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"Rubyrubyrubay aahahahaa" -Kaiser Chiefs

Ruby Quest is a Quest game completed by a tripfag named Weaver. What initially began as a confusing puzzle romp has swiftly become a descent into madness not unlike the best Call of Cthulhu game you have ever been in, but twice as fucked up. One of RQ's main side effects, aside from a few new memes, is the generation of fan art. Unbelievably vast quantities of it. I mean seriously, we've got pictures of fan-pairings of the hypothetical children of a couple who, in canon, may have barely even met each other.

The Ruby Quest logo.
How most people find out about Ruby Quest.

This article has been split into various other articles due to its large size: Ruby Quest Characters, Ruby Quest Summary and Ruby Quest Theories.


  • Author: Weaver;
  • Length: 31 threads;
  • Running Time: From December of 2008 until March 2009;
  • Status: Finished;
  • Categories: Mindfuck; mystery; suspense; violence.
  • Original Art: Yes;


The archives of the game can be found:

The side story John Quest can be found here, in case you're feeling too lazy to check the first link on the list above.

How It's Played[edit]

Much like other early quests, Ruby Quest players would write suggestions, and the ones considered relevant by the Quest Master would be used to make the story move forward.


See Ruby Quest Characters for descriptions and fanart of each character. Ruby is the player-controlled protagonist of the adventure, and her companion Tom is controllable much of the time as well. The cast has grown to over a dozen characters throughout the course of the story.

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The Ruby Quest summary.

It is highly recommended that you read the actual threads instead of the summaries. All of the content in this section contains spoilers. You have been warned.

To see all the summaries, read about the setting and verify the timeline of the story, check the Ruby Quest Summary page.

Speculation and Theories[edit]

See the page Ruby Quest Theories.

Side Story: JOHN QUEST[edit]

The story of Tom's Twin Brother John, as told by Weaver. Was apparently written as a mere distraction.

Summary of the side story.

John was at his computer an office. Eh was carrying a Wepon, ID, and CANDYBAR. He Read the Note:

- ♠

Then John killed the Water Cooler and got the Orb of Infinite Psych, but he could not leave the room because he did not have the right Axis Card. He tried to open the door with his Wepon so he could go to the Cafiteria, but he had no Wepon. He pushed the Butan and the AC turned off. Tom I mean John read the AC. IT WAS BORING, so he threw his chair out the Windoh, but the Windoh ate the chair!

John tried to throw Self through Windoh, but he was too big! He looked through the window, and saw Ruby! He used the ORB OF INFINITE PSYCH to try to contact her! But her forehead only glowed with power, and nothing happened. He shouted some obscenities into the intercom, ate the intercom, put his shoe on his head, looked at the motivational poster, and then ate the poster too. Then John's Co-orker OPAL came in.

He thought about inviting her to dinner, and then thought about eating her. He decided to multitask, and ate her for dinner. Then he punched Gamera, and PROJEKTEIL VOMMITS the rabbit at the window. His funny DIJESTIVE JUICES made her a little strange though. Almost exactly like the Hound Zombie. Then he used his AXIS CARD to go out the door and go to the BATHROM, but he was too short to reach the handle! He tries to climb his desk, but botches the climb roll. His DENSEITY is so grate he falls through the FLOOR!

He lands in a WIERD PLACE, and follows a LIGHT to the EDNING! We missed a point, god damn.

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Additional Information[edit]

If you want to discuss the game with others, there is an IRC discussion available on the channel, room #RubyQuest. You can also check out more artfaggotry at Deviantart. Finally, there's a TVTropes article.


This is a gallery for group shots and action scenes. See Ruby Quest Characters for fan art of individual characters and Ruby Quest Summary for images related to certain parts of the story.

PROMOTIONS-small.png This section contains PROMOTIONS! Don't say we didn't warn you.

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