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The world of Ruby Quest is a frightening place...

This is a compilation of all the current theories for Ruby Quest.

They will be ranked RIDICULOUS, UNLIKELY, PLAUSIBLE, VIABLE, or LIKELY based on how likely they are to be correct. If proven (Ha! Not bloody likely), their status will become CANON. If debunked, their status will change to DEBUNKED, with the old status crossed out. DEBUNKED theories require REASON FOR DEBUNK.

CANON theories have been strongly confirmed by new information and are almost universally accepted. They can still be rendered questionable by ongoing plot twists, especially if previous information is found to be unreliable.

LIKELY theories have lots of evidence behind them barring a significant twist.

VIABLE theories have some evidence behind them but are open to interpretation.

PLAUSIBLE theories have very little evidence behind them.

UNLIKELY theories are either a considerable but not ridiculous stretch or have conflicting support, with some evidence behind them and some evidence against them.

RIDICULOUS theories have little to no evidence behind them, and are also very silly.

If you create or record a theory, please write "Courses of action suggested by this theory:" and list them in bold text. Try not to hurt yourself thinking too hard.

Also see: Ruby Quest Characters and Ruby Quest Summary.



Put possible explanations of the entire scenario here. Also called "Quicksand theories," because even if one of them is right, there is no escaping their consequences and no courses of action are really suggested by them. If one of them is true, it won't really change how the story progresses.

Old One Collapse[edit]


A rather elaborate and overarching theory, largely built on evidence from the last two threads and especially the notes in the final room. Stick with me.

According to the various notes, the Metal Glen was initially set up to research ways to cure blindness. It was evidently a secret operation, not known to whatever public exists in the outside world. In addition, all of its subjects were voluntary, and most were blind from birth.

Treatment initially stalled, until at one point the Chief Diagnostician, Red, evidently felt something "calling" to him in his mind, possibly in his sleep. His desire to locate this whatever, combined with his influence in the facility, led to them excavating a secondary holding chamber (known as the "Brig"), and stumbling across a room full of all sorts of unholy artifacts and some kind of fleshlike growth. Red was fascinated by this growth, and began researching ways to put it to medical use.

Shortly after this, treatment of the patients' blindness appeared to leap forward- and at the same time, things began to get very bad in the facility. At least one of the patients, Subject #7 "Ruby", began displaying vicious and inexplicable homicidal tendencies (another patient, Subject 6, may also have begun displaying these tendencies around this time, or they may have been preexisting; it's not clear, though it's unlikely in the mind of this writer that a blind man could have been particularly psychotic). After one of the patients was killed, Red's treatments involving the growth managed to actually bring him back from the dead.

And this is where it all begins to break down- the facility's scientific and medical integrity, the sanity of the Subjects and some of the staff, and in some cases the very fabric of space itself. 7, having killed 1, goes berserk- giving Red a Glasgow Smile. 7 is then subsequently killed by Red, who evidently then commits suicide, only to be brought back later at some point. 7 is also brought back at some time between her murder at Red's hands and November 8th, at which point she stabs and evidently kills Tom the Cat (who is likely Subject 6, though this is not certain). At about this point, the facility is abandoned, and we begin the vicious and murderous cycle that evidently lasts a whole year ("The Lost Year") before the /tg/ hivemind latches onto Ruby and guides her and Tom to freedom.

Central to this Grand Theory are Subject 7, Ruby, and the orderly, Ace, who both seem to bear close connections to the artifacts and growth (as well as to each other). Most of the mutations viewed recently (Red's madman smile, Tom's extra arms) seem to stem from the wounds initially inflicted by Ruby or to her. Ace was initially just an orderly, however as stated by Bella, he has been seemingly ignoring orders recently, and collecting the old one artifacts in the Cold Storage behind the healing chamber cells. It is later revealed that this is probably the result of the influence of the Old One things behind the artifacts, as Ace behind his mask and getup has been transformed into an eldritch horror.

This also supports the "Red Caused The Rift" theory seen lower down, as he appears to have some serious relationships (partially subconscious or no) with the Old Ones that are evidently behind this whole mess. That, and as the mutations and freakish occurrences became more prominent and numerous later on in the story, the rift in the Brig Room continued to get wider and wider.

According to this theory, the general collapse of the facility can be blamed almost entirely on Red as a result (that dick)- his treatments using the growth were what resulted in the emergence of the homicidal tendencies in 7 and quite possibly in 6 as well- presumably, had the treatments continued, all the subjects would have begun getting murderous along with their returning eyesight. In addition, the revival-from-death procedure appears essential to the mutations.

TL;DR: Goddamnit, Red.

This Grand Theory is subject to alteration in the future.

Science Disaster[edit]


Part 5 indicates that Ruby appears to be trapped in an underwater medical research facility called The Metal Glen. Medical reports suggest that Ruby entered the facility of her own volition, enlisting in what appeared to be a research program designed to treat incurable illnesses. When conventional treatments were ineffective, the facility adopted a novel treatment of unknown nature (originally championed by Red). This new treatment appears to have produced results (apparently curing Ruby's blindness), but also triggered a chain of events that led to The Metal Glen falling into turmoil, including inducing mutations in patients that led to unpredictable and violent behavior and memory loss.

It is unknown to what extent things have changed at the facility. Apparently cheerful pictures show a lineup of all the patients, and videos show that patients and staff used to mingle with some freedom. Currently, however, aside from some clean-up during one of Ruby's blackouts, whatever staff remains appears to have little control over the facility. Blood and body parts are strewn everywhere. The "holding room" is covered with graffiti indicating that things have been wrong for some time now. The facility may have been largely out of control when Ruby awoke, but Weaver has hinted that Ruby may have done something shortly after waking up that triggered additional trouble. (Perhaps giving Red two coins, the last parts he needed to build a bomb with which to make good on his suicide.) However, it is possible that the facility is still under control (at some level) by potentially unscrupulous staff. It is unknown if there are any inhabitants of the facility that are not suffering mutations of some sort.

The nature of the treatment is still unknown, but under this theory is presumed to be science-fictional in nature rather than supernatural. Supernatural occurrences can be explained as hallucinations. However, this makes it difficult to explain the current state of the brig, with its strange physics and growing rift.

Supernatural Disaster[edit]


This theory is identical to the "Science Disaster" theory, except it allows for supernatural elements. Under this theory, the "novel treatment" suggested by Red may have been magical in some way, as implied by the strange symbols that have appeared around the facility. Suggested supernatural influences include Chthulu-like figures, demons, malevolent gods, etc.

Grand Hallucination[edit]


Everything is happening in Ruby's mind: Ruby is hallucinating all events while she is still trapped in the coffin, Ruby is in hell/purgatory, it's a virtual reality simulation, or any other variation of IT WAS ALL A DREAM.

Birthday Party[edit]

The only appropriate image for this.


All of the events thus far have been an elaborate hoax that will culminate in a surprise birthday party for Ruby. Under this theory, The Metal Glen is a treatment facility for horrifying but well-adjusted mutant abominations who, with the help of the amused and indulgent staff, decided to induce temporary amnesia in Ruby to run her through a gauntlet of horror, "just like she always wanted." All the notes and video footage have been forged and planted. At the end, the entire cast will surprise Ruby with a cake and sing Happy Birthday.

Support for this theory comes from the point-and-click computer game The White Chamber, which Weaver has cited as a major inspiration for Ruby Quest. In The White Chamber, the "ultimate" ending reveals that the entire game has been a joke played on the protagonist in preparation for a surprise party. Further support for this theory comes from the fact that Ruby has suffered no serious injuries during the quest, despite facing terrible apparent dangers. Presumably, the Hound's accidental scratch is why she is no longer allowed to participate in the fun of scaring the living hell out of Ruby.

