tall as a Warhound or even Reaver Titan.

As such only the biggest warmachines are able to carry them without resorting to a stationary silo. One of which is the Ordinatus Golgotha which can carry up to six of these monsters.

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L7 Missile Launcher[edit]

L7 Missile Launcher (Handheld Version)

The L7 Missile Launcher is a type of heavy Missile Launcher used by the Leagues of Votann. It is known to be mounted on vehicles such as the Sagitaur ATV. Here, the L7 occupy one-half of a larger weapon system, where it consists of the right side which sits seven anti-personnel missiles that deals high splash damage (More of this can be read below under Sagitaur Missile Launcher).

Certain Hearthkyn Warriors are able to carry mobile and man-portable versions of these. Although, rather than having two missile boxes, the hand-held version only has one. It can be assumed that the man-portable version has the entire box magazine being detachable, and that the camera-looking thing at the bottom of the missile box would be something like a markerlight to allow the missiles to home at the target and 'fire-and-forget'. The hand-held version do have something like an additional magazine at the bottom, although it is likely to be a battery to power up the entire weapon system.

On the tabletop, the L7 Missile Launcher comes with 2 profiles, a Focused shot at 30" HunTR 1, S9 AP-2 Dd6 and a Blast shot at 30" HunTR d6, S5 AP-1 D1. A versatile weapon that adds a bit of punch to your squad.

Sagitaur Missile Launcher[edit]

Sagitaur Missile Launcher

The generically named Sagitaur Missile Launcher is one of the primary weapons of the Sagitaur ATV. The Missile Launcher is actually two weapons in one and consists of a wider weapon system. On the right side of the weapon is the aforementioned L7 Missile Launcher. While the left side houses four anti-armour missiles against tanks and equivalents, making this a very versatile weapon system.

Now this interesting weapon had an interesting Skub history, but not in the way you expect. For one thing, there has been plenty of confusion on what the damned thing looks like. Early Warhammer Community seems to insinuate that the L7 Missile Launcher is the Sagitaur Missile Launcher, but the crunch clearly highlights that there are in fact, two different missile launchers that the Sagitaur could mount.

This confusion is further hampered by the fact that the regular Hearthkyn Warriors can carry models of the actual L7, which in itself looks very similar to half of the design of the missile launcher mounted on the Sagitaur. So, whether this means that the Sagitaur Missile Launcher is either an upscaled L7, or actually THE missile launching weapon shown in various promos, or represents the other half of the missile launcher turret (with the L7 occupying the right-hand side) remained in perpetual limbo for several months until the release of the Sagitaur ATV as an independent unit by GeeDubs in late October.

With the release of the Sagitaur ATV page in GeeDubs' store gave us both an actual scale model between the Sagitaur ATV with a SPEHSS MEHREEN and the sprue mould of the entire model including all of its weapons. Through hefty investigations, it came to the conclusion that, despite what GeeDubs states on the vehicle having four weapon turrets, the actual model only comes with three. Moreover, the L7 Missile Launcher section that comes with it, is much bigger than the ones the Hearthkyns use. Because of this, elegen/tg/entlemen had come to a conclusion that the Sagitaur Missile Launcher is most likely a wider missile launching system in which the L7 formed one-half of it, whilst the actual unique Sagitaur-exclusive Missile Launcher as shown in the crunch, represents the left-side (I.e. the one with the bigger missiles) of the overall weapon system.

All of this confusion could honestly be avoided if GeeDubs just made the L7 an infantry-exclusive weapon whilst the Sagitaur gets the bigger missile launcher and call it as its own. But that's GW for you.

With all said and done, lets go to the crunch. On the tabletop, this weapon system is a 36" Heavy 2, S10 AP-3 D3. Oddly enough, found on the Sagitaur and costing 10 points. Very strong, but the low rate of fire means you probably won't do too much damage with this. Probably best used to give lighter vehicles something to think about, but you can also sucker punch a weakened tank if the opportunity presents itself.

Hekaton VLS[edit]

Hekaton VLS with a Kin's Wrath Warhead

The Hekaton VLS (Verticle Launch System) is a missile weapon system used on the Leagues of Votann's Hekaton Land Fortress.

A first for 40k in the fact that is uses a VLS as its primary form of missile launch sequence. The Hekaton VLS can hit anything, anywhere due to the way it is constructed. The VLS is protected by a hatch which can be opened when primed for firing. Capable of housing seven missiles, the VLS can be equipped with either the haywire-causing single-shot Ancestor's Vengeance Warhead, a dozen infantry-shredding and frag-bursting Kin's Wrath Warhead or a few tank-busting armour-piercing Mountain Breaker Warhead.

On tabletop, this translates to a 36" missile launcher that can hit anywhere within its radius. For the Ancestor's Vengeance Warhead, it is a Heavy D6, S6, AP-2, D2 missile and could only be shot once per battle. The weapon can target units that are not visible due to its VLS nature, and when it hits a vehicle, that attack has a damage characteristic of 3 and an unmodified wound roll of 4+ if successfully wounding a target. On the other hand, the Kin's Wrath Warhead is a Heavy 2D6, S6, AP-2, D2 ATGM that creates a blast. Lastly, the Mountain Breaker Warhead is a Heavy 1, S10, AP-3, D6 tank buster of a weapon. So you have a missile launcher that can perforate light vehicles, MEQs, TEQs, tanks and superheavies. Nice.

Doomstorm Missile[edit]

Doomstorm Missile

If the Hellfury Cannon ain't doing much in coring a Titan a new asshole, than the Doomstorm Missile would sure do the trick.

The Squats saw the Doomstrike Missile Launcher and decided to one-up the Imperium with their own overly large and overcompensated fuck off missile. Doomstorm Missiles are a Squat weapon often found mounted in groups of 6 on the Cyclops War Machine. They feature plasma warheads, ideal for vaporizing large bodies of light infantry, vehicles, superheavies and fellow Titans.

These monsters are giant ICBMs meant to hit targets from the other end of the globe, meaning that the Cyclops don't even need to bother going up to face its adversary. Just get a map and shoot, because this thing is just one step closer to becoming an Exterminatus-grade weapon.

It really speaks volumes of Squat battle tactics when their principle anti-Titan vehicle still needs six hydrogen bombs on a ICBM to feel just a tad-bit secure. It also speaks volumes that the Squats thought it was a relatively good idea to place their city-destroying WMDs exposed to the elements rather than being safely enclosed. Seriously, one shot from a heavy stubber would decommission the entire missile.

