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A compass made of four arrows in a circle of ivy
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Amaranthine
Portfolio Wind, Freedom, Exploration, Hunting, Archery, Travel, Storytelling, Rapptors
Domains Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Hunters, Travelers, Sailors, Explorers, Bards
Favoured Weapon Bow and Spear

Reya the Explorer is one of the five Amaranthine lifted to immortality from the first birdfolk of Humblewood by the creators Ardea and Tyton. Elemental goddess-spirit of the wind, she is regarded as the patron spirit of the Raptor race, as their race was reputedly recreated in her image after she won her immortality by telling the story of how she had won a cloak of clouds after being unwittingly challenged to a series of races by the wind itself, which she had almost won.


Reyah is depicted as a great she-hawk wrapped in a cloak of swirling clouds and wielding a longbow in her talons.


Seek out unknown horizons. Your skills can take you anywhere if properly harnessed.

Official Lore[edit]

The wind is free, streaming unimpeded across land and sea. Reya embodies this freedom. Her spirit glides through trees, over mountains, and out to the four corners of the world. She is the Amaranthine of exploration; her holy symbol forms a compass. Free-spirited folk who feel an insatiable urge to wander and roam the lands have been touched by her winds.

Reya is a skilled hunter, credited with the invention of the bow, a gift she passed down to the birdfolk. She is also honored for her skills in navigating wild country and surviving off the land. Travelers undertaking long journeys pray to be blessed by a portion of her talents, to assist them in the perilous wilderness. Reya watches over those who embark on daring expeditions, protecting travelers and presenting them with challenges to make their journey all the more memorable.

Reya is worshiped by hunters, travelers, sailors, and explorers. She is revered by wandering bards, who carry their journeys home in the form of songs and tales.

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