Furry Porn[edit]


The Metal Glen is the set of a high-budget porn studio specializing in guro, tentacle, and amnesia fetish erotica. All of the characters are actors playing out predetermined roles, and Ruby Quest has been an clever scheme to slowly convert all of /tg/ into furries.

<@TG_Weaver> I'm amazed that you guys have taken this long to realize the true plot
<@TG_Weaver> it's all a very elaborate, specific porno
<@TG_Weaver> for people who have cthulhu/amnesia fetishes
<@TG_Weaver> Are you kidding? I gave everything away
<@TG_Weaver> It's a porno

Everybody Lives[edit]

"Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once! Everybody lives!" --The Doctor


Everyone is caught by the disease - even Filbert, no matter what he says - and if they die, they're brought back, no matter what. Even Ruby and Tom, and even if they manage to escape, are facing a future as immortal, undying beings, slowly mutating into shapeless masses, a very bad ending indeed. Thus, for a good ending, they must get rid of their disease - and while they're at it, why not do it for everyone else? Perhaps they will be given means to distribute the entire solution, perhaps in a form of a gas, to the entire facility at the same time? If everything goes really well, the "cure for cure" will rid them of their mutations, making them fully human (furry?) once more, and allowing everyone to live as non-mutated regular beings for the rest of their natural days.

CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE: Of course, if we are to believe the Metal Glen poem, pretty much everyone but Ruby and Tom have a guaranteed BAD END. And besides, right now it'd seem like Red has died permanently and indefinitely anyway, so it really wouldn't be "everybody" to begin with.

CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE 2: Weaver has stated that The Treatment, the source of immortality for the characters, must be given on a regular basis to be effective. This means that Ruby, Tom, and Jay will eventually be freed from its effects.

Everybody Dies[edit]

"There should have been another way." --The Doctor


Of course, it is also perfectly possible that as the disease brought them back, the disease is also the only thing keeping them alive and well. Therefore, by getting rid of it, Ruby and Tom would be signing their own death sentences. This would still be far better than the alternative, obviously, and so they would use it anyway, and gas it to the entire building as the above theory pointed out, curing everybody else as well. Ruby would lose her sight and third eye, Tom's arms - all four of them - would rot and crumble away. Stitches would fall apart, Subject 6 would lose his powers, Filbert would be one-handed once more. Then at last, possibly after tearful farewells (at least in Ruby and Tom's case), they would die away. And then, yes, Metal Glen would be empty and lifeless, until someone broke in from outside at least.

CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE: There is no record of Filbert ever dying, so while his mutations would purify and begone, and he might even regain his sanity, it is likely that he will survive through this.

DEBUNKED: The Treatment can revive and heal a host, but is not the source of life.


Put theories concerning the nature of the facility itself here.



The facility is a real installation deep underwater. Any FUCK YOU PHYSICS incidents are hallucinations or illusions.



The facility is a real installation deep underwater. However, for some reason it does not abide by normal physics. It does not abide by normal physical laws because of science fiction technology.

Meddlesome Elder Gods[edit]


The facility is a real installation deep underwater. Strange physics and other supernatural occurrences are, well, supernatural. Clearly, the facility dug too greedily, and too DEEP. The facility workers may or may not have had an idea of what they were getting into.

Changing Spaces[edit]


During Tom's second imprisonment and Ruby's first blackout, the facility was not repaired/cleaned. Instead, they were both moved to a different but similar set of rooms. This supports non-supernatural explanations.

The Facility is Alive[edit]


There was a growth coming from the wall and unexplained amounts of blood have appeared/disappeared.

Also, in light of recent sessions, eyeseyesgrowthsgrowthssixsix.

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Treat #6 nicely. Give scissors. Run like fuck.

Broken Physics Brig Room[edit]

Red Caused The Rift[edit]


Red caused the enormous rift when he "cut ???" in Ruby's vision-hallucination-whiteout that occurred after Stitches gave her the cross peg.

Broken Physics Room Linked to Stitches[edit]


During Tom's sojourn in the broken physics room in part five (after finding the walkie-talkies) he witnessed the rift widening. From our POV, it widened toward the top-left of the screen.

This was near the moment in time that Ruby had her second (third?) encounter with Stitches- she witnessed Stitches' head begin to fall apart, with the top-left (from Ruby's POV) section becoming unstitched and falling away. This theory will be made more plausible if the broken physics room continues to correlate with Stitches' physical condition. Ha-HA! Take THAT, causality!

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Think about keeping Stitches intact, calm, and relatively safe, at least until the Broken Physics Room is no longer needed or useful.

The disease, or the "cure", or whatever[edit]

The "cure" is akin to Nemesis parasite[edit]


For those unfamiliar to Resident Evil series, this would mean that the disease regenerates all physical wounds quickly, but at the same time adds severe mutation. When Ruby's forehead was cut, she received a third eye. Tom got poisoned - or, more conveniently, slashed to the stomach by Ruby - and mutated another pair of arms. Filbert mutated both his right hand and the cheek Ruby attacked him in. And so on.

And all the time, #6 sits in his cell and cuts himself, thinking that these mutations are "power".

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Do not get hurt. You will end up a shapeless blob on the ground.

Also check under Tom's eyepatch. Like, right NOW. His eyesocket is perfectly fine and uninfected, upon cursory examination.

The "cure" is the cells of some kind of monstrosity found while digging in the facility[edit]

INDETERMINATE STATUS Basically, see Old One Collapse. The doctors found the dummy or the remains of Cjopaze or whatever while excavating the brig or cold storage, and treated the patients with that. This is contagious only by blood contact (such as consuming infected flesh or blood (such as Jay's in the water system)), causes rapid regeneration and mutation, and will wear off after a while, but the mutations will remain.

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Get Jay out of the water filtration system, then weld the door shut so Ace can't put someone else in there. Burn the dummy and fetus statue, it's likely that one of them is the source of the cells.


Put theories on the characters, their purposes, their actions, and their motivations here.

Theories Concerning Ruby[edit]

Ruby is Going Insane[edit]


Several of the events in the story make it seem that Ruby's grip on reality is failing. Possible instances of hallucination include:

Her third eye appearing (she was the only one to experience this and her character prevents her from asking Tom to verify). Confirmed to be quite real and working: Tom sees it too.

Her "waking dream" in which she seemed to wake up from bed, take a key from her dresser that may have actually been a filing cabinet, and attempt to interact with Tom. When she did, she came to her senses, and found it was the dummy.

Her corpse in the "DO NOT OPEN" box. Although she was highly perturbed by this sight Tom had no apparent reaction to it, and when asked about the box, he only mentioned the finger bowl.

The Dummy in the room where she woke up and the eye painting in the bear zombie room both seemed to "watch" her as she moved about. Confirmed by Tom's presence.

Jan 16 07:13:08 <TG_Weaver> 2) Ruby may be going bonkers.
Jan 16 07:13:13 <TG_Weaver> This seems a reasonable assumption

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Do not trust all of Ruby's perceptions and rely on Tom for verification of anything that seems odd, out of place, or scary. This includes threats, if possible.

Ruby is Psychic[edit]


So far, Ruby has had four hallucinations or visions. Of those, three turned out to be true in one or more ways.

The first was directly after the Hound fight, and Ruby's vision was herself safe at home. There was nothing particularly significant about this vision, and though she found a key during it, the dream didn't obviously do anything to highlight the key (which may or may not have existed in the real world). However, if she is indeed developing psychic abilities, this was the moment of their first arrival (probably due to the injury sustained in the fight).