It is unknown whether these missiles can be found in silos, but they sure as hell can be proven quite useful in void combat between starships. Currently, only the Cyclops is able to field these things.

Weapons of the Leagues of Votann/Squats
Ballistics: Autoch Pattern Bolt Pistol - Bolt Revolver
Ironhead Autopistol - Ironhead Bolt Pistol
Ironhead Stub Gun
Directed-Energy: EtaCarn Plasma Pistol - Ion Pistol
Las-Beam Cutter - Plasma Torch
Stone Burner - Volkanite Disintegrator
Incendiary: Hand Flamer
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Autoch Pattern Bolter - Bolt Shotgun - Ironhead Autogun
Ironhead Boltgun - L7 Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: EtaCarn Plasma Beamer - EtaCarn Plasma Gun
HYLas Auto Rifle - Ion Blaster
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Chthonian Mole Grenade Launcher - Grenade Launcher
Magna-Rail Rifle - Mole Mortar
Gravitational: Graviton Rifle
Combi-Weapons: Autoch Pattern Combi-Bolter
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Bolt Cannon - Exo-Armour Grenade Launcher
Ironhead Heavy Stubber - Magna-Coil Autocannon
Directed-Energy: HYLas Rotary Cannon - Ion Beamer - SP Conversion Beamer
Gravitational: Graviton Blast Cannon
Vehicle-mounted Weapons:
Ballistics: Hekaton VLS - MATR Autocannon
Sagitaur Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: Cyclic Ion Cannon - HYLas Beam Cannon
Ballistics: Doomsday Cannon - Goliath Mega-Cannon - Thunderer Cannon
Thunder-Fire Cannon
Super-Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Heavy Magna-Rail Cannon
Directed-Energy: SP Heavy Conversion Beamer
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Doomstorm Missile - Macrocannon - Torpedoes
Directed-Energy: Cutting Beam - Hellfury Cannon - Lance Weapon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons Concussion Weapons - Grav Close Combat Weapons
Force Weapons - Close Combat Plasma Weapons
Miscellaneous Weapons - Squat Power Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Gravitic Concussion Grenade


The Chaos Space Marines Havocs use a man-portable missile launcher just like the Imperial model (presumably left over from their loyalist days). Their Titans also have the same missile launchers available, although the Cyclone, Hunter-Killer, and Manticore missiles weren't developed until after the Horus Heresy, so they aren't available to the Chaos Space Marines. Apparently they couldn't steal some after they were invented, and none of the Chapters who turned traitor later brought any with them. Its just as likely that they have never gotten their hands on any substantial manufacturing complexes for them, meaning they have to use the limited Imperial Ordnance they do get from their looting and stolen factories in apocalypse battles. In dawn of war 2, the missiles launcher used by the plague marines puts slow effects on vehicles they hit, which is fantastic for ensnaring dangerous targets like avatar of Khaine, land raider or any METAL BOXES for your damage dealing units to catch up on them.

Hellfyre Missile Rack[edit]

Hellfyre Missile Rack

A weapon that is more of a laser light show than the actual laser light show.

The Thousand Sons' equivalent of the loyalist Cyclone Missile Launcher. The Hellfyre Missile Rack is a Missile Launcher system that is deployed on the Terminator Armour of the Scarab Occult Terminators of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion.

Hellfyre Missiles are compact but deadly warheads that explode with the power of the Warp, unleashing detonations of aetheric light. Don't ask us what type of light it unleashes; most definitely ain't the harmless pretty lights you see from light shows and more likely the atom-blasting radiation type of light you see from Neutron Stars.

Judging by the way it is set up, the Rubric Terminators only have a total of eight shots before being exhausted of ammunition. It looks like a pain in the ass to reload the entire weapons system, which would probably be why no one in their right minds would bother reloading such a weapon in the middle of the battlefield.

On tabletop, the Hellfyre Missile Rack is only available to Scarab Occult Terminators, 24" Heavy 2 S8 AP-2 Damage D3, it can now finally, finally, be fired in addition to the model's other weapons at the cost of 15 points.

Tl;dr, its a Chaos Cyclone Missile Launcher, you must be an idiot not to use it.

Havoc Launcher[edit]

Havoc Launcher

The Havoc Launcher is a small multiple missile pod that can be employed by Chaos vehicles (it was used on all Imperial vehicles during the Great Crusade and both sides of the Horus Heresy, though it's Chaos-only now). It functions by firing off a cluster of long-ranged explosive shells, perfect for dispatching clusters of small enemies - it's particularly effective against Orks, Dark Eldar, the Tyranids, Kroot, and the Imperial Guard. The weapon has the following profile:

Range: 48" | Strength: 5 | AP: 5 | Heavy 1, Blast, Twin-Linked

It can be thought of as a rough equivalent to the Imperial Hunter-Killer, as it is an upgrade easily applied to any vehicle for some extra firepower. But where the Hunter-Killer missile is a one-shot weapon meant to damage or kill a single, high-priority target, the Havoc Launcher is meant to handle clusters of infantry. The Havoc has the added advantage of being able to fire all damned game long. Be warned, though; Tau, 'Ard boyz, Necrons, Storm Troopers, and Space Marines can generally weather its offensive. That being said it's still a decent deterrent against light troops (Tyrablobs, Guard blobs, and Orks), and not a bad investment for the points. Also, once your Rhino has disgorged its angry Berserkers and been immobilised, your opponent tends to forget that it's a threat. This can result in the paralysed transport causing the final wound to a special snowflake Space Marine character when both armies in a 800pt annihilation game are otherwise exhausted, tabling the opponent.

Naval Missile Turret[edit]

Duo of Naval Missile Turrets

The largest missile launcher to date, at least when it comes to the boys in spikes. Chaos Warships are long-ranged combatants, especially when it comes to their Imperial counterparts; often depending on peppering their enemies before they get the chance to close in-range to counterfire.

In this case, their missile turrets perform their job as their equivalent of Macrocannons. In a rare stroke of common sense, which is one hell of a feat since this is Chaos we are dealing with here, these missile turrets are actually VLS (Vertical Launch System) which can be found in modern naval vessels in today's world. This makes them more compact and less vulnerable in being blown the fuck off by enemy fire and allows it to literally target and hit their enemies from anywhere.

This is true in-game as well, as these things cannot miss and will continue to pepper the target until its shields goes down or it goes boom. Sure it may not pack as much punch as a Torpedo, but at least this thing does not miss. It is equivalent to the Dark Eldar Scythe Missile Launcher and the Tau Gravitic Launcher in function.

These turrets come in light, medium and superheavy variants, although they all look the same.

