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Not to be confused with the Tyranid bio-form the Ripper.

Rippers is a Screampunk setting for the Savage Worlds system, pioneered by Pinnacle Entertainment. Players take the role of Rippers; Victorian monster hunters battling against all the collective forces of evil, most prominently in the form of the Cabal - a loose organization of assorted monsters and evil entities united behind the leadership of Jack the Ripper, a fallen monster hunter, and several other famous Gothic Horror villains. Making matters worse, the Rippers' prime weapon in their hunt is Rippertech - Victorian biopunk augmentation created by grafting portions of monster bodily tissues and fluids into a human host... a process that could very well damn its bearers to Hell...

There are three games in the Rippers setting; two roleplaying games in two different "eras" of the Rippers timeline, and a miniature wargame set in the first era.

Two Eras of Horror[edit]

Rippers is divided into two editions, representing different points in metachronology.

The first era is The Horror Wars. This period is covered by the original Rippers RPG game and by the miniature game "Rippers: The Horror Wars". During this time period, the Cabal is in its full power and the Rippers are fighting a desperate, arguably losing battle to hold off the forces of darkness.

The second era is The New Dawn. This period is covered by the "Rippers Resurrected" RPG game. This time period takes place towards the end of the Victorian era, after the sundering of the Cabal by the deaths of its primary leaders; Jack the Ripper and Count Dracula. This has shattered the once-united monster factions of the world, and the Rippers are slowly sliding into obsolescence and decline with few active threats to test their might against.