The second hallucination was while touching the corpse that was nailed to the wall (who was probably Stitches the Bear). It's not entirely clear whether the body grabbing her hand and calling her name was real or not, but the following sequence featured Tom complaining of eye pain, Red in possession of the Eye Dial, and Red "cutting the world" as the hallucination shattered.

We later find that Tom lost his eye during the time of that vision, that Red (presumably) stole the Eye Dial and hid it in a safe, and that the main room had been sliced in half with a bizarre physics-bending rift. Even if the third is coincidence, the fact that Ruby knew ahead of time that Tom's eye was injured, is telling.

Ruby's third hallucination was right after waking from the second, when the met Tom. She had a momentary vision of Tom with four arms -- which, of course, was later revealed to be quite literally true.

The fourth was when Tom finally opened the Do Not Open box. Tom apparently saw nothing but a bowl of fingers, while Ruby had a hallucinatory vision of her own corpse in that box. Later, on viewing Red's video, we find that Ruby was indeed apparently killed and stuffed into that box.

There is also a bit of circumstantial evidence for this theory (and the following one); for centuries, the Third Eye has been a metaphorical reference to what we would call psychic power. (It corresponds to the "brow chakra" in Indian medicine, which is responsible for guidance and intuition.) Ruby has manifested a literal third eye, which may not be coincidental.

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Apparent hallucinations should be considered warnings or visions.

Ruby is Dead[edit]


Ruby was listed as deceased in two official looking documents, and a video was shown of Red assaulting Ruby some time ago, and stuffing her body into the DO NOT OPEN box, where it was discovered by Ace. Though, he ALSO was the one who reported her deceased, and the corpse wasn't seen by Tom, so questions are raised by this theory.

A lot of recent evidence - accident form, experiment file, and video of Red beating her down, show that this is pretty likely to be true. However, we see, for a brief moment of the video, Ruby is still alive. She may not have died after all, but it seems possible.

Stitches and Tom have both also, apparently, died and come back to life, greatly supporting this theory. There has been no evidence of Tom's death, and Weaver has implied that Stitches may not have "died" as we suspected. Oh wait, scratch that. Filbert's confirmed that almost everyone here is dead, most notably DEFINITELY Ruby, Tom, and Stitches.

Ruby is Supernatural[edit]


Quote from IRC that may have relevance or may just be a red herring. The quote was in red text:

<TG_Weaver> If man is 5
<TG_Weaver> And the devil is 6
<TG_Weaver> Then God is 7

List of numbers, from the book of revelation:

1: Unity
2: Strength
3: Divine
4: Earth (Human)
5: Completeness
6: Evil
7: Perfection
12: Religion

Ruby was listed in the documentation as "Subject #7" and she was being held in "Cell #7." Tom was also kept in cell/storage #5 in a more recently found letter. This could possibly mean a number of things if it's not simply an attempt to throw us off. Ruby may be a ghost. Ruby may be in some sort of causality paradox or alternate dimension, or she may be living in a fractured reality. She may have even created a causality paradox, alternate dimension or fractured reality herself a la Donny Darko.

This may lend some credence to the "psychic ruby" theory, which is at the time of this writing listed as viable.

Additionally, Ruby's third eye is in the same location that the iconic "Third Eye" or "Inner Eye" found in certain eastern spiritual traditions is in. The Third Eye is usually symbolic of someone having attained enlightenment or divine awareness in Eastern religions. Elsewhere, it symbolizes clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences.

The eye may be in the place it is because it was the first thing Weaver thought of.

Courses of action suggested by this theory: No courses of action, but it does allow us to categorize any apparent inconsistencies (such as Ruby's postmortem documentation) in the story as being encounters with an alternate reality, the "real" reality, or perhaps a "possible" reality.

A Side Note: the effects of the "numbers" as described in Revelation appear to have been swapped, to a degree, in their effects on the subjects. #1, Stitches, is in no way united, seeing as how he appears to be continually coming apart at the seams. #2, Maddie, was not strong, judging by how she was the only one to NOT come back from the dead (aside from #3, who we know almost nothing about). #4, Jay, was hardly human in nature based on our encounters with him. #5, Nook, was not complete, based on how he continued to expand and his great fear of Ace. #6, Tom, though decidedly bloodthirsty, was also a gentleman and a good companion, and can be decidedly considered not evil (though these are also traits that have been noted in the Devil himself- we just don't know, honestly). And #7, Ruby, is not perfect, based on her "problems" with the third eye.

Ruby is a Ghola-Like Clone[edit]


In the sequels to the Dune books (not the fake ones, but the ones by Frank Herbert), there are clones of people, called "gholas." These gholas are born in special tanks, and are the exact clones of whoever's DNA they came from. The thing is, they are able to retain the memory of their past, but only after a traumatic moment.

Perhaps we can adapt this to RQ; if Ruby dies, then gets clones, but the clones have no memory of her past. This can also fit in some of the things Ruby sees, such as her extra eye, the seeing of her dead body, and some of the blackouts she has after emerging from the box. Only after some type of moment will she be able to remember her past.

AGAINST: According to Filbert, Ruby's memory loss is due to her death and subsequent regeneration.

Ruby is the Original Monster[edit]


Red beat down Ruby, apparently in an attempt to kill her. Maybe she died, maybe not. In either case, Red would probably have some motivation to do so. Red may have killed her because she is the original abomination, and he was attempting to stymie the experiments going on there by taking out the key person.

Ruby is obviously some kind of mutant due to her third eye. In her file, it seems to indicate that it is dangerous for her to get hurt or put into a crisis. If Red beat her, she may have gone all monster-y. And when she got clawed by the hound zombie and lost three days, she may have done so again.

AGAINST: Stitches died well before Red attacked Ruby, and #6 was isolated for becoming violent and unpredictable. Ruby was the one who murdered Stitches by shoving him over a railing, long before she died. She appears to have begun suffering from some kind of insanity, presumably as a result of the medical treatment.

Courses of Action Suggested by this theory: If wounded, get the hell away from Tom!

Ruby is the Cure for the Infection[edit]


Ruby seems to have the least beastly and dangerous mutation. She doesn't have terrifyingly massive jaws, or weird T-Rex arms, or a ravenous lamprey mouth growing out of her eye. Just a third eye. While she is afflicted with whatever condition, she has a fairly benign mutation. Perhaps she is able to keep the mutation from being dangerous. Red, in his desperation to escape, may have tried to kill her in an attempt to let all the monsters kill whoever is keeping them, or to create a diversion to go about the business of blowing himself up.

Her file seems to mention that it is important for her not to be hurt. This may be because she needs to be alive for the experiments to work. Also, as mentioned, she has an apparently benign mutation, as opposed to the violent and gory mutations of others.

If Filbert is to be trusted, confirmed. Filbert confusingly stated that Ruby was "the cure"--that the new medical treatment cured her blindness and made it unnecessary to eat or drink, but then went on to say that her death had messed things up, and that she was now "bad." Whether or not the "infection" can be removed is still unknown.

Ruby allowed Red to Assault her Willingly[edit]


Ruby didn't seem to make any attempt to resist Red or Escape from him. It could be that she was lucid at this point, knew that she was dangerous if not why she was dangerous, and had agreed to be killed for the sake of the others in the facility.

AGAINST: In the video, Ruby seemed unaware of Red's impending attack, and reached out of the box with a trembling hand when she saw Ace. Red's notes imply that he attempted to kill Ruby due to her mean left hook.