Weapons of the Forces of Chaos
Ballistics: Autopistol - Bolt Pistol - Flintlock Pistol
Handbow - Inferno Bolt Pistol - Stub Gun
Directed-Energy: Plasma Pistol
Incendiary: Warpflame Pistol
Chemical: Alchem Pistol - Injector Pistol
Plaguespurter Gauntlet - Xyclos Needler
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Autogun - Blunderbuss - Bolter - Bow - Crossbow
Fatecaster Greatbow - Inferno Bolter - Musket
Pump-Action Shotgun - Sawn-Off Shotgun - Shotgun
Stub Rifle
Directed-Energy: Lasgun
Sonic: Sonic Blaster
Other: Net Gun
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Light Mortar - Sniper Rifle
Directed-Energy: Conversion Beamer - Meltagun - Plasma Gun
Incendiary: Flamer - Warpflamer
Chemical: Alchem Flamer - Bile Spewer - Plague Belcher
Sonic: Doom Siren - Sonic Shrieker
Combi-Weapons: Combi-Bolter
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Autocannon - Heavy Bolter - Heavy Stubber - Havoc Launcher
Reaper Autocannon - Reaper Chaincannon - Soulreaper Cannon
Hellfyre Missile Rack - Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
Directed-Energy: Æther-Fire Cannon - Lascannon - Plasma Cannon
Heavy Conversion Beamer
Incendiary: Heavy Flamer - Heavy Warpflamer
Chemical: Alchem Heavy Flamer - Death Cloud Projector
Plague Sprayer - Plague Spewer - Blight Launcher
Sonic: Blastmaster - Kakophoni
Daemon Weapons:
Ballistics: Kai Gun - Harvester Cannon - Butcher Cannon - Soul Burner Petard
Hades Autocannon - Hades Gatling Gun - Scorpion Cannon - Tower Gun
Skullreaper Cannon - Skullshredder Cannon Doomfire Cannon - Impaler
Kytan Gatling Cannon - Balemaw Cannon - Plague Catapult
Directed-Energy: Storm Laser - Ectoplasma Cannon - Magma Cutter
Incendiary: Baleflamer - Daemongore Cannon - Hellmaw Cannon - Warpfire Flame Cannon
Chemical: Plaguespitter - Heavy Blight Launcher - Pandemic Staff
Plagueburst Mortar - Rot Cannon - Bile Spurt
Sonic: Heartstring Lyre
Warpcraft: Beam of Power - Bolts of Change - Ether Lance - Mirror of Absorption
Other: Fleshmetal Guns - Mawcannon - Skull Hurler - Cauldron of Blood Cannon - Ichor Cannon
Gorestorm Cannon - Tormentor Cannon - Skull Cannon - Entropy Cannon - Excruciator Cannon
Ballistics: Avenger Chaincannon - Battle Cannon - Hurricane Bolter - Kratos Battlecannon
Demolisher Cannon - Accelerator Autocannon - Punisher Gatling Cannon
Directed-Energy: Daemonbreath Spear - Melta Blastgun - Single-Barrelled Turbo-Laser Destructor
Volkite Combustor - Volkite Cardanelle
Sonic: Dirge Caster
Gravitational: Graviton-Charge Cannon - Grav Flux Bombard
Ballistics: Apocalypse Missile Launcher - Doomstrike Missile Launcher
Ballistics: Gatling Blaster - Natrix Shock Lance
Ursus Claws - Vulcan Mega-Bolter
Directed-Energy: Conversion Beam Dissolutor - Extirpator Cannon - Double-Barrelled Turbo-Laser Destructor
Hellstorm Cannon - Laser Blaster - Laser Destructor - Melta Cannon - Plasma Annihilator
Plasma Blastgun - Plasma Destructor - Plasma Obliterator - Volcano Cannon
Vengeance Cannon
Incendiary: Inferno Gun
Chemical: Pus Cannon
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Macro Cannon - Naval Missile Turret - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Armageddon Gun - Lance Weapon
Warpcraft: Warp Cannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Chain Weapons - Power Weapons - Daemonic Close Combat Weapons - Arc Weapons
Tzaangor Blade Weapons - Basic Close Combat Weapons - Force Weapons - Close-Range Grav-Weapons
Grenades & Explosives: Frag Grenade - Blight Grenade - Krak Grenade - Melta Bomb - Phosphex Bomb


Eldar Missile Launcher[edit]

Eldar Missile Launcher

Unlike the ones used by the Imperium, Eldar missile launchers consist of several pods of small missiles, using a cluster of small projectiles instead of a single large one to deal damage. Of note is that the number of openings on the launcher does not reflect the number of missiles that it is capable of holding: each firing tube is connected to several smaller chambers, in which the missiles are held and fired from. In addition, the Eldar eschew fragmentation rounds in favour of an unstable plasma core round, which has a small degree more penetrative prowess.

On tabletop, it is a pretty flexible weapons choice that slams targets at a respectable 48" range with either a single Heavy S8 AP-2 D1d6 shot or a Heavy d6 S4 AP-1 blob evaporator. Compared to the standard Reaper Launcher, the Eldar Missile Launcher is slightly more expensive, with a higher potential against GEQ and heavies, but the Reaper Launcher does more consistent damage and is better against medium targets such as MEQs, TEQs, bikes, nobs, Primaris Marines, or Tyranid Warriors.

Reaper Launcher[edit]

Reaper Launcher

The Dark Reapers aspect warriors use a variation on the Eldar Missile Launcher: the Reaper Launcher. Firing a hail of small missiles over a very large distance, they can do considerable damage to Space Marines and all but the largest of Tyranid organisms. Exarchs of the Dark Reapers can use either a regular Eldar missile launcher or the Tempest Launcher: a modified Reaper Launcher that shoots its projectiles in an arc, bombarding a large area with lethal projectiles.

On tabletop, the Reaper Launchers hit at a solid S8 AP-2 flat D3, for your vehicle and monster killing needs, or can opt for one extra shot at S5 AP-2 flat D2 for taking out any pesky infantry attempting to tarpit your precious Dark Reapers.

Torrent Reaper Launcher[edit]

Torrent Reaper Launcher

A specialized variant of the normal Reaper Launcher. The Torrent Dark Reaper Launcher is a fucking Gatling missile launcher! The launcher makes use of a cylindrical drum for magazine-style loading of rapid-fire mini missiles. Increasing the ammo capacity of the standard reaper launcher significantly, but the added ammunition increases the weight of the weapon as well, despite the addition of anti-grav devices.

