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A teaser pic of all the characters going to be in Ruby Quest, by Weaver himself.
The characters of Ruby Quest.
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A complete list of all the characters in Ruby Quest. They may appear furry, but it is uncertain whether this is just so Weaver can differentiate them from each other quickly, or as a tip off to their Animal Crossing namesakes. It is likely for both reasons.

Contrary to what some people may say, no one's age has ever been mentioned. Ever.

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Ruby is the main character of Ruby Quest. Her thoughts consist of the scrambled suggestions of the /tg/ community, and as such, she is both incredibly brilliant and surprisingly stupid. However, her psyche is starting to be strained as the world around her gets stranger and stranger. Ruby is known for having a GIRLISH FIGURE, but is flat as a board, and has unattractively long feet. She also has a third eye.

Ruby is actually quite a good fighter, and uses a Hook like no one's business. Ruby is also well versed with both scalpels and her bare hands, leading us to believe she had a much more eventful life than we would otherwise have guessed.

According to Filbert, Ruby died and returned to life, as have Stitches and Tom. Videos and notes she found show that Ruby also used to have violent fits, just like everybody else in the facility, thanks to the unholy treatment she received. During those fits, she murdered Stitches with a giant fan (remembering that she "hadn't meant to"), sliced open Red's cheeks, and killed Tom while they were making out. Her relationship with Tom had been fairly ambiguous for most of the story. It was strongly implied in the recording that the two used to be romantically involved, spending some time kissing right before she killed him. While Tom's feelings for her were quite clearly in the open, how Ruby felt of him was much more vague, all the way until the end, when she kissed him before leaving, making it quite clear that she did love him after all.

There is some controversy over whether or not Ruby is left-handed or ambidextrous. Most fights she uses her left, but she also punched Filbert with her right. However, this may have been because she wrapped the glove with her dominant left hand, and it was a right-handed glove. However, whether or not she is left handed only matters for the shapeshifter theory,and is otherwise mostly irrelevant.

Because she is effectively our character, Ruby has been described as the PC to Weaver's DM. This makes the game very engaging, and it has become quite popular as a result. The largest implication of this is that /tg/ is now a herbivorous bunny girl. No one has yet objected to this.

Ruby has over 9000 fanarts.


Tom is Ruby's only friend in this place. He is a gentleman, strong and silent, but more than willing to offer information and suggestions about things he knows. He was initially detached towards Ruby, but after the two have repeatedly saved each others' lives, it seems he has grown quite a liking towards her. Unfortunately, circumstances have put a bit of a gap between Tom and Ruby - a gap born of caution and fear.

He is well known for his MANLY PHYSIQUE, and is needed for most anything that requires strength to accomplish. Tom has a second pair of TINY ARMS sprouting from his stomach. Over the course of the adventure, he loses his right eye, and Ruby once unintentionally poisoned him with fish. She brought him the antidote and apologized, but still almost killed the poor guy. (Not that he would have died anyway...)

Tom clearly has feelings for Ruby. He kissed her early on after being inspired by Ruby's constant hugs, though Ruby found this a bit awkward at the time. However, after finding a note in his own handwriting warning him not to trust "7" (Ruby), and later viewing a video where Ruby murdered him in cold blood while they were making out, he freaked out, temporarily separating from Ruby. After rejoining later, he appears to have regained his trust by the end of the story, kissing Ruby before attempting to sacrifice himself so that she could escape the facility.

During the end cutscene, Tom discards an unread note which reveals that the character he and Ruby had thought to be Subject 6 was actually Subject 5, "Tom." As far as we know, this means that neither Tom or Ruby know Tom's real identity. Tom MAY still be his true name, as there were two Toms in Animal Crossing--the raccoon Tom Nook and Tom the cat).

Look at all of this Tom fanart.


Daisy or the "Hound Zombie" was also referred to as the Hook Zombie, the Plant Zombie, and the Bellsprout, based on her monstrous appearance until her real name was revealed. This horrible creature came through a broken mirror, and was killed with the power of Ruby's mean left hook, the purple vat of acid, and an electrical panel. Cries of "HOLY SHIT ARE WE WINNING?" echoed throughout all off /tg/ that day. The end boss of Part 2.

It was originally thought that the Hound Zombie was "Maddie", Subject 2, whom Filbert had put down on the 8th (that douche). However, in the final part there was a note found which revealed that the Hound was Daisy, Subject 8, and that "Maddie" had never been reanimated.

The very final scene of RQ reveals that Daisy survived after all, showing her waking up in a coffin in mirror of the first scene of Ruby Quest. Or maybe she didn't survive and the final scene takes place before Ruby Quest. DAISY QUEST COMMENCE!

Just how much fanart do you need anyway?


