Rune Armour

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My armour can deflect Lascannons. Problem, Guardsmen?

Rune Armour is a protective wraithbone armour suit psychically moulded to its Eldar recipient. It is considered somewhat like the Aegis Armour, albeit, without offering the same levels of godly protection.


In contrast to the mass-produced Mesh Armour worn by Eldar Guardians. Rune Armour provides greater protection than other, bulkier forms of armour, in part because its psychic energy can deflect a shot or blast before it hits the armour. Even lascannons and Plasma Weapons can be turned aside by Rune Armour. Rune Armour is worn only by Farseers, the Seer Councils and Warlocks.

Due to the fact that Rune Armour is constructed entirely out of Wraithbone, the only ones who can make and maintain these things are Bonesingers. Due to this, crafting Rune Armour is kind of an arduous and artistic affair, as the Bonesinger must psychically meld the energies together until it coalesces into something tangible. This makes Rune Armour far more expensive than your standard-issue mass-produced Mesh Armour.

On the flip side of things, since it is made out of Wraithbone, Rune Armour could regenerate over time, so in terms of overall cost upkeep, Rune Armour is actually cheaper than Mesh Armour as the Wraithbone could self-repair any damages. Of course, this works wonders until a rogue Psyker decides to 'unmend' it for the shits and giggles. Rune Armour does not offer the same protection as Power Armour, and lies somewhere in Carapace Armour category, but it is lighter and more flexible than either of these armour sets.

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