Unfortunately, as awesome as it sounds, GW has yet to implement this weapon into tabletop fully, FOR. SOME. REASON. Because as cool as it is to have your Space Elves wield a bunch of gatling missile launchers, the upper echelons of GW had conveniently forgotten that this thing even existed in the first place. Once again disappointing /tg/ with their gross incompetence.

Tempest Launcher[edit]

Tempest Launcher

A Tempest Launcher is an ancient form of Reaper Launcher utilized exclusively by Dark Reaper Exarchs. It looks like two Reaper Launchers duct taped together for twice the bang. These launchers fire clusters of small Reaper Missiles in an arc.

Whilst individually, they are weaker than standard Reaper Missiles, they have a significant area of effect to compensate for this. They are thus, able to affect a larger target area and be used in an indirect fire role or as a unconventional form of artillery.

As the case for most Eldar technology, the weapon is psychically activated, and its resonant Wraithbone construction is sensitive to the Eldar's innately psychic mind. Like the more common Reaper Launcher, the Tempest Launcher is linked to its targeter via the handle.

This creates a mind-link with the Dark Reaper's weapon, allowing the warrior to "see" out of the muzzle of the launcher. However, the skill of a Dark Reaper Exarch means that his skill would be on a whole new playing field.

On tabletop, it is one of the primary weapons for a Dark Reaper Exarch. Just pay 5 more points to trade in in your Reaper Launcher for a Heavy 2d6 S4 AP-2 D1 weapon that doesn't need LoS to help with clearing out blobs. It's going to average more hits than the Missile Launcher's anti-infantry mode, though you won't have any sort of S8 fire mode. Just remember it has a shorter range than the Reaper Launchers. If you are going MSU or Ynnari with your Reapers this should be your default choice to make up for the lost Dakka.

Phoenix Missile Launcher[edit]

Phoenix Missile Launcher

The Phoenix Missile Launcher is a type of Eldar Missile Launcher typically mounted on Phoenixes, Vampire Raiders and their variants. Used against ground targets, they are most notable for using plasma warheads which are rapidly discharged to saturate an area in expanding plasma explosions.

They are also quite small, especially when you factor in the size of the Phoenix, let alone the Vampire Raider. You would expect the Eldar would carry some gigantic missiles for their gigantic planes, but alas they got the one with the metaphorical short dick.

On tabletop, Phoenix Missiles are similar to starcannons with only D6 variable shots and flat 2 damage, so they're unreliable for big damage output but can trim a few enemy Terminators or Primaris marines from any squad.

Revenant Missile Launcher[edit]

Revenant Missile Launcher

The second biggest ground-based Eldar Missile Launcher.

The Revenant Missile Launcher also known as the Cloudburst Missile Launcher is a type of Eldar Missile Launcher mounted on Revenant Titans. This shoulder-mounted weapon is loaded with rapid-firing missiles armed with plasma warheads for close-range defense against enemy infantry.

Curiously, the missile launchers are situated on the side of the Titan's head, creating a rather cramp and awkward firing position. Or it could be a homage to the smaller Mandiblasters from the Striking Scorpions. Either way, the missile launcher is more of a self defense than anything else and no, the missiles do not home into targets like the ones the Mon'keigh use.

Due to this, not many people actually use the missile launcher as an offensive tool. So you ain't seeing too much missile spam here.

In 8th Edition, the Missile Launcher is an anti-aircraft weapon; 2d6, S8, AP-2, D1d3 that adds +1 to hit against units that fly.

Phantom Missile Launcher[edit]

Phantom Missile Launcher

The biggest ground-based Eldar Missile Launcher to date.

This is the Eldar's answer to the Imperium's Apocalypse Missile Launcher.

The Phantom Missile Launcher also known as the Voidstorm Missile Launcher are enormous Missile Launchers mounted on Eldar Phantom Titans and are the Revenant Missile Launcher's bigger brother. These missile launchers are used for close anti-personnel and anti-aircraft defense. It is assumed that the missile pod from the Titan's left shoulder fires the smaller anti-personnel warheads, whilst the larger one from the right shoulder fires the larger anti-aircraft warheads.

Like its little brother, the Phantom Missile Launchers are placed on the side of the Titan's head, specifically, besides its shoulders. Whilst it is a bit more reasonable than the Revenant version due to the sheer fact that it has more room. It is still a relatively awkward weapon to fire.

In 8th Edition, these Missile Launchers as its name implies, are both anti-infantry and anti-aircraft; 2d6, S8, AP-3, D1d3 that adds +1 to hit against units that fly.

Implosion Missile[edit]

Implosion Missile

Exclusive to the Voidraven Bomber, Implosion Missiles are Dark Eldar weapons carried by Voidraven Bombers due to their size. These missiles emit a field of molecular dissonance which instantly implodes its victim in upon themselves, leaving only a scorched silhouette. The Implosion Missile is highly suspected to be the weapons mounted on the missile launcher detachment for the Voidraven Bomber. Each Bomber could carry two under each wing for a grand total of four.

In 7th Edition, most Dark Eldar players with a Voidraven Bomber would usually toss on Implosion Missiles and grab popcorn as they watch Terminators weep bitter tears as the high strength and high AP would most guarantee a dead termie. Depending on the enemy, some might want to choose between either mixing up the Necrotoxin and Implosion Missiles or dedicating yourself to one.

In 8th Edition, it is a missile that is basically a D3 shots at S6 and AP-3.

Monoscythe Missile[edit]

Monoscythe Missile

The Monoscythe Missile is designed to release a wave of energy at head-height upon impact, decapitating nearby foes. One must wonder the effectiveness of the weapon when faced against creatures with literally no necks like the various assortments of Squigs and the occasional Krootox. The Monoscythe Missile is found on both the Voidraven Bomber and the Razorwing Jetfighter.

The Monoscythe Missile is a Assault D6, S6, 0 AP , 2 Damage. Nice for drowning a Bike Squad or TEQs in saves.

Necrotoxin Missile[edit]

Necrotoxin Missile

Filled with deadly neuropoisons, it fires shards of toxic shrapnel when it detonates, killing and pinning the enemy. This missile would definitely be useless against machines or the entirety of the Necron army. The Necrotoxin Missile is found on both the Voidraven Bomber and the Razorwing Jetfighter.

The Necrotoxin Missile is an Assault D6, Wounds on a 2+ (6+ for Vehicles). Your infantry hunting and character sniping choice, yes, that includes Necrons to the list despite being machines. Recent FAQ changed this to Assault 3D3. Still good pretty though.

Let’s be reasonable. It’s the Dark Eldar. Do you really think they don’t have a way to poison even freaking machines?

