Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy

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When you want to weaponize a hot dog stand, accept no substitutes!
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By Mork's grace it has been done. The Squig Catapult has been reborn.

A new Ork vehicle from the 2018 Orktober event, as a Speed Freek vehicle, it is designed for XTREME SPEED! The Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy is a weaponized Ork food truck, originally intended to feed Speed Freeks on the move but repurposed after a rabid Attack Squig was fired into an Ork's face. Yes, it is as awesome as you would expect. As such, this vehicle contains a diverse abundance of different type of Squigs for all your Squiggly needs. Eagle-eyed Ork players will notice the huge variety of different Squig breeds on the model, including:

Other forms of Squig that have been identified includes a Squig Hound and even a pot full of Buzzer Squigs. Occasionally, they may deploy far more exotic squigs, such as the bellow-lunged Screech Squig or the revolting yet hilarious Bowel-Torrent Squigs.

The Squigbuggy is a flatbed truck; the flatbed itself contains a Squig pen overflowing with all manner of bitey, bile and boom Squigs, overseen by a Grot (who, honestly, is having a pretty hard time keeping the Squigs under control). Below the flatbed are two fuel tanks – not especially well protected from impact – and a set of Saw Blades either side, perfect for shredding tyres and enemies.

Because of its unique nature, the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy acts as both a fast attack vehicle and a mine layer at the same time. It is armed with both a Heavy Squig Launcha and a slightly smaller Squig Launcha, both of which fire one of several unpleasant varieties of Squigs at enemies up to 36" away. For closer-in work the vehicle's crew can employ Stikksquig Grenades and, for some reason, a Shoota Kannon. Once per game, the buggy can also release a Squig Mine that can explode with hilarious results if a model approaches too closely. There is also a Snotling standing on one of the Ork's shoulders like an Orky parrot. Truly, Gork and Mork has blessed us for our patience.


Along with the other new Ork "warbuggies," the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy was unveiled in 8th Edition with great fanfare. However, this reception was tempered once Ork players realized that as equipped, this vehicle came in at 140 points- 20 points more than a base Battlewagon. For a vehicle that could theoretically be destroyed by only two Lascannon hits, this was clearly unacceptable. As of Chapter Approved 2019 the Squigbuggy has been reduced to 100 points, weapons included, but it remains to be seen if more Ork players will give this unit a second chance.

All in all, the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy isn't bad. If nothing else, the two squig launchers provide a rare opportunity to adjust your ammunition to your target on the fly, and the 36" range on both launchers is quite excellent by Ork standards. Depending on the type of squig used, these weapons are effective against GEQs and MEQs alike, including Primaris Space Marines. They can even be used against the toughest of monstrous creatures with no loss in effectiveness, although their performance against vehicles is not as good. If absolutely needed the vehicle can squeeze out a little extra firepower in the form of its shotgun and Stikksquig grenades, or engage in melee with its Saw Blades at S6, Ap-1 with 4 attacks hitting on WS of 4+. The Squig Mine, although a highly situational weapon, is potentially useful in edge circumstances.

Of course, the real reason to take the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy is because it's just about the Orkiest vehicle in existence, now or ever.

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