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"Real kings had shiny swords, obviously. Except... maybe your real real king of, like, days of yore, he would have a sword that didn't sparkle one bit but was bloody efficient at cutting things."

– Sgt Colon - Guards Guards

The Runefangs are 12 magical swords (or rune weapons if you want to be a Dwarf about) and the badges of office for each of the elector counts of the Empire. They were commissioned after the battle of Black Fire pass, and created by the Dwarven Runesmith Alaric the Mad, though they took so long to make they were all finally handed over 100 years after the battle, simply because Alaric pumped so much of his rune craft into them to make them the most broken, end level gear he could. And he succeeded considering they are all Killtastic weapons that rival every other weapon besides Ghal-Maraz. The Runefangs themselves are very simple and practical looking and they all look near identical to each other (except for Dragons Tooth), with a single gem in the hilt and the rune that gives them their power at the base of the blade, they don't have any over designed ornamentation or stupid looking nonsense you get on some fantasy swords. What makes them so special is that they will carve up even the thickest of armour with no effort, and any wound they make will NEVER heal and will remain open and bleeding for the rest of the poor sods life, (which usually isn't that long).

On tabletop they are brutal and easily one of the most effective weapons that can be wielded, up there with The Slayer of Kings and a Maxed out Dwarf kill-axe. They are all auto-wounding, no armour save death sticks. Basically you give one to your General when he has to fight anything from Chaos Lords to Dragons.

The Runefangs[edit]

  • Dragons Tooth: Runefang of Reikland.
  • Mother's Ruin: Runefang of Averland. Sometimes known as "The Sword of Ruin."
  • Goblin Bane: Runefang of Hochland.
  • Legbiter: Runefang of Middenland.
  • Crow Feeder: Runefang of Nordland.
  • Brain Wounder: Runefang of Ostland.
  • Troll Cleaver: Runefang of Ostermark.
  • Orc Hewer: Runefang of Stirland.
  • Stone Breaker: Runefang of Talabecland.
  • Blood Bringer: Runefang of Wissenland.
  • Grudge Settler: Runefang of Solland. Was lost after Gorbad Ironclaw's invasion and the subsequent destruction of Solland. It was later recovered and is traditionally given to champions of the Empire. Currently in the service of Reiksmarshal Kurt Helborg.
  • Beast Slayer: Runefang of the Drakwald. After the fall and annexation of the Drakwald, the Runefang was taken to the Imperial armoury in Altdorf and is given out to Heroes of the Empire, to signify the Emperors support and to give them an extra kick in battle.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

Believe it or not, the Runefangs have returned for AoS in the form of an entity known as "The Father of Blades" - composed of the amalgamated spirits of "twelve steel-spirits of twelve duardin runeswords that were once gifted to Sigmar's lieutenant-chieftains in the ancient days of the World-That-Was". The Celestial Vindicators worship him, beseeching for him to turn them into living weapons.