Red is was a creepy motherfucker. He carries a cane with him, and is not too fond of personal questions. He was a former employee of the facility but was detained in locker #6. He is convinced that he is not trapped like the others, and that he is where he is entirely by his own choice. He has a very morbid sense of humor.

When we first met Red, he was veritably insane. He did not like answering questions, but was otherwise quite helpful. Well, Red also threatened to eat Ruby. Repeatedly. And then laughed about it. After he helped her find Stitches behind the tarp, he vanished for a while. After laughing at his former patient's mutilated body, of course.

When we next saw him, he was still as helpful as ever, but refused to show himself. Oh, and he smashed the camera monitors so Ruby couldn't use them. And he had to floss his teeth with a shovel and leave behind a bomb for Ace, destroying two of the rooms that we probably needed to go through in order to progress through the story. What a dick.

Later evidence has found that he was a researcher for the Metal Glen, and he was the one who discovered/suggested the miracle treatment that made everyone all mutant-y. (He refused treatment, but Filbert started drugging his food. We assume from the cereal box in his room that he figured it out at some point, but the question of whether or not he did so quickly enough to stay "clean".) He apparently cared for his patients, and ended up killing Ruby after she murdered Stitches and injured Red himself. She got better though, and judging by Red's smile, he got better too.

Holy shit will this ever end?


Stitches is a creature that was once a bear, and when first encountered was a pile of horrible organs and a spine. Except for his face and his left arm, he was nothing but gelatinous blood. With the help of Tom, he was temporarily decapitated using the Z-Hatch.

Stitches was later encountered nailed to the wall behind the blue tarp in the dummy room. He looked to have been haphazardly stitched back together, and it is here we gave him the nickname "Stitches." For some reason, it turns out that was his real name too. Weird. At this point, Stitches had no discernible animal features, and was still alive in spite of his appearance. After grabbing Ruby by the wrist and whispering her name, he sent her to a dream world, where impossible things may happen that the world has never seen before.

He disappeared but reappeared in part 5 when he met Ruby in a closet. He seemed confused and upset upon hearing Ruby's name, screeching "How do I know you?" before staring at his clawed hands and running off, afraid of hurting Ruby.

He reappeared again in Part 8 after Ruby and Tom got the fleshy growth. Due to an excellent team maneuver by us, he was stuffed in one of the lockers with the group picture and tranq'd to hell and back.

As of the final part of the quest, he was last seen jumping Ace in order to allow Tom to escape in addition to Ruby and Jay. The result of this conflict remains unknown, though it's likely to be a case of 'the cycle continues' for all concerned.

The answer is a resounding no.


Ace is was probably still is a bird thing who worked as an orderly at the facility. For a time he was incorrectly referred to as "spade," due to the shirt he occasionally wears and how he signs his name. We have found many documents referencing him and/or added on to by him, but it appears Ace is not a medical professional, as none of the official notes have been signed by him. According to information gained from the various notes, Filbert, and Monitorhead, we can assume Ace was both janitor and security, but is now outside of anyone's control.

Ace is frightening at the level of Pyramid head. Phenomenally tough, he has survived a bomb exploding, didn't flinch when stabbed in the leg with a crowbar, and walked away from a fatal stab wound to the gut. He is a hulking figure, and stronger than Ruby and Tom by far - when we attempted to escape through the narrow Z-Hatch, he began to rip through the steel to chase us. (The hatch was later repaired by unknown means.) The last time we ran into him, Ace chased us with a harpoon and by all appearances was trying to kill us. He disappeared for a while when the fetus trap stabbed him, but then he popped out of a locker in cold storage and revealed himself to be a HORRIBLE WORM CONGLOMERATION.

It is likely that Ace is a less powerful (but still terrifyingly strong) physical manifestation of part of 'Cjopaze', the supposed Lovecraftian abomination that has caused some of the whole Metal Glen craziness. This would explain his strength, strange facial features that fit with cosmic horror mythos, and the disorienting nature of his room. It would also explain why he refuses to listen to Bella, or anyone else for that matter, and seems to wish to kill everyone: Cjopaze, for whatever reason, wishes for the perpetual suffering of anyone inside the Metal Glen.

We discovered the key in Ace's room, which was bare of anything but a large bed, which is where we found the Spade Key. The Spade Key unlocked the Spade Lock, and we were able to see the horrors of number 6. Ruby remembers Ace as the figure that put her back into her locker.

But this is about Ace, not him. Enjoy and rage at the fanart.

Clearly, there's a lot to rage about here.


