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The definition of practical jewelry, a Rosarius is a small amulet, design-wise often in keeping with the Imperium's eagle and skull fetish, that acts as both a symbol of authority for high ranking members of the Ecclesiarchy, and personal defence, as it projects a conversion field that converts would be lethal blows into flashy light shows. That last point is particularly important as it was used by The Universe's Most Evilly Named Man, Goge Vandire, to trick the Brides of the Emperor into believing that he was protected by divine intervention, sparking that whole Reign of Blood thing, oops.

As the Imperium is an insular cliquey clusterfuck of a bureaucratic organisation where no-one can play nice with one another, the incredibly useful Rosarius is hoarded by the Ecclesiarchy and only given out to those they deem zealous enough. So the next time you're sitting around wishing your squishy 'umie could have an invulnerable save, you know who to blame.

Notable Users[edit]