Ruby's Violent Actions[edit]

Put theories on Ruby's apparent attempts to murder Red and Tom seen in the recordings, as well as her remembered attack on Stitches, here.

Induced Insanity[edit]


Ruby attacked Red and Tom out of psychosis, brought on by the new "treatment" that Red proposed.

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Ruby's flashback of her attack on Stitches indicates that she pushed him into the fans without intending to. This occurred after everyone began receiving the new treatment. Unless Ruby is an extremely unreliable narrator and consummate actress, she feels remorse and confusion over these actions. Filbert has also confirmed that she was "probably" insane during her attacks.

Ruby was Already Insane[edit]


Ruby attacked Red and Tom out of psychosis, and she was psychopathic to begin with.

CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE: There are no indications of violent behavior on Ruby's part until the new medical treatments began.

It Was Not Ruby[edit]


The recordings were faked, or "Ruby" in the recordings was actually a third party capable of disguising itself as other characters. It has been hypothesized that "#6" could be such a shape-shifter. If the Animal Crossing theme is continued, the logical character capable of shape-shifting would be Blanca, the cat without a face.

CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE: Ruby's flashback of her attack on Stitches appears to indicate that she was the one who made the attacks, but was not in sane control over her actions.

Ruby Was Possessed[edit]


It seems that the facility was being used to experiment with some new kind of medical procedure or therapy, that much is fairly certain. But what is the nature this treatment?

Several odd symbols and markings appear throughout the building. It is possible that some kind of Lovecraftian power was being experimented with for medical usage-- the odd holding tanks where Tom discovered his note to himself that read "don't trust 7" seemed to be connected to a peculiar symbol or diagram. Additionally, several of the tools we've made use of have been strange symbols, sigils like the wooden disk, and seemingly arcane tools such as the ODD STAFF.

It's possible that the treatment, which perhaps relies on some dark and malevolent power or entity, exposes the subject to said evil power in some way and causes them to lose their minds. It is also possible that such exposure makes the subject vulnerable to possession.

NEW EVIDENCE: Red's and Filbert's notes and testimony seem to indicate that "something" came along with the new treatment proposed by Red.

Ruby was Lucid and Knew What She Was Doing[edit]


It could be that Ruby had a good reason for attacking Red and Tom--perhaps she knew something that made this course of action justifiable or even necessary.

New evidence showed in a flashback, where she threw Stitches down to his death with no regret, warning, planning, or any kind of justification whatsoever, goes very strongly against this theory.

Theories Concerning Tom[edit]

Tom Gouged Out His Own Eye[edit]


Tom's story simply doesn't add up. He was dragged up a ladder by a creature he did not see, which gouged out his eye, locked him in a room, and left? Sounds like something Red might do, but Tom didn't see his attacker. But in the Brig, he was sitting in the corner of the room, away from each and every entrance into the room. There is no way something could have snuck up on him. On top of that, his story is that he lost his eye as soon as we left him, explaining the blood. But, he still had his eye when we saw him on the computer monitor, well after he was taken away.

It is also possible that his eye was taken sometime between the two events. The story may be that he lost his eye as soon as we left, but Ruby spent some time in the rooms beyond before coming back, which leaves "as soon as" up to Tom's sense of time.

It is also possible that the abomination was invisible, therefore Tom could not see it. This, however, could be just a hallucination that actually harmed the one who saw it. Such as Ruby with her third eye. She complained of a severe headache before her eye appeared, just like Tom did before his eye vanished.

So, why is his eye missing? Maybe he was trying to save himself from something worse than loss of depth perception. What if he had transformed, down there, while he was weak on Arsenic and feeling miserable? He fled upstairs, and met Red up in the Monitor Room. Red wasn't going to deal with a monster Tom, and locked him in the room where we found him later. Eventually, Tom knew something was wrong with himself, and that he was monster. To stop the infection from spreading, he removed his own eye.

When Red eventually saw this in the monitors, he knew Tom was safe again, and let him back out. Tom doesn't remember Red from that first encounter because Tom was still a monster. Tom isn't telling Ruby any of this for the same reason Ruby is hiding her third eye - they love each other, and don't want the other to worry about it.

Variant: while poisoned, Tom hallucinated a monster and lost the eye while wandering around in confusion. It was still likely Red that locked him in, though.

PLAUSIBILITY: While initially very likely, new evidence from Part 5 has shown that the room he was taken in was the Holding Room, which means it is exactly FOR holding prisoners. In addition, his mutation was growing extra arms, and had nothing to do with eyes, so if he was crazy enough to try to destroy the mutation, then he wouldn't have started with his eye. He also identified his attacker as Ace, who we know also carried away Ruby and hid her from everyone else too.

How exactly he lost his eye is still up in the air, however, but it has become more unlikely that Ace was at fault, especially since Ace is the facility's doctor Ace was/kinda still is the security guard (which still means he's unlikely to really hurt the former patients).

Filbert stated that he cut off his hand to halt the spread of the infection. Ace might have removed Tom's eye to prevent cause further mutation.

Thousand Toms[edit]


Everyone is a Tom Clone.

Ruby is a Tom Clone with rabbit ears. The Bear was a Tom Clone. The Hound was a Tom Clone. Tom is 3 Tom Clones. Even the fish in the tank are Tom Clones. Red is a Tom Clone.

Or was it a Tom Clone is Red? We're not sure.

Either way, everything is Tom, even the hamsters running in wheels that power the facility.

Of course, such hamsters need a leader, and the leader is a clone of Red, who we have already established is a clone of Tom.

Ruby and Tom used to be lovers[edit]


Consider the way Ruby disposed of Stitches: It was random, unplanned, unpredictable, in the middle of a pleasant conversation, a tiny moment of madness that lasted but a few seconds. Therefore, it could be assumed that Ruby only had the bright idea of stabbing Tom in the middle of their kiss: That their making out was not in fact a ploy of hers to get him off guard, but a simple moment of shared pleasure that two people with a special bond often like to have together.

They are also next to each other in the group picture. DECISIVE EVIDENCE.

New Evidence: In Part 8, Subject 6 tried to tell Ruby that it was Tom, and that they were lovers. Subject 6 is likely insane, but the fact that it'd try a ruse like that at all lends support to Ruby and Tom having been lovers in the first place.

CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE: Subject 6's name is Tom. Tom Nook. Also, He proceeded to call out to Ruby as "Lucille".

Tom went psycho before Ruby killed him[edit]


Like Ruby, (Cat) Tom may have had induced into psychosis & the one cause for the violent actions on the 23rd by the "treatment", possibly the reason Lab B was being restricted was not because of (Cat) Tom's violent actions, but because of the horribly mutated Tom Nook (who at the time lost his arms, it is still unknown as to how he lost his legs).

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: The ending note showing Subject #5 AKA Tom Nook (obviously), as well as the Nov. 23 clipboard detailing the brig detainment of "Subject #6" & finally Tom being imprisoned in the Brig in the beginning of the game disregard that, Ace or Filbert could have put Tom in the Brig out of the twelve times he died.

Theories concerning Red[edit]

Red's Mobility[edit]

The pipe simply ends, right where the metal box in the back room is.


Red's room was sealed by the Cross Peg most of the game. But, he was apparently able to get in and out of his room. Of course, he likely had the cross peg, and may have given it to Stitches when he hung him up on the wall (see We've Seen Stitches Before). But, how would he get down from there without being able to open the floor hatch?

