Rising Sons

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Rising Sons
Rising Sons Chapter Symbol.png
Battle Cry Banzai!
Number Unknown
Founding 8th Founding
Successors of White Scars
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Mifune Toshiro
Primarch Jaghatai Khan
Homeworld Sub-sector Yamato
Strength Unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black, Blue and Gold
The current livery of the chapter.

The Rising Sons are a Space Marine chapter from the Eastern Fringe, an area bordering the Tau Empire. While a redoubtably proud, steadfast and loyal chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the culture they had adopted from their home worlds in the Yamato sub-sector would be their downfall. Unfairly cast aside by Inquisitor Octavianus due to the chapter's decision to try and pre-emptively destroy the Necron of the Eight Tombs before they could fully awaken; a brash choice that cost the lives of countless brave space marines. Believing this to be an obvious sign of weakness, as well as blaming the entire chapter for the fall of seven of its marines over two centuries before, the overzealous Inquisitor stripped the chapter of its rights, its home and dispatched them on a century-long penitent crusade into the Tiji Sector, which had suffered a string of attacks by both Orks and Tyranids of the newly discovered Hive Fleet Nidhoggr. Now the chapter sails towards their new home for the next hundred years, ready to give their lives in the fight to not only redeem themselves in the eyes of the Imperium, but to also restore their own honour.

Fluffy bits[edit]


Divine Favour[edit]

In the mid 41st millennium, a terrible Ork Waaagh! descended upon the sector which the Yamato sub-sector is a part of, devastating much of the sector and crippling its economy. The inefficient bureaucracy of the Administratum delayed any deployment to aide the planetary defense forces forced to face the green tide. This vulgar display of power attracted the attention of various other Ork warbands, causing the already massive Waaagh! to swell to unfathomable size. No Imperial force seemed to be capable of hindering it even slightly. At last, the Waaagh! made it to Sub-sector Yamato, where Battlefleet Yamato and the Rising Sons navy clashed with the Waaagh!'s vanguard fleet. Casualties on both sides were massive, but they were ultimately ordered by the Shogun to fall back to Sekai to make their final stand. Just as the Orkish fleet cast its terrible shadow over the surface of Sekai, a warp storm erupted and destroyed the entire main fleet! The Waaagh! was dealt a fatal blow by this freak warp storm and soon dissolved into scattered warbands to be cleaned up in the aftermath. The denizens of Sub-sector Yamato saw this warp storm as proof of the Emperor's favor towards them.

The Akechi Betrayal[edit]

In 882M41, Oda Company was deployed to a shrine world to combat invading Chaos forces. It was on this planet that Oda Company sergeant Akechi Mitsuhide and six other Rising Sons were corrupted by Chaos and defected. With their new allies, Akechi's "Traitorous Seven" ambushed Oda Company and dealt heavy casualties. In a climactic battle against Oda Nobunaga, Oda Company's Daimyo, Akechi inflicted a mortal wound upon him. Although the ambush was ultimately a failure, the Traitorous Seven escaped and likely fled the planet. Oda Nobunaga was encased in a dreadnought and Oda Hideyoshi took his place as Daimyo of Oda Company. The instance of corruption within Oda Company dealt a heavy blow to their honor and earned them varying levels of suspicion among their peers. As such, they are occasionally known as the Dishonored Company, ever-vigilant for any information regarding the whereabouts of the Traitorous Seven, so that they may take their revenge and reclaim their honor.

Sub-sector Yamato[edit]

Small, by sub-sector standards, Sub-sector Yamato is governed by the Rising Sons and is located in the Ultima Segmentum, bordering the Eastern Fringe. It hosts a number of closely grouped star systems. Notable planets are as follows:

Capital of Sub-sector Yamato.
Medieval tech level.
Classic Sengoku age Japan on a worldwide scale.
A densely populated feudal world, where warring clans forever battle for honor and prestige. The Shogun resides here at the planetary capitol. The Rising Sons will often send representatives to view especially important battles and scout for potential space marines.
Heavily industrialized, not hive or forge world, however.
Produces most of the chapters wargear.
All major areas are controlled by the Forge-Clans.
Every 4 years, the various Forges "Bid" for the honor of producing the chapter's wargear through a period of intense conflict between them. The forge that captures the most territory is deemed to have constructed the best quality equipment and is thus awarded the contract. Techmarines are usually from here.
Shrine world.
The spiritual home of the chapter.
Home to several cults that interpret the Emperor in different ways.
Warfare is usually considered a "Holy War". Guns are frowned upon by some sects and embraced by others. To avoid undue damage to the shrines and temples, the wars generally consist of duels between champions or take place far away from the cities. The sites of the major battles tend to result in the foundation of a new shrine on that spot by the winning side, with the usual end being that the losing side's temple falls to pieces and eventually returns to being part of the landscape. This results in an eternal cycle of shrines being built and falling to pieces.
Tojo (Destroyed)
Primary Source of Ashigaru regiments.
A highly militaristic world, Tojo was home to the fatalistic Ashigaru Imperial Guard regiments that often accompanied the Rising Sons. They were renowned for their uncannily high morale and willingness to utilize suicide tactics at a moment’s notice. Bayonet charges into heavy fire were practically a trademark of the Ashigaru. The pilots within Battlefleet Yamato are also known to display this fatalistic attribute, often loading their small fighters with explosives and intentionally plunging them into enemy battleships. Tojo was destroyed by a Necron attack, the ancient warriors wiping out all organic life on the planet. Soon after, the world was declared exterminatus and destroyed at the order of Inquisitor Octavianus, fearful that the Necron could use the dead planet as a staging point for further attacks on the Yamato sub-sector.
Feral Death World.
Primary Recruiting world of the Rising Sons.
It spends much of its time eclipsed by another planet, causing it to have long periods of twilight and nighttime. Every couple of months, the planet slips out of eclipse and is blasted by harsh heat from the sun. The human population often seeks shelter in the planet's vast and thick forests, but the during this period, forest fires are also frequent. During the eclipse period, the human population is constantly on the run and hiding from Tengu's variety of dangerous creatures. To survive, Tenguese learn to be extremely adept at stealth and hunting. Many of the Rising Sons' ninja scouts are recruited from here, as well as Ashigaru Stormtroopers, known as the Tengu.

