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Typical RuneQuest encounter.

RuneQuest was invented in the Long Ago by a beatnik so he could get laid. Eventually he wrote some shit down, and called it White Bear Red Moon, and lo: it was good.

It has been through one million editions with twice that many different rules systems. Some of these are:

  • Convoluted % system with Strike Ranks, prostitutes, and 100 Dwarves cutting their own heads off.
  • Boring 'Fantasy Earth' version crapped out by a wargames company.
  • Fancy-shmancy 'The Game With Two Names' version with a groovy feel-good invent-your-own-stats kind of vibe that kicks all the ass.
  • Re-tread of original convoluted % system for neckbeards who just can't let go.

Except the crappy Avalon Hill edition and the new edition from Design Mechanism, RuneQuest lives in the world of Glorantha, which is the greatest and most batshit original IP evar. Dwarves are cogs of the world machine, Elves are plant elementals who like to bust a nut, the world is a d6 in a sea of Mountain Dew, history gets re-written every two and a half seconds, Dragons are the size of continents, you visit the Gods in Valhalla every Thursday, Bob has a mincer that can turn an entire bison into burgers, and the best spell is "Leap Through Window to Avoid Angry Husband".

It is intimidating how much stuff there is to learn, but if you just start with the Celtic Greek Vikings you will be stealing cows and punching Space Romans in no time.