Ride to Live

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

Light cycling's no easy job, mate. I don't pretend I'm Evel Kewhatsisname, but you gotta be either really good or really crazy to make it cycling.

Me? I'm just crazy good.

One time, for instance, I was attached to a group heading out to the ruins of coolminiornot.com. Moot only knows why the webmaster wanted us out there, but away we went like good little scripts. Anyway, the team leader takes a group of three in while my partner and I set up a perimeter. Now, the tricky part about setting up a cycle fence is that you can't shut down the bike, or the trail'll dissolve. And as long as the bike's on, you can't stop moving. So both cyclers have to be constantly moving in opposite directions to keep a consistent barrier up. Lotta rookies bite it on their first fence duty, but after a while it gets to be pretty routine.

Anyway, few minutes later the boss comes running out, carrying whatever macguffin he'd gone in for wrapped in a stealth program, and screaming about cybers.

Well, me and Treadjack - that was my partner for the mission - cut our engines and whip around to get between him and the entrance. Suddenly there's a whole swarm of cybers coming at us out of the tunnel. Treadjack starts on a box around the whole group, while I head in and maze them. Yep, weaved in and out of the whole group, then rode the side of my own trail out just before Treadjack closed the box. Not one of those buggers made it out of that maze.

What did they get out? Hell if I know. I got two solid gigs of Suicide Girls and a trail extender for that run, what do I care?