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He still looks like a fag awesome.

Ronahn (AKA 'Ronny' as Gorgutz likes to call him) is an Eldar Ranger in Dawn of War II. He was originally from Craftworld Ulthwé, but eventually came to the service of Alaitoc; of course, he feels no real allegiance to them and will probably leave once he feels like it.

Spoiler alert: he's Taldeer's twin brother. He was severely depressed about his sister's death, which was only deepened by the death of his Exodite mentor Nemerian and Idranel's failure. He believed that, in Idranel's case in particular, the cause was cocksure arrogance that psychic visions are 100% accurate. As such, he lost faith in his Craftworld and grew prejudiced and cynical towards psykers. Also, his father was a huge dick and didn't care about his daughter's death, while his sister Macha the Ever-Virgin just threw a party over it... We may have slipped into /tg/ fanon there for a minute.

Anyway, during the Eldar campaign, he is continuously skeptical of Veldoran and Elenwe's prophecies. He also thinks Kayleth is a bitch, mostly because she is she calls him an ignorant, loud-mouthed complainer, though they do agree on issues sometimes. However, when it's revealed that Kyras had orchestrated his sister's slow demise, he drops the emo shit and turns on vengeful-brother mode. Working with Kayleth's forces, he succeeds in destroying Kyras and retrieving his sister's soul stone (which, luckily, survived in Kyras' possession). He immediately leaves to return Taldeer's soul stone to Ulthwé's Infinity Circuit...only to be ambushed by Autarch Kyre, who stole it in order to milk Taldeer for her knowledge about the Acheron prophecy. He's forced to work for Kyre for a time as his spymaster, but he and Macha later team up in order to end his mad ambitions.\


Not just content with being the most sensible character in the Eldar campaign, Ronahn also takes the title of best hero unit in the Eldar campaign period. He's everything you ever needed wrapped into one gloriously depressed space elf. Taking his damage path to the end gives him the ability to spam Kinetic Pulse like no tomorrow, as well as giving Kinetic Pulse the ability to deal massive damage to infantry units (as in, will insta-kill at least one unit in a squad, which is a big deal against squads with few members, like most heavy weapons squads) in addition to it's base ability to knockback and suppress not only the targeted unit but all units in a short radius around it as well, giving him ridiculous crowd control ability. With a few upgrades further, he can do this while infiltrated and without revealing himself, as well as making infiltration cost no energy to sustain. By the time he reaches level 10, he can shroud all units around him in invisibility as well. Combine this all with the fact that his long rifle kills garrisoned infantry without the need for grenades, and you've got a unit that can essentially do it all. Garrison-clearing, single-target damage, crowd control, and group-wide invisibility.

Wargear only increases the sheer level of destruction this man can cause. One piece in particular gives him and all units around him increased energy and health regeneration, essentially giving him even more capability to spam Kinetic Pulse. Take this, in additon to Haywire Grenades, and nothing is safe. Garrison? Just right click. Vehicles? Cloak and haywire. Heavy Weapons Squads? Kinetic Pulse. Melee units charging you? Kinetic Pulse. Any infantry unit ever? Kinetic Pulse. To sum up, Ronahn basically makes any and all infantry units a non-threat, and with a few, easy to get items can be equipped to deal with other threats as well.

Taldeer is dead....Meh, like we care[edit]

Ronahn hurried towards the main chamber of the spire. He needed to confront his father over the dreadful turn of events. How could this have happened?, Ronahn thought as he raced towards the chambers massive doors. Ronahn wanted to believe that this was not be happening; he wanted to believe that this was nothing but a dream. In truth, this was a painful reality: Taldeer was dead. As he approached the door, it mystically opened just inches away from his fingertips as if the room itself was waiting for his arrival. Inside sat his esteemed father, Eldrad Ulthran, resting comfortably on his throne and reading his own memoirs of his past cleverness. Ronahn restrained his emotions, and approached his father with as much haste as courtly manners allowed. Eldrad ignored him, until the moment Ronahn was about to speak then Eldrad raised a single finger to motion Ronahn to be silent. For a moment that felt like an entire day, Ronahn stood still. Eldrad, who still hadn't raised his eyes from his memoirs, gestured his hand for Ronahn to speak.

"Father", Ronahn started, "as your power of farsight is greater than any known farseer, you are obviously aware of... a certain tragedy." Eldrad made no motion to acknowledge that he heard what was said, and Ronahn waited even longer, weeks passing by in his maelstrom of emotion. Finally, Eldrad spoke.