Well, there is a tarp on the ceiling of his room. Maybe there's a secret passage. And the image to the right gives a good hint where it goes - the blue line pipe is in Red's room, goes down the monitor room, into the Z Hatch room, and simply stops at the back room, inside of a metal box. We know the pipe can't go anywhere between the back room and the dummy room, because that window there shows the walls are somewhat thin. So, it is quite possible that the metal box is a secret exit, and unlike Tom, Red is more than thin enough to crawl through to the Z Hatch room.

Red showed up because he lost the peg[edit]


Somehow, Red lost the peg (someone stole it from him?), then, unable to return to his hideout or find the peg, he revealed himself to Ruby. After pulling down the tarp, he discovers the peg in Stitches' hand and (knowing Stitches or whoever placed Stitches there, with the peg) starts laughing madly.

The wall with Stitches was a trap set up for Red, the peg being the bait. But Red can see the trap, so he lets Ruby get the peg and trigger the trap. Because Ruby wasn't the trap's target, she survives, but over the time (3 days?) Red can use the peg to access his hideout. He returns it later, for reasons yet unknown.

Red had romantic feelings for Ruby[edit]


His concerned look after Ruby when she had hooked him may have been of friendly and platonic nature, but it is also possible that there were deeper feelings involved. This might also explain the lack of footage right after Ruby and Tom kissing in the latest record. Whether he ever told Ruby about what he felt, and how she might have reacted to this, is open to interpretation.

As well, as soon as Ruby and Tom come back upstairs after the kiss, the monitor/console is smashed, possibly meaning Red saw the kiss and smashed the monitor in a RAAAAAAAAAAGE.

This is actually borderline ridiculous, but there's no evidence against it, it doesn't defy any great laws of physics or common sense, and I kinda like it, so I decided to add it anyway

When we saw the recording of Ruby giving Red his characteristic INFINITE PLANE OF TEETH, the tape ran a few seconds after Ace took her away and we can see Red looking not only wounded, but betrayed.

Red Quest[edit]


Why did the back room release gas the moment we turned the power back on? There are 3 possibilities:

1) It was a defense system that was already active, and needed power.

2) It was a defense system that needed power, and someone activated it after we turned the power back on.

3) It was a defense system that needed power, and someone activated it before we turned the power back on.

Since 1 and 3 are effectively the same, and the window of opportunity for number 2 is however long it took the analyzer to dispense an antidote for arsenic, it is safe to say the system was active beforehand and the chip was removed to turn it off. Therefore, someone must have had the Rubber Gloves and the Hook, and was in that back room when the poison gas was released the first time. To deactivate it, he pulled out the chip with his gloved hands and the metal hook. Then, to prevent someone (Like Ruby) from doing something stupid and reactivating the gas, he hid the gloves, hook and chip separately - the gloves in his own locker, and the chip and hook inside a box in the Monitor room, then glued the box shut. He kept the hook and the chip together in case he needed to pull the chip out again.

Going by the Red's Mobility theory, he didn't need the door to the monitor room to get in, so he smashed the panel. So, this leads us to assume that if any of this happened at all, it was Red's doing, and he didn't count on Ruby having /tg/, and hence Wikipedia, in her head.

Red Killed Time[edit]


When Red used the eye pendant in the vision that the God Zombie sent Ruby into, he not only ended the dream, but affected the physical world possibly even before the story even started. The laser intersected Tom's head, Tom's eye was missing later. The gibberish when the laser was being used was scrambled terms from earlier threads. The HUGE UNEXPLAINED GAP appeared. The broken physics room. The back room was no longer filled with blood and the closet Bear was in now has shelves instead of zombies. The tube is no longer broken, neither is the mirror. The things which could be used to kill the Plant Zombie no longer exist. Tom said that nothing happened when asked about the past, while Bear certainly counts as something, possibly more evidence that Bear didn't even happen in this timeline. Ruby's inventory changed, gaining the key and losing the items that the altered past no longer gave her to opportunity to collect.

gap in the theory: at first, after Ruby exits the room, the changes are only partial. It's after she looks into Tom's eye that the major change occurs. Still, this might be simply because her fractured mind expected to see the room as it had been before.

Even more so, what could lead to this is somewhat reminiscent of Silent Hill. In Silent Hill, dreaming/falling asleep/mirror-like interaction was used to transition to The Otherworld. Perhaps the second "world" that Ruby and co. end up entering is the Otherworld of the Metal Glen.

Red is A Ghost[edit]


How Red ends up dying is obviously planned, and it is not considered that he was never really there in the first place. Even though Red helps Ruby in certain situations, and he is proven to be a viable resource, he is often found sitting on the couch like nothing has happened.

In addition, one of the most recent installments shows that Ruby somehow decided to try and kill Red with her Right Hook. She split one half of his mouth open and then was hauled away. Red is suffering from injuries in the last shot of the video, and is on his knees in pain. Perhaps later he died of this injury, and was put in a situation similar to Ruby's.

He was put in a revival chamber somewhere in the facility, and mutated to the extent of having a wide-open mouth and a somewhat warped mind. He went about his business as normal until Ruby showed up and "The Shit Hit The Fan".

Since Stitches was first encountered (Second? See We've Seen Stitches Before) as a gory mess, it could be that the closet he was in was not a regeneration closet and that he was near death and crazy, just as Red was. He and Red seem to follow the same timeline, and given that Stitches was encountered (mostly) okay the second (third?) time, they may also follow the same plotline as well.

Murder Theories[edit]

Red Killed Himself To Stay In Control[edit]


Red wants to be in control, and even if it is the illusion of control. He tells himself that he is not trapped, yet he appears to be in the same situation as Ruby and Tom. He refuses to answer questions, and even helps Ruby in some instances to either help or to further convince himself he is in control. In order to preserve that desire to be in control, he kills himself, going out on his own terms with a smile on his face. Perhaps Ruby and Tom's presence and desire to find out why they are not in control compounds the fact that he does not have a role in deciding his future, so he kills himself.

The theory is supported by Weaver's description of Red's feelings on the matter:

 <TG_Weaver> You know, from Red's point of view, he won. 
He never got caught. He never got beaten. 
He never gave up. And he exited on his own terms. 
And most of all, he died with a smile on his face.

In addition, his death caused Ace to pay him a visit, just as a bomb Red made went off. It is quite clear Red had this all planned out from the get go.

However, it's likely that he was already infected (F's note) and that Ace got his body back through the door before the bomb went off Weaver confirmed that he was blown to smitheroons.

Theories Concerning "Stitches"[edit]

Stitches is Benevolent[edit]


It seems that Stitches was prevented somehow from communicating with Ruby. He did supply her with an item, or at least show it to her.

When we confronted the half-transformed Stitches, he knew he was losing control, and did what he could to get away from us before he could harm us. He clearly means no ill will towards Ruby, but likely has little control over the matter.

AGAINST: Stitches appears to have little control over his actions, and is clearly still unpredictable and violent. Also, Weaver commented on this very entry:

Jan 16 07:13:20 <TG_Weaver> 5) Stitches has been confirmed to be benevolent.
Jan 16 07:13:22 <TG_Weaver> This, not so much

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Do not expect Stitches to be hostile while he's lucid. As long as he is not being manipulated, he can be considered trustworthy not murderous to the extent that his condition allows.

We've Seen Stitches Before[edit]


We know we have seen Stitches before his appearance under the tarp, that much is confirmed by Weaver. This theory as to where we saw Stitches has not been confirmed yet.