Shatterfield Missile[edit]

Shatterfield Missile

The Shatterfield Missile has two separate detonation chambers, first one sucks away all warmth, turning the foe into ice-like statues. The second one sends out a powerful force that blows the brittle enemy to pieces. The Shatterfield Missile is found on both the Voidraven Bomber and the Razorwing Jetfighter.

The Shatterfield Missile in 8th Edtion is an Assault D6, S7, -1 AP, 1 Damage weapon with Shred. Necrotoxin is overall a much more consistent weapon in terms of damage, but this has a nice niche in burying MEQ units in armor saves.

Scythe Missile Launcher[edit]

Trio of Scythe Missile Launchers

Otherwise known as the Scythe Missile Artillery. Scythe Missile Launchers are a type of Missile Launcher battery used by almost every single Dark Eldar spaceships. They come in the heavy and light classes.

As void weapons, Scythe Missile Launchers are among the largest missile launchers in the entire Eldar race period. These are rapid firing missile launchers are often used as the equivalent of a Macrocannon or Heavy Starcannon among the Fleets of Commorragh. Because of its ability to home and track down targets, they are used far more frequently than Heavy Starcannons which are rare in the Drukhari armoury and is more in line with their Craftworld cousins.

They are identified by their ovoid shape and are relatively small in comparison with the ship.

In Battlefleet Gothic Armada II, Scythe Missile Launchers has the highest crit chances out of any Macro-weapons. This makes them punch through shielding and armour on vessels much heavier than the ships that are currently using them

Weapons of the Eldar
Ballistics: Shuriken Pistol - Harlequin's Embrace - Harlequin's Kiss
Directed-Energy: Fusion Pistol - Mandiblaster
Sonic: Banshee Mask
Warpcraft: Neuro-Disruptor
Other: Neural Shredder
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Avenger Shuriken Catapult - Death Spinner - Gatekeepers Bastion
Reaper Launcher - Shuriken Catapult - Shuriken Rifle
Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack
Directed-Energy: Cloudsweeper - Fusion Gun - Lasblaster
Laser Lance - Prism Rifle - Ranger Long Rifle
Incendiary: Eldar Flamer
Exarch Weapons:
Ballistics: Spinneret Rifle - Tempest Launcher
Directed-Energy: Fire Pike - Hawk's Talon - Prism Blaster - Star Lance - Sunrifle
Incendiary: Dragon's Breath Flamer
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Eldar Missile Launcher - Pack Grenade Launcher - Mirage Launcher - Shadow Weaver
Shrieker Cannon - Shuriken Cannon - Torrent Reaper Launcher
Directed-Energy: Bright Lance - Scatter Laser - Starcannon
Haywire Cannon - Firestorm Scatter Laser
Sonic: Vibro Cannon
Warpcraft: Wraithcannon - D-Scythe
Vehicle Weapons:
Ballistics: Doom Weaver - Phoenix Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: Prism Cannon - Pulse Laser - Prismatic Cannon
Warpcraft: D-Cannon - D-Flail
Super Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Deathshroud Cannon - Phantom Missile Launcher
Revenant Missile Launcher - Void Spinner Array
Directed-Energy: Inferno Lance - Pulsar - Suncannon
Sonic: Sonic Lance
Warpcraft: Psychic Lance
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Naval Lascannon - Phantom Lance - Pulsar Lance
Shadow Lance - Heavy Starcannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Eldar Chain Weapons - Eldar Power Weapons
Eldar Force Weapons - Miscellaneous Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Plasma Grenade - Haywire Grenade - Hallucinogen Grenade
Weapons of the Dark Eldar
Ballistics: Splinter Pistol - Stinger Pistol - Terrorfex
Directed-Energy: Drukhari Blast Pistol - Fusion Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Shardcarbine - Shredder - Splinter Rifle
Directed-Energy: Blaster
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Tormentor Helm - Splinter Pods
Chemical: Destructor - Liquifier Gun
Warpcraft: Eyeburst - Tormentor
Other: Hexrifle - Ossefactor
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Phantasm Grenade Launcher - Splinter Cannon
Directed-Energy: Dark Lance - Haywire Blaster - Heat Lance
Vehicle Weapons:
Ballistics: Horrorfex - Implosion Missile - Cluster Caltrop Pod
Directed-Energy: Disintegrator Cannon - Monoscythe Missile - Pulse-Disintegrator
Storm Vortex Projector - Void Lance - Dark Scythe
Chemical: Necrotoxin Missile
Other: Shatterfield Missile - Spirit Vortex - Stinger Pod
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Scythe Missile Launcher - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Phantom Lance - Heavy Starcannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons Dark Eldar Combat Weapons - Dark Eldar Power Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Plasma Grenade - Haywire Grenade - Void Mine


The Tau also use missile launchers, albeit only on their battlesuits and vehicles -- Fire Warrior squads are instead given markerlights and are expected to designate targets for the vehicles to shoot at, rather than carry missiles themselves. This is because the hunter cadre is by doctrine suppose to be a highly mobile and elastic thing, it's why they don't use any crew served weapons the way the Imperial Guard does. As mobility is so highly valued missiles and other heavy weapons are attached to vehicles which are then tightly integrated with the infantry so as to work as one for the Greater Good. They are generally not as powerful as their Imperial equivalents, but they can be more accurate if their targets are illuminated by markerlights.

Airbursting Fragmentation Projector[edit]

Airbursting Fragmentation Projector

Less of a missile launcher and more of a Tau grenade launching ordnance.

The Airbursting Fragmentation Projector or Launcher is an experimental special issue Tau weapon currently undergoing field tests. It launches a a proximity-fused explosive projectile, launched on a trajectory computed by an on-board drone intelligence, that calculate the precise height and distance from the other munitions to provide maximum effect.

The munition is fired at a high angle and explodes directly above the target, negating the effects of any cover the foe might be using. The weapon has proved effective against swarms of Tyranids, including those with chameleonic properties. Another major advantage of the weapon is that it can be targeted on an enemy even if the user does not have a direct line of sight to it, due to it's indirect fire trajectory.

On tabletop it is a longer ranged Flamer that ignores line of sight but doesn't auto-hit, so not a flamer at all. Not bad. Unless you need to ignore the line of sight, such as on very terrain laden maps, the Burst Cannon outperforms this weapon.

Tl;dr Its a T'au mortar.

Missile Pod[edit]

Missile Pod

The vanilla Missile Pod.

A missile pod is a small rack of miniature missiles mounted on the arm or shoulder of a Battlesuit.