Interestingly, a Yamato system already exists in canon fluff, as mentioned by the Black Library short story collection 'Fear the Alien', in which the Iron Inferno story takes place on the planet Izanagi in the Yamato system which eventually falls to an Ork Waaagh! (With no sign of space marine intervention of any kind whatsoever.) How this enormous GW BITCHSMACK will affect the current Rising Sons fluff, only time can tell.


  1. "Tokugawa" Company, The Chapter Master's personal Company.
  2. "Oda" Company, led by Takashi 'One-Eye' Kuma. A giant of a man who favours the war-axe.
  3. "Toyotomi" Company, led by Musashi Hanzo. Currently understrength after suffering heavy losses fighting Necrons of the Eight Tombs.
  4. "Chosokabe" Company, led by Burakumin Kano. A humble but brilliant tactician.
  5. "Hojo" Company, led by Kirin Jigoro. A notedly arrogant, but absolutely brilliant tactician.
  6. "Azai" Company, led by Kojiro Kuga. The greatest duelist in the Chapter.
  7. "Date" Company, badly mauled. This company's Assault squads focus on Bike tactics more than others. Currently without a captain.
  8. "Uesugi" Company, badly mauled. Currently without a captain.
  9. "Takeda" Company, badly mauled. Currently without a captain.
  10. "Hattori" Company, Veterans who opted to shed both their honor and power armor for stealth and guile in scout carapace. Led by Ishida Ryuga.

Each company's mon is displayed somewhere on the space marine, usually the knee, helmet or back banner. Each daimyô relinquishes his old surname upon reaching this rank, replacing it with his company's name. Some, but not all space marines will do the same to display their loyalty to the company. These names and mon derive from actual historical clans of Sengoku Japan, which just so happen to coincide with the clans of the Sons' home sector.

The Three Birds[edit]

In keeping with the ancient proverb attributed to the three chief Daimyo of Sengoku period Japan, the first three companies of the Rising Sons form their battle tactics around a simple phrase. Oda Company's strategy could best be described as "If the bird will not sing, kill it," reflecting their penchant for relying on overwhelming force and lightning strikes to obliterate their foes. Toyotomi Company's strategy falls under "If the bird does not sing, entice it," reflecting their preference for hammer and anvil tactics: appearing to leave a section of defense open to be exploited, only to have the enemy struck from behind when they take the bait. Finally, Tokugawa Company's strategy revolves around the phrase "If the bird will not sing, wait it out (endure it)." Containing the most honored veterans, who commonly deploy in Terminator armor, Tokugawa excels in take-and-hold missions and defensive tactics, wearing their opponents down through unbreakable fortification and defense.


Title pertaining to the Chapter Master himself.
The Rising Sons' version of the Company Captain rank.
Special designation granted to the captain of the 10th Company.
Special designation for all sergeants in the 10th Company.
The heraldic clan sigils that also act as the mark for each of the chapter's ten companies.
The special style of backbanners employed by the Rising Sons.
The name used by the tech-priests of the chapter for the machine spirits.
Designation for Imperial Guard Units and PDF serving alongside the chapter.
The name taken by the local Orders of the Sororitas, who worship the Kami as the physical manifestation of the Emperor projected all through the galaxy.
Servitors, altered to appeal to Yamato aesthetics, often have their bionic enhancements hidden beneath elaborate robes known as kimono. (lolRoboGeisha)
"Space Marine" in the Low Gothic dialects native to the Yamato Sector. Adopted by the Rising Sons to refer to their Marines. (Fellow Samurai instead of fellow Battle-Brother)

Crunchy bits[edit]

Chapter History 
8th Founding
Chapter Progenitor 
White Scars
Chapter Purpose 
Chapter Demeanor 
Uphold The Honor Of The Emperor
Stat Bonuses 
+5 Toughness, +5 Willpower
Gene-Seed Purity 
New Generation
Chapter Flaw 
Pride in the Colors
Unique Organization
Combat Doctrine 
Close Combat
Special Equipment 
Japan-themed close-combat weapons (wakizashi instead of combat knife, katana-pattern two-handed powerswords, etc)
Chapter Belief 
Honor the Ancestors.
Chapter Founding Father 
Chapter Strength 
Over Strength
Chapter Homeworld 
Medieval, Temperate
Chapter Rule 
Chapter Friendship
Imperial Guard, local "Ashigaru" regiments
Chapter Enemy
Necrons (Warriors of the Eight Tombs)
Chapter Battlecry 

Advancement Table: Strength of Arms[edit]

  • Acrobatics 100 XP
    • Acrobatics +10 100 XP
      • Acrobatics +20 100 XP
  • Investigation 100 XP
    • Investigation +10 100 XP
      • Investigation +20 100 XP
  • Blademaster 300 XP
  • Combat Master 300 XP
  • Flesh Render 400 XP
  • Furious Assault 400 XP

Solo & Squad Mode Abilities[edit]

Personal Challenge 
As per Storm Warden’s Thunder’s Call
Squad Mode Attack Stance 
Storm of Hell
Squad Mode Defensive Stance 
Only in Death…

Chapter Trappings[edit]

Chapter Curse[edit]

As per Imperial Fists’ Death before Dishonor



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