Weaver told us we'd seen Stitches before. But, where? After some looking, it was concluded the only possible place was the first time we entered the back room behind the Z-Hatch. There was a face peering at us from behind the window, and when we looked, it was gone. This face could not have been the Hound Zombie, because the Hound's ears hung very low, and we saw no such ears on this figure - just like with Stitches. The body under the tarp has been confirmed as the reconstituted body of the first monster Ruby encountered.

Moments later, we see a shadow in the back -- presumably the Hound Zombie descending upon and eviscerating poor Stitches. Having been sufficiently mutilated, he was left for dead. The next time we see that room, the window is mirrored. The person who first appeared through the window of the Hound's room has been confirmed by Weaver to be Filbert, whose face is similar to that of Stitches.

As to how Stitches got on the wall afterwards, there is no evidence, but it is possible Red put him up there later while Ruby was passed out. If he did, he is probably also the one who dragged Ruby on to the Do Not Open box. It is likely that Filbert was the one who reconstructed Stitches on the wall and covered him with the tarp.

Theories Concerning Ace[edit]

Ace is Hostile[edit]


He chased us through the facility with a weapon. It's still possible he may not have wanted to do any serious harm either Ruby or Tom, but that's only a distant possibility.

It was hinted by Weaver in the chat that he doubted hugging Ace would be a good idea. <citation here> Ruby also has an 'unfriendly feeling' towards him, and he is the one who locked her in the initial locker, according to Ruby's memories. All in all, we don't trust him.

However, this does not mean that Ace intends permanent harm. He may believe himself to be acting in the best interests of the facility, and even in the patients' best interests.

NEW EVIDENCE: Filbert said that Ace no longer takes orders from him, and that Ace will "get" Ruby. The figure on the monitor tells Ruby that it cannot call Ace off either.

NEW NEW EVIDENCE: Ace has been completely transformed by the monster in cold storage he is not to be trusted AT ALL (also PSYCHO RAAAAGE)

Ace is Ruby's Secret Lover[edit]


Ruby and Ace were passionate lovers prior to the accident. Ace is pursuing Ruby not out of hostility, but out of love. That is why he is no longer responding to orders--he is too blinded by his single-minded infatuation with Ruby.

Because Ace was part of the staff, he was not allowed to fraternize with the patients, so their love affair had to proceed in secret. Ruby killed Stitches because he discovered their affair. Fearing that Stitches had told Red, she later attempted to silence Red by cutting open his mouth. Later still, she killed Tom to stave off his unwanted advances, so that she could be together with Ace.

This also means Ace is likely the one who smashed the monitor when Tom and Ruby kissed. He happened to be near Red's room because he was looking for him.

[18:11]	<TG_Weaver>	On the topic of who Filbert meant when he said "HER"
[18:11]	<TG_Weaver>	"Ace won't listen to his orders anymore. 
[18:11]	<TG_Weaver>	He won't even listen to HER."
[18:11]	<DubiousGrimoire> Yeah, but Ruby presumably knew Ace. They could have even been close friends.
[18:12]	<TG_Weaver>	I thought I made it pretty clear that Ruby and Ace were lovers 
[18:12]	<TG_Weaver>	before things went to hell, so to speak
[18:12]	<TG_Weaver>	hahaha
[18:12]	<TG_Weaver>	"IS HE JOKING?"
[18:12]	<TG_Weaver>	haha
[18:12]	<TG_Weaver>	okay

God damn it, Weaver.

Ace is an Android, or Some Form of Bio-Mechanical Construct[edit]


He still goes as the only person in the entire facility, apart from the late Red, who has not shown a single evidence of being infected or mutated, even though supposedly being staff, he would have been ordered with the same medication the rest of the facility inhabitants were on. RULED OUT BY TENTACLE FACE

First and foremost, he would be bound by the classic Three Laws of Robotics: By rule 1, he took Ruby's body and made her well again, at the first opportunity went at Red's corpse to see if he could have been helped, and he has never actually physically harmed anyone, nor allowed anyone to come to harm. By rule 2, he is following somebody's orders, though it is not known whose, and cannot seem to function properly without being ordered. And by rule 3, he escaped after being seriously injured, in a form of self-preservation.

When Tom stabbed him with a crowbar, his "blood" was black - though it was red when speared by a hook, implying that he does have some biological parts - and he did not seem very inconvenienced about it, pursuing Ruby and Tom with similar ferocity - under somebody's orders, most likely. Those orders would have involved about him bringing one or both of them alive to his superior(s), but the harpoon went against it: Perhaps his commander had invoked the Rule Zero in him, allowing him to break the rule 1 and kill someone, if it would help the entire mankind? Perhaps, to stop the spreading of the infection, Ruby and Tom, as well as everyone else inside, must be gotten rid of?

...Or perhaps Ruby and Tom were the primary targets, being the only ones left inside who were both infected, and still had enough sense in them to actively try and escape, spreading the disease to the rest of the population? They must be destroyed! Or at least destroyed enough to mutate them and drive them mad, so that they wouldn't try to escape anymore!

Ehh, seems a bit far-fetched, but I put it here anyway.

Theories Concerning Filbert ("F")[edit]

"F" is/was in charge[edit]


"F" seems to be the director of the project answering only to "the board," presumably of the company that is funding whatever project the facility is being used for.

NEW EVIDENCE: Filbert has revealed that he was once the head doctor. He believes that he is the only one free of the "infection," and has lost control of the facility. He has revealed that Ace no longer obeys his orders.

Filbert was the first face we saw in the Analyzer room[edit]


The first face we saw in the Analyzer room may have been Filbert, due to the fact that his hand was found in the teller transfer box, and looked rather freshly cut off. This would fit in with the fact the face looked badly shaken as well, then vanished right after. Tom was left outside the Analyzer room as well, so Filbert could have ran back up to the levels he was in without being seen possibly. Against this is the fact that Filbert said he's been in the room he was found in for a long time, but then again, Filbert seems to be somewhat untrustworthy/a bit off his rocker. Beyond this, three days passed during the time when all we saw was the weird dream with Red and the laser eye plate, and perhaps Filbert thinks of three days as a long time.

[21:21]	<TG_Weaver>	No you idiots
[21:21]	<TG_Weaver>	it was Filbert
[21:22]	<TG_Weaver>	The face looking in the window when Ruby first entered the maintenance room
[21:22]	<TG_Weaver>	That was Filbert

Theories Concerning #6[edit]

Our Tom is #6[edit]


What this means for Ruby and Jay is uncertain. It is evident that cat-Tom can be prone to fits of violence and was locked up in the brig room because of it, and this may be the reason that he was considered "highly dangerous" in the notes. It is apparent that we got the numbers of cat-Tom and Tom Nook mixed up, leading us to mistrust Nook when he might have aided us.

At the moment there is no evidence that cat-Tom is villainous apart from the "5=Man, 6=Devil and 7=God" hint from the IRC room.

Oh yeah, and the part where he rips apart Filbert with manly physique (to his own surprise).

Theories Concerning Jay/"Emobird"[edit]

We've seen Emobird Before[edit]


"Emobird" resembles the figure we saw from the gas room through the window-mirror just before we saw Stitches there, shortly before we were attacked by the Hound abomination. Once again, it was Filbert. The first face that we saw in the window was Filbert, but there was a shadow resembling Emobird's head in the window just before it became a mirror.

Also note that a glass window acts as a mirror when you're looking from a bright room to a dark room, and Emobird makes rooms dark.