It is a relatively simple Tau multiple missile delivery system able to engage targets at long range. It isn't quite as strong or armor-piercing or long-ranged as an Imperial missile launcher (Example: it is not as powerful as an Imperial Krak warhead and lacking the damage radius of a Frag Missile), but it is an assault weapon, rather than a heavy weapon.

Despite being overall inferior to the Imperium's missile, Tau missiles instead combine the best attributes of both, and are capable of rapid fire to shred infantry, transports, skimmers, and other light vehicles with ease.

A Tau Missile Pod typically consists of a small silo of semi-intelligent missiles that are extremely effective against both heavy infantry and light vehicles.

High-Yield Missile Pod[edit]

High-Yield Missile Pod

The High-Yield Missile Pod is large rack of High Explosive Missiles mounted on the hands of XV-88 Broadside Battlesuit in place of the normal Heavy Rail Rifle. Similar in power and role to an Imperial Autocannon, a High-yield Missile Pod is essentially a larger and more rapidly-firing Missile Pod that consists of a silo of semi-intelligent missiles.

Designed as a Light Vehicle killer this thing fires double the normal amount of missiles compared to its lighter cousin and spells the end of any light vehicle caught in its range.

High-yield Missile Pods were developed during the Tau Empire’s Great War of Confederation after initial setbacks were encountered fighting the Ork menace, where the sheer mass of attacking Greenskin waves and the light nature of their vehicles meant that the Heavy Rail Rifle, although deadly, could not stem the overwhelming tide of attackers.

Smart Missile System[edit]

Smart Missile System

A Smart Missile System is a Tau missile launcher that fires self-propelled auto-tracking missiles. A smart missile system's munitions have even less strength, range, and armor-piercing ability than those of a missile pod, but they include advanced built-in target tracking and guidance systems.

The tracking system is provided by a Drone-level artificial intelligence which makes the projectile completely independent of the firing unit. This allows for the firer to engage targets that are outside their line-of-sight, hide behind the terrain and the missiles are not affected by fighting in low-light or nighttime conditions.

The operator must remain steady to designate a target, but can then unleash four missiles that will Robotech around obstacles on the way to their target allowing for multiple simultaneous and devastating offensive missile strikes.

On the tabletop the Smart Missile System is a heavy 4 pulse rifle that can hit targets out of LoS from the shooter. Most vehicles and most Tau players for that matter can take them in a pair of these things for double the firepower, which is great. They are especially great when those pesky Gue'la decide that hiding in cover or MEHTAL BAWKSES is a neat strategy.

Cluster Rocket System[edit]

Cluster Rocket System

Macross Missile Spam. On tabletop.

The Cluster Rocket System is a type of Tau weapon. Cluster Rocket Systems saturate the enemy with salvos of drone-guided warheads. Cluster Rocket Systems are most typically mounted on the KV128 Stormsurge Ballistic Suit.

These over grown missile pods replace the Suits arms and can vomit forth enough ordnance to threaten anything with T:5 or lower, with the ability to fire up to 4d6 attacks, a range of 48", so long as Lady Luck, and Admiral Awesome smile on you, this thing will earn back its points, and then some solely with amount of infantry it can annihilate. Crunch wise, the Cluster Rocket System fires a shitload of shots for smacking the shit out of tarpits within range. If you want to saturate a entire area in GEQ grinding rockets, this is the weapon for you.

Nexus Meteor Missile System[edit]

Nexus Meteor Missile System

The Nexus Missile System is a class of heavy Missile Launcher used by the Tau Empire.

When they mean meteor, I believe the Weebs really meant it as this thing hits like an asteroid. Sacrifices the amount of missile spam for precise, powerful explosions...like a Manticore.

Because the Cluster Rocket Pod wasn't producing a big enough boom. This thing can only be mounted on the KX-139 Ta'Unar Supremacy Suit, and boy does it show. A swarm killer of the highest order this weapon lays down one Apocalyptic Mega Blast Template that starts out as strong as a Railgun, and ends up as weak as a Pulse Rifle, with an explosion bright enough to blind anyone left standing.

These weapons are used for blob armies at long range where it can fire with relative safety from its own missile's blast radius. However, when things get too close, the Nexus Meteor Missile System is replaced with the Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher.

Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher[edit]

Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher

The Airbursting Fragmentation Projector on Bathsalts.

The Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher is a type of Tau heavy Battlesuit weapon. This massive array is mounted on the KX-139 Battlesuit series. This weapon is used when you just wanna launch so much grenades in the sky it starts to resemble more like an actual Steel Rain than the creator's namesake.

The Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher is used as a replacement for the Nexus Meteor Missile System in case the Supremacy Suit found itself a bit too surrounded by a bunch of mooks.

As such, the Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher is best used for close range defense and infantry target saturation whereas the Nexus Meteor Missile System is aimed at blob armies at a much further range.

On the tabletop, the weapon always comes buddy-buddy with the Heavy Rail Cannon, essentially the Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher is the same Airbursting Fragmentation Projector with the same Cluster Shells ability but with a much longer and wider range.

Seeker Missile[edit]

Seeker Missile

The seeker missile is the Tau Empire's primary indirect fire support weapon, equivalent to the Imperial hunter-killer missile. Prior to 6th edition, they could only be activated remotely by a markerlight, which they made up for by being BS5. The 6th edition Tau Empire codex made them able to be fired like normal weapons as well - without anyone else to give them markerlight rules, they are identical to hunter-killer missiles.

With markerlights it is a slightly different story. They can be remotely fired even if the vehicle carrying them would be unable to use them (because it has moved, or does not have line-of-sight to a target, for example). The Tau Empire realized that having a vehicle carry missiles but be unable to fire them itself would be silly, and so most vehicles dedicated to carrying seeker missiles, like the Skyray Missile Gunship, mount networked markerlights that allow them to designate targets themselves. Other largish Tau vehicles can mount a smaller number of seeker missiles purely for infantry anti-armor support.

Come Eighth edition, they are now heavy weapons that fire on a Six, regardless of the heavy weapons penalty. However, two marker lights on a target will allow you to use the firing model's BS as opposed to a six.

Destroyer Missile[edit]

Destroyer Missile

A Missile that will pierce the heavens!

Take a seeker missile, feed it steroids made of hate, and then give it something to destroy, there you've got a Destroyer Missile. These munitions are an advanced form of Seeker Missiles, piloted by advanced AI before being delivered with extreme precision. You can say it is the Tau equivalent of the infamous Deathstrike Missile Launcher, although not as obscene and not as table breaking ridiculous.

