Rill Cleverthrush

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Rill Cleverthrush
Rill Cleverthrush holy symbol.jpg
Gemstones Overlaying Interlocking Gears
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Gnome
Portfolio Invention, Creation, Sky
Domains 3E: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel
5E: Knowledge
Home Plane Golden Hills
Worshippers Gnomes, Thinkers, Inventors, Sky-gazers, Gemcutters, Artificers, Wizards
Favoured Weapon Longsword

Rill Cleverthrush is the Gnome God of Inventions and Machinery from the cosmology of Dungeons & Dragons. Taking the form of an elderly, bespectacled gnome clutching Rill's Ruby, an enormous and possibly enchanted gem that bears a facet for each living gnome, he is the epitome of the absent-minded artisan and is thusly forever busy in his workshop, be it polishing a newly cut gem or putting the finishing touches on a "living statue" to be given to a worthy mortal.

Rill's faith is fairly small; he's not much of one for proselytizing. He rarely has temples constructed to his name, and doesn't really want them; a simple shrine in the corner of a gnome's workshop suffices for Rill. Likewise, he's not much for religious rites; that's detracting from time that could be spent working on more interesting things. Still, his followers do sporadically gather to bless something worthy - typically a newly cut gem of prodigious size, or at least a newly made invention or magical item.

The wisdom of this gnomish god are contained in a sacred book titled Rill's Instructions to the Faithful, which typically words his beliefs as natural laws or step-by-step instructions. The core of his beliefs is simple: "One part praying, two parts thinking". As a consequence, his clerics tend to be widely educated in Knowledge, Profession and Craft-related skills.

Despite this, adventuring clerics of Rill are surprisingly common. If it’s a rare gem, Rill wants it, and he’ll order his clerics to procure it. Rill is also fascinated with the strange devices of bygone ages, and he sends adventurers across the world to find the missing parts of ancient clockwork machines.

Rill's Herald is a 42 Hit Dice Greater Stone Golem with full sapience. His allies are formians (taskmasters and myrmarchs) and Huge-sized Air elementals.

Publication History[edit]

Rill Cleverthrush is one of the four gnome deities added to the Lords of the Golden Hills in the Races of Stone splatbook for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition. Precisely why they were invented will perhaps forever remain a mystery. Rill may be the most superfluous of the "fourth generation" gnomish deities, as his role of God of Inventions was already filled by the admittedly obscure god Nebelun.

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