Jay's inflicted darkness is physical blindness[edit]


The dark projection of Jay that Tom and Ruby encounter outside of Upper Lab B inflicts them, after a bit of prodding, with "a familiar and horrible kind of darkness". It's possible that instead of just removing the light from the room, Ruby and Tom are both rendered physically blind for a short time, as they would be very intimately familiar with blindness from their experiences before the Glen. While they are both indicated to have retrograde amnesia, the fact that they are familiar with using their bodies and with the function of many objects in the Glen (keyboards, pneumatic tubes, faucets, etc) it's very likely that they have retained a lot of basic operational knowledge despite their lost memory of learning to use these things. If they can identify the sounds of water sloshing and even speech despite not having heard those sounds since waking up most recently, they could also be able to differentiate between a dark room and being blind (in fact, none of the myriad other dark rooms like UL B, Ruby's locker, maintenance vent, power failure from Red's bomb, etc are described as anything other than dark or dim).

Very important to this theory is identifying Jay's intent with this action. Jay doesn't seem to want to hurt anything, so he is either accidentally causing the scene by looking at them while distressed or he is intentionally sharing his torment. If he is accidentally causing the infliction due to his distress, it's likely that Jay would be sharing exactly his sensory experience. If he is intentionally inflicting T&R, the illusions are probably the closest his powers can approximate to his torment. Jay's abilities aren't thoroughly explored, but his exact sensory experience is a dark surrounding and loud water noises, but his powers might approximate with the physical blindness he likely had prior to entering the Glen. If we knew more about Jay's history prior to admission to the Metal Glen, this would be more clear. If he was blind but not deaf he could think he is blind again and think that he is deaf (and that deafness is a water sound, like blindness is the familiar type of darkness).

Evidence against this theory is that Jay seems to have inflicted Tom and Ruby with Jay's own sensory information (SO DARK container, water noise screening his senses) instead of causing physically blindness and deafness. This could be explained that, while Jay doesn't seem to be blind, he possibly thinks he is due to constant darkness. Additionally, the lack of tactile water feeling indicates that Jay might only be capable of visual and auditory illusions, not tactile hallucinations. He might not cover the room, but instead wrap around their heads to screen them, but is unable to actually touch them.

Finally, the "familiar type of darkness" could just refer to being in a room they know is quiet and lit, but being unable to hear or see. It reminds them of the helplessness of blindness which tom reacts to by flailing around and to which Ruby reacts by using the third eye and trusting it "blindly", almost leading to accidentally self-inflicted death (which is a strong fear for the blind, compounding the fear and shock caused by the sudden reoccurrence of blindness). It also makes them feel like they are missing something, that anyone else in the room would be perfectly able to function, and that they are incredibly vulnerable if any of the numerous threats in the Glen find them.

Regardless of the mechanics, intent, and actual specific abilities of Jay, he definitely terrifies them and shakes them to their cores. Really, it's incredible that Ruby and Tom endanger themselves to such a degree in an effort to extract Jay, so much that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for his sake!

Theories Concerning Bella[edit]

"Dr. S", "HER", and the Bella are the same person[edit]


Filbert says that Ace no longer taking orders from himself, or even from "HER." Given the appearance of the figure on the monitor shortly before Ace's first appearance, as well as this figure's later apology for being unable to call off Ace, it is reasonable to assume that the "HER" Filbert was referring to is the person on the monitor.

Ruby and Tom later find a note from "Dr. S" that states that he or she has heard laughter and voices drifting from the lower labs at night, implying that Dr. S works in the upper regions of The Metal Glen. According to the map of the Glen, the surveillance systems are in the upper levels, so it seems reasonable that this is where the figure on the monitor would be broadcasting from. As a doctor, Dr. S is the only remaining figure introduced or implied so far that would have any authority over Ace or control of the surveillance systems. If the Animal Crossing trend is continued, Dr. S may likely be based off of Doctor Shrunk, a psychologist.

Monitor figure is an AI or cyborg of some sort[edit]


Since the monitor figure has not been seen elsewhere in the facility other than various screens, it's possible that it's an AI or cyborg that helps run the facility, and is rooted to one spot. That would explain why the image always appears extremely similar, as well as why it's able to open doors and the like, such as when it let Ruby out into the Lab 6 area, and the strange fluctuating voice it spoke with.

This doesn't explain why it suddenly can't call off Ace though, as that would imply it had some manner of control over Ace to begin with. This could be explained by assuming Ace is also a cyborg, which explains his ungodly strength. The chest wound may have damaged his system and prevented the monitor figure from controlling Ace anymore.

Bella is/was most assuredly not an AI. She was alive on life support. They killed her at her bequest by injecting her with air and separating her from life support near the end. She might still have been a cyborg, but it's pretty darn unlikely.

Bella is RESSETI[edit]

You just watch, if we die he'll be unhappy.


That round thing isn't a head, it's a HELMET. If we die, expect some really unhappy lectures.

Debunked theories[edit]

Gas is a Mutagen[edit]


The gas is the reason for the mutations. Ruby, the Hound, and the Bear (and possibly Red) are known to be infected, and all of them were either next to the Back Room (Bear and Hound), were in the back room when we activated the gas (Ruby), or are commonly assumed to have been everywhere (Red). Tom is not infected at the moment because he has never been near the gas. Ruby is growing her eye where it is because the gas entered through the claw wound.

Alternatively, going by the Eye Gouge theory, the gas went through our pneumatic pipe and up to Tom. It likely infected him when he opened it to get the antidote, and got in his eye. This would be why he gouged it out after the antidote was received, instead of earlier.

DEBUNKED: Ruby's condition has apparently been around since birth, and we are in an experimental medical facility. Therefore, its quite likely everyone who is mutated is either like that because of their condition, or because of the experimental cures. The gas is a defense system, so it is very unlikely to be an attempt at treatment or anything like that.

Tom Clones[edit]

Tom clones.png


The Tom we see now is not the same Tom we saw back then.

Made after part 3, the theory went that the original Tom died from arsenic poisoning. The Tom we met after our dream was a new Tom. The evidence for this includes: Tom vanishing, Tom appearing somewhere no one had access to, Tom reappearing suddenly right where we left him. I would go into more detail, but Tom's story has mostly checked out. The discrepancies don't lead us to think he is someone else entirely... but there are still problems with his story.

Red didn't kill himself at all[edit]


The picture with the dead Red doesn't have a blood trail between the wall Red wrote on and the place he is lying dead, while he'd need a lake of blood to write all that he's written. Also, suicide by passing several spikes through your head can be quite difficult to perform.

The theory has been officially proved wrong since Weaver said the trail is absent for simplicity of drawing.

Characters in Steel Glen, especially mutants, do seem to contain lakes of blood.

Also, one of the items found in the holding room was an empty red spraypaint can

Red was Murdered[edit]


It must be pretty hard to drive a pair of wooden spikes through your head, draw some words on the wall, then walk back to the middle of the room and pose for us. Something out there could have killed Red.

The only real hole in this theory is WHAT is written on the wall - NEVER CATCH ME NEVERNEVERNEVER fits Red's personality perfectly, so the killer either knew him very well, or it really was a suicide.

DEBUNKED: He definitely committed suicide to lure out Ace. His bomb and letter confirm that he wanted Ace there, and his suicide was the way to lure Ace out of hiding.

Stitches is /tg/[edit]


Stitches could be an in-game manifestation of /tg/. He seemed to want to communicate with Ruby, he showed her an item, and he was "stitched together" like some kind of Frankenstein's monster. This could be symbolic of the nature of /tg/, which is also a mosaic of personalities and minds. He also seemed to be bound or hindered somehow and was surrounded by what looked like images and text. This could be symbolic of how /tg/ has trouble making decisions and taking action because of its inability to reach consensus.