Mounted on the KV128 Stormsurge suit in sets of 4 these missiles normally act at S:8, AP1, but can be fired at S:D by spending a Markerlight Token.

In 8th edition, the Destroyer Missile has been changed to a single shot on a hit that do D3 mortal wounds. Basically becoming a Seeker missile with a foot of range lopped off, although it can still benefit from Markerlights.

Gravitic Launcher[edit]

Gravitic Launcher

A very interesting weapon.

Gravitic Launchers are a type of 'Missile Launcher' found only on the biggest Tau Warship. 'Missile Launcher' is in quotations because its firing mechanism is nothing more than an even larger railgun. While this should technically put it in the Gauss section, the reality is that this weapon only shoots out missiles, it's just that its firing mechanism follows the Railgun-mechanics which doesn't make it an actual bonafide Railgun.

Due to its unique technical makeup, the weapon consists of a two-stage launch system. First, mass drivers provide the initial burst of speed to launch the missile before the ship's gravitational field is pulsed to force the missile out at a tremendous speed. The missiles are drone controlled, giving them exceptional directional control making them highly dangerous weapons. So, in a way they’re a type of bolt weapon with magnetic and gravitic kicker instead of a chemical kick charge to get the ball rolling.

They are identified by the four-tubed looking things sandwiched between the bridge and launch bays on top of a Or'es El'leath-class Battleship. The ones on the Lar'shi'vre-class Cruiser resembles five holes on the prow of the ship.

Warsphere Missile Pod[edit]

Warsphere Missile Pod

Warsphere or Kroot Missile Pods are used in the aforementioned Warspheres. These Missile Pods are arranged in three on each second ring of the Warsphere and erected like a modern VLS system.

These missile pods are the ONLY weapons found on a Kroot Warsphere. Whilst the Kroots have six of these on their flying eggships, the Warsphere is actually underarmed for a vessel of such size. Due to this, Warspheres are always gonna be outgunned and outdakka'ed for even ships of a lesser class.

The only advantage these missile pods bring to the table is that, like the Gravitic Launcher, the missiles it fires are heat-seeking, turning the Missile Pod into a fire-and-forget weapon as it could independently target the nearest vessel. The missiles could also hit anywhere, giving the eggship zero blind spots against enemy counterattacks. It also hits hard, which each missile dealing a substantial damage to void shields and its equivalent. All in all, treat the Kroot Missile Pod like a complementary dish to the DISTRACTION CARNIFEX role of the Warspheres.

Weapons of the Tau Empire
Ballistics: Kroot Pistol
Directed-Energy: Pulse Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Kroot Scattergun - Kroot Rifle - Krootbow
Directed-Energy: Pulse Blaster - Pulse Carbine - Pulse Rifle
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Accelerator Bow - Kroot Bolt Thrower - Kroot Gun
Kroot Hunting Rifle - Londaxi Tribalest - Rail Rifle
Directed-Energy: Ion Rifle - Neutron Blaster
Other: Dvorgite Skinner
Ballistics: Airbursting Fragmentation Projector - Flechette Discharger - Heavy Rail Rifle - Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Burst Cannon - Cyclic Ion Blaster - Cyclic Ion Raker - Fusion Blaster - Fusion Cascade
Fusion Collider - Heavy Burst Cannon - Phased Ion Gun - Plasma Rifle
Incendiary: Tau Flamer
Heavy Battlesuit
Ballistics: Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher - High-Yield Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Heavy Burst Cannon - Ion Accelerator - Ionic Discharge Cannon
Long-Barrelled Burst Cannon - Pulse Submunitions Cannon
Pulse Submunitions Rifle
Incendiary: Phased Plasma Flamer
Ballistics: Railgun - Seeker Missile - Smart Missile System
Directed-Energy: Ion Cannon - Tau Plasma Cannon - Pulse Bomb Generator
Quad Ion Turret - Fusion Cannon
Ballistics: Cluster Rocket System - Destroyer Missile - Heavy Rail Cannon Array
Heavy Railgun - Nexus Meteor Missile System
Directed-Energy: Ar'Ka Cannon - Fusion Eradicator - Pulse Blastcannon
Pulse Driver Cannon - Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver
Tri-Axis Ion Cannon
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Torpedo - Starship Railgun - Heavy Starship Railgun
Gravitic Launcher - Warsphere Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Cutting Beam - Heavy Ion Cannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Bonding Knife - Equaliser - Honour Blade - Onager Gauntlet
Grenades & Explosives: EMP Grenade - Photon Grenade


Da boyz, dey like dem rokkits, 'cuz dey make some big 'splosions. When ya need ta crack open da humie metal boxes ta chop 'em to bits, get da Rokkit Launcha. Da Launcha got'z a button dat shoots rokkits at da gitz it iz pointed at. Even snots know dat. Some Boyz just carry da Rokkit Launcher like a Shoota, but da Meks dey put it on Trukks, Trakks, 'kopters... Like I wuz saying, da boyz dey like dem rokkits so da Meks put 'em errywhere!

Tankbustas, gitz ta really like ta krump' da 'umie (and panzee) 'Tanks', day also get da Tankhammer. Da Tankhammer, its just a buncha 'splosives on a stikk ta be used in melee like a choppa. Hit da humie wagon an' it goes bang.

Den dere'z dem Mekboyz dat muck about wit bigga n' blastier rokkits. Dey put Grotz in 'em ta guide da bomm. Humies call 'em "smart bomms". Any propa git knows deyze called Grot Bomms.

Pokkit Rokkit Launcha[edit]

Pokkit Rokkit Launcha

The Rokkit Launcha's baby brother.

A RPG in a literal can. Some mekboyz create smaller versions of Rokkit Launchas, known as Pokkit Rokkit Launchas. These versions are one handed, keeping user's other hand free. They fire one rokkit at a time, but are more accurate than the standard Rokkit Launchas due to its ease in handling and the smaller rokkit having a smaller and weaker back blast that normal rokkits are known to have.

Like its bigger brother, Ork Mekboys sometimes customize their Pokkit Rokkit Launchas with some unusual munitions, most of them fire simple Rokkits, the shorter-ranged Orkish variant of Krak Missiles. Ork Rokkits are crammed full of high explosives, and they tend to be unreliable, but usually are extremely effective. They are also very loud - a big plus for any self-respecting Ork warrior.

Rokkit Launcha[edit]

Rokkit Launcha

Basically a rocket on a stick. Rokkit Launchas probably spawned from an Ork's desire to make something explode, that wasn't within easy reach of a grenade. It is a massive, but very simple weapon - usually a stout stick with a simple trigger mechanism or a tubular launcher with as many rokkits as Orks can get a hold of. Rokkits can be loaded one at a time, or loaded automatically from a magazine if the weapon is a bit more complex.

