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Rovagug the Rough Beast
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Destruction, Disaster, Wrath
Domains Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Weather, War
Home Plane The Dead Vault
Worshippers Assorted monsters, savages and nihilists
Favoured Weapon Greataxe

Rovagug is the one deity who is at the heart of the Pathfinder campaign setting in the most literal sense. Originally said to be a qlippoth who ascended to godhood and was so pissed off that he chewed his way clean through the Abyss and, once he was free, decided he was going to fuck up the Material Planes next. Needless to say, his coming-out party was not well received by the other gods. In fact virtually every other god put aside the shit they were doing at the time and joined forces to attempt to stop this new rampaging, all-consuming threat to all of their hard work. Over a dozen gods took part in the operation to stop Rovagug, including some unlikely suspects, but not all of them survived. Ultimately, because he was such a bad dude, the Rough Beast was not defeated, but was eternally imprisoned inside of the planet Golarion itself in a cozy little demiplane jail known as the Dead Vault. It is because of this that the name Golarion is said to translate to "The Cage." That Golarion is missing in Starfinder has a lot of implications.

However, like everything else in Pathfinder -where shit's fucked and pretty much only gettin' worse- the prison itself seems to be an imperfect one and is likely weakening, since spells and favors are once more being granted to those mad enough to consider themselves an adherent of the Great Destroyer. Although it's holding (for now) it occasionally weakens long enough every few hundred years for Rovagug to release a powerful spawn out onto the world to roflstomp as much of creation as possible. This is said to be the origin of Pathfinder's Tarrasque.

Needless to say, Rovagug has a strained relationship with every other god. But he especially hates that bitch Sarenrae, blaming her chiefly for his current predicament, and the feeling is mutual. The one exception is Shelyn, who is literally loved by all beings... and even then, he expresses that love through a desire to put her in his eye, and let her watch as he devours and despoils all things.

Rovagug's followers are likewise cast out and despised by any civil society, so most who would worship the Unmaker are either monsters -especially ropers- or tribes of violent monstrous humanoids, chiefly orcs and some troglodytes and gnolls. Any humans that would follow the way of the Rough Beast would surely be anarchists or have a chip on their shoulder about civilization and seek to see it unmade through violence instead of slow decay or subversion.

The core gods of Golarion
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Erastil - Iomedae - Torag Sarenrae - Shelyn Cayden Cailean - Desna
Neutral Aroden
Abadar - Irori
Gozreh - Nethys - Pharasma Calistria - Gorum
Evil Asmodeus - Zon-Kuthon Norgorber - Urgathoa Lamashtu - Rovagug