Weaver said that we'd seen Stitches before <citation here> and may well have been talking about /tg/, but this theory loses water considering that we may have seen him from the gas room while searching for Tom's antidote.

DEBUNKED: Stitches seems to be a regularly-occurring character, like everyone else in the facility. He appears on Weaver's cast lineup and has been shown to be semi-lucid at least once.

"F" is a dead or missing staff member[edit]


"F"'s arm was found and used on the hand scanner. Even if he is still alive, he appears to have fallen in to some trouble. Other body parts we have found may have belonged to him as well.

DEBUNKED: Now that we've seen him, we know that he's alive, well, and paranoid, and he cut off his own hand to stave off the infection.

"F" is a bird[edit]


Continuing the trend of character names coming from Animal Crossing, "F" may be short for Franklin, the name of a bird from AC. Evidence for multiple bird characters comes from The Metal Glen poem, which speaks of "birds" in the plural.

DEBUNKED: He's Filbert, and he's a squirrel

Stitches was a Hallucination[edit]


Several of the events surrounding Stitches don't seem to comport with reality as it's experienced afterward. (the white out, etc.) However, we did receive an item from Stitches - the cross peg - which makes him being completely unreal a bit unlikely.

Both Tom and Ruby saw and interacted with Stitches in part 8, injecting him with Tranquilizer after tripping him, and then shoving him into a locker with the group photo.

Stitches is Useless/Stitches is a Red Herring[edit]

VIABLE UNLIKELY DEBUNKED He is a recurring character, and has been confirmed as a former patient.

When Stitches was revealed from behind the tarp, there was a fish painted in blood next to him. Blood is red, a herring is a fish. "Red herring" is a phrase that means "misleading clue." Google that shit, nigga. This could merely have been a visual pun or it could have been a suggestion to regard Stitches as a distraction. When Weaver was directly questioned about the connection between Stitches and this possibility, he did not deign to answer.

Additionally: The poem "The Metal Glen," part 5 lines 3 and 4:

The bear cried "This is just our lot,"
And surrendered to his pain.

"The Metal Glen" Part 6 line 6:

The bear knotted up himself and died

When Ruby encountered Stitches after Red's bomb exploded, it was apparent that he had Bear ears.

Courses of action suggested by this theory: Do not rely on Stitches for anything. If he turns out to be helpful in some way, fine; but do not bank on it and do not turn Ruby's or Tom's back on him.

He was very useful indeed in the end. When Ace went PSYCHO RAAAAAGE on us, Tom stayed behind to ward him off, but Stitches pulled a One Winged Angel right at the end and was presumably killed by Ace, but made a small margin of time where Ruby, Tom, and Jay could escape.

Tom has Crossed the Line of "Not Surprised by Anything Anymore"[edit]


This is the reason he didn't seem particularly shocked about the most recent plot events: He already saw Ruby killing him in a record, and nothing, absolutely nothing this game can throw at him, could surprise him anymore.

Tom seemed pretty goddamn surprised at mouthdoor.

Ace is a Piece of Emobird[edit]


The character "Ace" in Animal Crossing is a bird, and we've never seen both in the same place at the same time, nor have they ever been referenced separately--indeed, there has been no mention of this patient in the facility records (with one exception, see below), while all others so far have been referenced or at least appear in videos or notes Tom and Ruby have found.

"Emobird" begins to appear only after Ace is badly wounded by a trap, and Ace hasn't been seen since "Emobird" started showing up.

The only place we have seen Emobird in past records is in the photo of all the Metal Glen patients, but this doesn't necessarily disprove him being Ace, as Ace is not in the photo and it could be a very old photo.

^This is also possible because the picture was covered by wall chunks.

We saw Jay's body and Ace in the same room. Also, Ace wasn't exactly a bird anymore.

When Jay was found and carried out of his cold storage prison by Tom, he seemed a bit taller, as shown while he was hunched over. This being said, he has the same shape as "ACE" who was obviously a giant in his own right. Though it is unknown how long Jay was kept in that water filtration Unit. Not only that... it is unknown if the WFU could have also been a makeshift revival locker of it's own, that ace kept jay alive with. Ace's mask clearly resembles a bird's beak. And no flesh is shown on ACE aside from his tentacle face. What I'm saying is... that Jay's wounds were more than coincidental. As these treatments were based from the strange flesh that seems to grow throughout the facility, ace could be made up of it, completely. A total opposite entity that broke off of him, and became malevolent. This... "new ace" attacked and subdued jay and stored him in the unit, causing him to become atrophied over time, though never truly dieing, for one reason or another. While he was a "clone of jay" in a sense, he would obviously have a similar mind, though tainted with whatever darkness the flesh and the "old ones" had. So this new ace, which ruby found to be "unfriendly" merely at a glance, was running around with whatever orders it remembered from jay's latent memories, which would explain why it listens to Bella. If only to an extent. While it is evident he never did anyone any REAL harm, this is not to say he wouldn't. /tg/ was lucky enough to avoid that situation. As seen with the other mutations, it definitely made all of the other patients quite deadly.

Filbert really was clean[edit]


Filbert apparently spent several days in solitude behind his closet. If he was infected all along, as it seemed, the mutations would have occurred long before Ruby met him. No, it was more likely that it wasn't until Ruby who, by punching him with her prickly fist, finally caused the infection, that instantly mutated his right arm as well as the cheek he took the hit in.

Also, looking back to when we first entered the analyzer room. When we flicked the blood from the hand, who we know know was Filbert's, into the analyzer, it came back as inert. But the blood from Stitches AND Tom came back as infected.

However, the notes found in Filbert's office seem to indicate that either he WAS clean and just had a ton of symptoms of being infected, or he's insane and was trying to fool himself. Either way, he's not clean now.

Also, it seems Filbert will be an upcoming boss because he returned with a somewhat resemblance to the Hound Zombie. He seems relatively pissed, and claims he will "Make Tom and Ruby clean again".

... /tg/ is fucked.

So, it turned out that Filly was totally infected, as his shoulder, ears, and thigh sprouted mouths. Tom killed Fil' with his MANLY PHYSIQUE and a touch of PSYCHO RAAAAAGE.

Somehow Filbert was infected somewhere along the line.

#6 Is A Shapeshifter[edit]

VIABLE DEBUNKED PLAUSIBLE? Not entirely impossible Entirely Impossible

Stretched evidence: It attempted to pretend it was Tom, in spite of its appearance. Maybe #6 was once capable of transforming, but is no longer? Alternatively, it might shapeshift in a different way - it grows and grows, out of control, and could conceivably make a people-puppet to use as a tool. If what we talked to was one such people-puppet, then it looks like #6 can't make them perfectly - the puppet had no eyes and was a quadruple amputee. If it can make puppets in this manner, the dummy could be one such abomination.

Jan 16 07:13:38 <TG_Weaver> 7) #6 might be a shapeshifter.
Jan 16 07:13:40 <TG_Weaver> This... uh

Monitor figure is the Room Dummy[edit]


See above, if Monitor figure is rooted to one spot, the chance that it's inside the dummy is possible. The dummy has no way of breaking and it is immobile...

The monitor figure is Bella.

Emobird is #6[edit]


It is constantly dark in the upper lab B, and Emobird complains about darkness. This suggests a connection, and it might be possible that he is manifesting himself outside his cell as a ghost or something. He was shut to lab B because he was getting dangerous, but perhaps he was not being malicious at all - just a danger to those around him anyway. Perhaps the darkness that he inadvertently causes is dangerous to everyone else.

We found who Subject 6 really is here.

"Our" Tom was Subject 6 all along.