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A very new Black Library writer, unlike most writers he's very active in the fanbase mostly on his tumblr[1], including how things work behind the scene (as he's not high enough to get in trouble) and his projects, both current and upcoming. Not Henry Zou.

He is staunchly anti-Tau and gave the Carcharodons some much needed love in some of his recent books "Red Tithe" and "The Reaping Time". This gives him the self proclaimed and well deserved title of Black Library's resident "shark guy". (Of the two nicknames listed, this is the one he would likely recognize)

He also trolls people about what he may or may not know

He wants this page to be more glorious, like him.

He recently wrote the novelization for Dawn of War III, which arguably gives a better DoW III experience than the game itself, though that isn't saying much. Given the game's performance so far, the same could be said even if a certain someone else had written the novelization.

Another notable tidbit is that he unironicly supports the theory that Guilliman is in fact Alpharius/Omegon/an alpha legion triplet we never knew about. To be taken with a grain of salt for sure, as with all things alpha legion related, but it would explain a lot about Guilliman's return, the plot armor of the smurfs and the inability for any force to really make a dent on legion numbers despite no real known recruiting process.