Called "Monitorface" before her name was revealed, Bella is the figure that appeared occasionally on large monitors scattered through the facility. Ruby and Tom finally met her in the Entrance Lobby. She is a mouse hooked up to a large life support device, which she said keeps her alive. She is the only one in the facility free of the engineered disease. She appears helpful and has been willing to answer all questions she could, but seems to be very limited in what she can do for us as she is unwilling or unable to go against her orders. She says she has seen Ruby three times before in previous iterations of her escape attempts, and demands that Ruby and Tom kill her this time.

More goddamn art.


Signed as "F" on medical notes, Filbert is the head doctor of the facility. He claims to be the only one uninfected, but evidence to the contrary proves otherwise. He seems to be delusional and/or paranoid. He is missing his right hand, and appears to be haggard and worn. He is actually willing to speak and knows important information, unlike most others we have met. However, he seems to be very selfish, and is looking out for himself first and foremost. His hand shows visible mutations after Ruby flees his room, and shortly thereafter he appeared on the intercom with mutations now visible in his face. Our latest encounter with him has shown him to have become a hulking mutant freak.

Turns out he also purposefully had Ace put down The Hound, Daisy, to see what happened when she came back. Also he cut the bad out of something. And it turns out he's not clean at all, he is very, very dirty. Bastard.

He was defeated by Tom in battle, despite his monstrous mutation that gave him a rather intimidating tentacle arm, an extra mouth, and teeth stronger than steel (Tom slashed open Filbert's stomach with a scalpel wielded by one of his extra arms while clashing weapons with his primary hands, then tranquilized him). After being ignored for a while, Filbert attempted to stop Tom again when Tom was heading for the exit of the facility, but this time Tom ripped Filbert apart with his bare hands.

Oh my god more fucking images save me.

Dr. S[edit]

A former staff member referred to only in a note we found. Speculated to be the owner of the goat head we found in a cabinet--the S possibly stands for "Sven"--though it is also possible that he could be Doctor Shrunk.


"Subject 6" was a patient referred to in medical reports as being locked in Upper Lab B for "unpredictable and dangerous" behavior. Ace was supposed to be the only one with access to speak to him.

When Ruby and Tom entered Upper Lab B, they encountered an emaciated raccoon/tanuki with no legs, bony points instead of hands, and empty eye sockets, hooked up to a massive biogrowth filling the room. He appears very unstable, and insists to Ruby that he is "Tom," the "love of your life." He also appears to believe that Ruby is someone named "Lucy." He gives Ruby the key to Filbert's office, and requests that she bring him a pair of scissors. He later appears in a crawlspace with a manic grin, wondering where those scissors are. His growth appears to extend throughout the facility, but he also appears to be terrified of Ace, cowering when he hears Ace coming.

At the ending cutscene we found out that he's the REAL Subject #5, and the "Tom" mentioned as being such. Weaver confirmed that the raccoon/tanuki character was Tom Nook; the cat we thought was "Tom" was actually Subject #6, real name unknown.


The last character had no images. I can't believe it.


Referred to only by Nook's ravings, Weaver confirmed in a Q&A session that Lucy was Subject #3. Following the AC-naming trend, this would imply that Lucy is a pig. It is not known whether she escaped the facility already, has died, or remains in the facility still.


A bird Ruby found curled up in the corner of two different rooms, sobbing and shrouded in darkness. As a result, he was popularly known as "Emobird" before his name was revealed. When she and Tom tried to get his attention, they were enveloped within a disorienting shroud of darkness.

Later, Ruby and Tom find him trapped in the cold storage room, pierced by hooks in the water filtration system. Presumably, that means he is the source of the blood in the water. He pleads for death, but Ruby and Tom instead free him from Ace's clutches, carrying him out of the facility as they escape. We found out from Tom that his name is Jay.

Since Weaver confirmed that the unseen "Lucy" was Subject #3, by process of elimination, Jay would be Subject #4.

We're reaching the unpopular characters now, uh oh.

The Dummy[edit]

The Dummy, is a leather-bound scarecrow on a rotating pivot that stares at us no matter where we are. It is found in Ruby's Room, which was named the Dummy Room because of him. We have tried to open it repeatedly, but the leather of its skin is very hard. Its eyes glow red, and when poked, made a squishing sound. Something is inside that dummy. As of Part 6, he is bloodied and missing from his frame.

He was relocated, probably by Ace, to Cold Storage. In all likelihood, the Dummy was another physical manifestation of Cjopaze and was psychically controlling Ace the entire time. Or wasn't.

Anyway, he's on the ceiling of Cold Storage. And where the hell is my sequel?

I'm the one who's going to have sequels after dealing with so much art.

Water Cooler[edit]

He is disappointed in us all. All evidence points to him being the BBEG. He was only a miniboss, slaying him gave us a piece of the key of viridian wood.

Last character. Finally.