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Aliases The Queen of Faerie
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Greater Goddess
Pantheon Archfey
Portfolio Fey, Nature, Whimsy, Magic
Domains (Speculative) 3E: Glamour, Fey, Charm, Beguilement, Illusion
5E: Arcana, Beauty, Life
Home Plane Plane of Faerie
Worshippers Fey, Druids, Enchanters, Witches
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night is the Goddess of the Fey in Dungeons & Dragons, one of several abortive attempts to create such a deity during the days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. She appeared in Dragon Magazine #155, as part of the article "The Folk of the Faerie Kingdom", and basically vanished into obscurity after that. She is not served by traditional priests, but instead by a Variant Class introduced in that same article; the Druid of Rhiannon. In fact, so little information on Rhannon exists that her entire article, sans stats, is basically reprinted here.

Rhiannon always appears as an indescribably beautiful elven creature with a pair of gossamer wings. She is adorned with wreaths of holly and floral garnishings, and her most striking feature is her long, flowing hair, which changes color with the seasons: yellow in spring, brown in summer, red in fall, and white in winter. About her flitter a number of songbirds whose chirpings have a calming effect on all beings, making even the most hostile or evil creature passive and docile when within 20' of the Faerie Queen.

Rhiannon is also attended by a host of faerie creatures, including: 2-8 faerie dragons, 2-12 korred guards, and 3-18 sylph messengers (all with maximum hit points). No fairy or normal animal will harm her, nor is she affected by any sort of force found in nature (fire, electricity, etc.). At will, she can summon or control weather. She may also summon 1-4 of any sort of faeries to aid her if she desires.

Rhiannon occasionally leaves her realm to hold court in sylvan forests where many of her "children" dwell. During these visits, it is a rarity that any but faeries attend, although she has been known to favor a single of her high-level druids with an audience at such gatherings. The Faerie Queen greatly resents uninvited visitors to these events, and the usual fate of intruders who tarry and observe is to be turned to trees, animals, or faeries at her discretion (a save vs. spells at -6 is allowed, unless faced on her own plane). She does, however, appear to show great latitude toward maidens who are pure of heart who seek her out. On rare occasions when she is successfully found by a mortal there is a 5% chance that the maiden is granted a wish if she pleases the Queen of Faerie with a song or vivid tale of her adventures while seeking her out. It is this favor toward good-aligned maidens that permits some Druids of Rhiannon (who are all female) to be of Good alignment.

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