"No." Just that one word, without emotion.

This confused Ronahn, enough that he forgot his manners and challenged: "No, father?"

Eldrad, finally lifting his eyes and looking at his son, tossed the writ to the floor at his feet. "Of course not", Eldrad spat. "You know very well this is the time when I meditate, go to warp and play chess with the guys. It always ends in a tie, " Eldrad sneered, "and I can't let Tzeentch, the Deceiver, the Emperor or Cegorach get the better of me by allowing myself to be interrupted, now can I? Don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question." Eldrad folded his hands before him, in a mockery of an student's posture before a teacher. "If, however, you have news for me instead of wasting my time with vague questions, I'm all ears".

Ronahn hesitated, then announced "Father; Taldeer, my sister... she is dead."

A few moments of chilly silence followed. When Ronahn said nothing else, Eldrad quipped "Oh, well can't be helped, what's done is done." Ronahn was visibly shocked by his father's apathetic response. It should have been unsurprising, for someone familiar with Eldrad's history of self-involvement and callous machinations. "Father!", Ronahn exclaimed , "how could you be so cold when this is the death of your own flesh and blood?"

Eldrad snorted and replied, "My flesh and blood does not guarantee the results will not be a complete idiot. If she was so cocksure in the accuracy of her farsight that she did not anticipate things not going just according to keikaku, then she deserves the reward for the absence of her planning."

Ronahn's shock with his father's callousness overwhelmed his restraint. Boiling with anger, he shouted, "You complete and utter dick!!!" Eldrad received this retribution with the first show of emotion since Ronahn entered the chamber: "why, thank you for the compliment; I do try my best," he said with smug satisfaction. Ronahn, speechless with anger and contempt, stormed out of the chamber. In his temper, he failed to notice Macha and Caerys waiting outside until he nearly bumped into them.

"Ronahn!", Macha exclaimed, bubbling with excitement. "Have you heard the news of Kronus campaign?" Ronahn's disgust rose in his throat. He knew Macha would be delighted to hear of Taldeer's demise. He knew Caerys was the same, and the satisfaction on her face confirmed his low expectations. "Yes, dear sister", Ronahn grunted, regaining his restraint by flexing his hands at his sides. "You are not the least distressed regarding our sibling's death, are you?" Macha, in a transparent feigning of compassion, cooed, "Oh my dear brother, of course I'm upset..." After a dramatic pause, she continued: "I'm upset I didn't get to see that bitch die!" Macha and Caerys laughed at this great wit, and gave each other a high five. They skipped merrily around Ronahn and into Eldrad's chamber.

Ronahn stood still in the hallway, stunned that his own family and best friend cared so little about his sister's death. His disgust climbed high enough to leave a burning taste in his mouth. He would never see his sister again. Who was at fault? His uncaring family? The apathy of Caerys? Did he not do enough himself? After mulling these thoughts over, he came to the conclusion that blame laid at the feet of the person he entrusted with Taldeer's safety. Surely, the Vindicare assassin was to blame for failing to protect Taldeer. Ronahn's heart burned with the fires of hate -- fires that could only be extinguished with the bitter-sweet blood of vengeance. With that certainty, he swore an oath:

"I swear, by the bloody hand of Khaela Mensha Khaine, I will see that bastard pay WITH HIS LIFE!"

Kyras lays down the motherfucking LAW[edit]

Slaanesh wishes that ANY of his/her/it's champions could talk down to the Eldar so well.

Eliphas is good too, despite being an Undivided Lord who leans towards Khorne. GIVE MY REGARDS TO SLAANESH, ELDAR!


  • He's one sexy beast, though not as sexy as Spike Spiegel. They both share the same school of stealth-and-snipery-and-complaining.
  • He actually had the balls to say "Slaanesh" (for the Eldar, this is like saying "Voldemort" out loud!).
  • Previously disliked the relationship between his sister and the vindicare assassin. But now that Taldeer's dead he doesn't dislike the latter anymore...HE FUCKING DESPISES THAT SON OF A BITCH FOR FAILING TO PROTECT HIS TWIN SISTER !!! OH SHIT, RONAHNS A RAGING HURRICANE OF VENGEANCE !!!!
  • We don't know what he thinks of his Half-Eldar Niece Lofn, but presumably he has a soft spot for her buried somewhere in him.
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