Orks can use it on the move with no noticeable loss of accuracy, though that speaks more to how bad ork shooting is even when they are standing still then any notable trait of the weapon itself. Its simplicity makes it very easy to manufacture and it is a fairly common Ork special weapon. It is usually mounted on vehicles such as Warbuggyz or Killa Kans, but sometimes Ork Boyz equip themselves with Rokkit Launchas, that gives their mob the ability to shoot down armored vehicles. It is also a primary weapon of Ork Tankbustas. Due to its simplicity, it is often combined with a Shoota to make a Kombi-Weapon.

Rokkit Kannon[edit]

Rokkit Kannon

A rapid firing rocket launcher.

The Rokkit Kannon is one of the two primary weapons of the land-bound fighter-jet known as the Megatrakk Scrapjet (The other primary weapon being a twin-linked Big Shoota). This front-mounted Rokkit Kannon is belt-fed with multiple rokkits to ensure that the target is blown to scrap. There is also several normal Rokkits on the Scrapjet's fins, but nobody cares for that when your a supersized Browning Machine gun that fires RPG rounds rather than .50 cal.

Crunchwise, the Rokkit Kannon is an Assault 2D3 weapon that is S8, AP-2 and D3, quite good a blowing apart MEQs and even TEQs on a regular basis. Not too shabby considering its modest range of 24" (Which in itself, is considered a non-issue due to how fast the Scrapjet is).

Skorcha Missile[edit]

Skorcha Missile

Some Orks like to set their enemies alight without the risk of going too close. Some Orks like to bombard their enemies from the sky. Some Orks like to do both and proceed to bombard the enemies from the sky and setting them alight from a distance.

The Skorcha Missile is a variant of Ork Rokkit, that are mounted only on the Ork Burna-Bommers. These "fire and fergit" rokkits corkscrew wildly toward their target before exploding in great balls of flame.

They are the Ork's equivalent to the Imperium's Rocket Pods but in a more burny fashion.



Rokkits so big that not even a Tankbustas with their Rokkit Launcha can fire it.

Supa-Rokkits are enormous versions of simple Ork rokkits, that are sometimes mounted on Stompas, Fighta-Bommers, Heavy Bommers or Battle Fortresses. These Rokkits have enough strength to turn a Leman Russ inside out.

Most often than not, a Supa-Rokkit is often seen accompanying a Deth Kannon upon an Ork Stompa. These are seen to soften up any heavy enemy armour before the Deth Kannon can unleash its load on them.

Of course it has just as much chance of it spiralling out of control and hitting the vehicle it has been fired from or prematurely exploding within said vehicle. Turning your prized Stompa in a blazing wreck.

Grot Bomms[edit]

Grot Bomms

An Orkified Ohka.

More of a guided missile than a bomb. Some Gretchins like to go out in a bang.

Grot Bombs/Bomms are Ork guided missiles, piloted by a single Gretchin. That makes it a very accurate weapon, especially for Orks. The Gretchin sacrifices himself to drive the missile to its target, but whether this is a punishment or reward is unknown. It is possible that Ork Mekboyz do not make the Gretchin pilots fully aware of their ultimate fate. They can be mounted on Trakks, Fighta-Bommers, Heavy Bommers or Battle Fortresses. However, its most identifiable users are the Grot Bomm Launcha and the Grot Bommer.

Current Grot Bomms come in two distinct flavors. The ones launched from a Bomm Launcha is shaped like a conventional missile, whereas the one dropped by a Grot Bommer is well...shaped like a gravity bomb. From a design standpoint, it makes sense. The Bomm Launcha is a ground vehicle, therefore, to maximize distance and lift, the Grot Bomm needs to be aerodynamic. On the other hand, the Grot Bommer need not to worry about distance, as it is already flying at high altitudes. Rather, the Grot Bomms is designed for a stabilized free-fall, turning it more akin to a guided bomb than a missile.

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Pulsa Rokkit[edit]

Pulsa Rokkit

The Pulsa Rokkit is an enormous Ork Rokkit, that contains a large and unstable force field generator. It is a special version of Kustom Force Field, mounted on a rocket and launched into enemy ranks. The generator is modified into a special version called a Pulsa and detaches from the rocket and slowly descends (hopefully) to the ground.

The Pulsa launches waves of energy in all directions like a stone on a pond, which sends troops into disarray as they are thrown around and vehicles flip over. Most of the time the Pulsa will burn out after one massive pulse, however on some occasions it can continue to fire.

The crew doesn't need to be able to see where the rocket is going, ultimately as long as it lands somewhere in the area of the enemy is fine. Foot soldiers are knocked over and sometimes pinned to the ground, heavy weapons on mounts are often flipped over and their crews knocked down, dreadnoughts are sometimes knocked over or even have their legs destroyed, bikes and vehicles are spun round and flipped over and some terrain is even demolished, especially walls.

Krooz Missiles[edit]

Krooz Missiles

The biggest Ork missile to grace the surface and should be more appropriated to be mounted on an Ork Voidship.

Krooz Missiles are the biggest Ork missiles, enormous in size and power. These are mounted exclusively on Ork Mega-Gargants and their destructive potential can be considered a threat to even the infallible Emperor Titans of the Imperium.

Considered as the Ork's answer to the Imperium's Doomstrike or even Hellfire Missile Launcher, these snub-nosed missiles are basically nuclear warheads in all but name. However like its smaller kin, the Krooz Missile is not that reliable and have a chance of it spiraling out of control and hitting the Mega-Gargant it has been fired from or prematurely exploding within said Mega-Gargant.

They also kind of look like a Looney Tunes rocket, but it's from Epic, so all is (mostly) forgiven.

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Guardian Salvo Launcher[edit]

Guardian Salvo Launcher

The secondary weapon found only on the Guardian Drones. The Guardian Salvo Launcher is a quad-barrelled quasi-missile launching system used by the Guardian Drones to deal with multiple enemies.

Guardian Drones usually come in a pair of these things for octuple the fun.

Crunchwise, it is what you expect. These Salvo Launchers are meant to soften up the enemy/enemies before going in for the kill with its Destroyer Pulse. They are good against lightly-armored units as it is a Heavy D6 weapon with a good 24" range. Its solid S5, AP-3 and D1 stats allow the Guardian Drone to handily deal with the annoying pests that would like to flank it.

It is best used in conjunction with the Destroyer Pulse., which is a weapon suited for tough, armored opponents.