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Ribbon is a young elven girl almost always seen with her floating salamander, Rage . They've appeared in a number of comics and are primarily known for their ability to tap into a bottomless reservoir of rage amongst /tg/'s denizens, and their only redeeming value is that many on /tg/ finds them either hilariously ironic, cute, or some combination of the above. She would be improved in every way by being a Touhou.

/tg/ Explained[edit]

The first set of 6 comics had Ribbon and Rage as the hosts of a show where various parts of /tg/ would be explained. As it became increasingly clear that neither Ribbon nor Rage had any actual knowledge on how /tg/ worked, as well as neither of them actually possessing a sense of humor, the show was canceled after a failed call-to-arms.

The show included an explanation on trolling, an interview with Cultist-Chan, an explanation of touhou, a tongue-in-cheek explanation of their unpopularity, a 3e vs. 4e discussion, and an attempt to explain why /tg/ sucks.

After Explained[edit]

After being fired as a host, Ribbon tries to find new ways to make ends meet. She endures daily trials brought on by the fact that she lacks any sort of skill and isn't all that bright.

She reflects upon the past, attempts to become /tg/'s mascot, tries buying and selling on ebay, has a lonely game of D&D, finds the ultimate occupation, and has a run in with the law.


Cestree, the Succubus

Cestree, a succubus who loves traditional games, was introduced as a new character. Upon seeing her, Rage felt that Ribbon was now unnecessary, and banished her.

Cestree is in danger of being demoted to a sloth demon, and needs to inspire sexual thoughts in people in order to remain a succubus. This comes as a bit of a challenge, as she is far too innocent to actively attempt to inspire lewd thoughts. Luckily, her natural attributes do the majority of the work for her.

While Cestree and Rage tell jokes, ignore trolls, and rescue young girls from gelatinous cubes, Ribbon flees from hordes of trolls in some sort of hell. After managing to escape, Ribbon reconciles with the rest.

Back into Hell/Ribbon's Inferno[edit]

Once the group is back together, they soon discover the horrors of tournament modules. After this, Ribbon purchases a box of pills and goes ahead and swallows a fair amount of them. This results in her death, and once again she finds herself trying to get out of Hell.

She first finds herself in a forest overlooking the first level of Hell, guided by a mysterious voice. She finds her way out blocked by three dwarfs, and discovers that the only other path is through Hell itself. After journeying past the denizens of the first layer, Ribbon reaches the second and meets Pardyu, Cestree's mother and the source of the mysterious voice. With her aid, Ribbon trains in order to survive on the next layer.

While Ribbon trains, Cestree and Rage play games and battle trolls and liches.

Through her training, Ribbon is affected by the endless 80's ballads she is forced to endure, maturing her willpower and tempering her disposition. Eventually, Pardyu decides that Ribbon is strong enough to survive on the third layer, but Ribbon is disappointed to find out that it doesn't take any real effort to get past the lethargic guardians that reside there. Her true enemy turns out to be the layer itself, which manages to corrupt her into an obese form. Using the power of expensive miniature paints, she breaks the spell, heads into a city upon the layer, and discovers Cestree casually shopping.

After a tearful reunion and a battle against the Lord of the Third Layer, Ribbon returns home to find out that she has been given another chance to relaunch /tg/ Explains.

/tg/ Explained Returns[edit]

Ribbon and Rage Return

Ribbon and Rage return to explaining the nature of traditional games, beginning with why dice may seem unreliable.

Traditional Games Explained[edit]

Ribbon Gallery[edit]

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Cestree Gallery[edit]

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