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Silver crescent moon on a deep blue field
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Cerilian
Portfolio Night, magic, moon
Domains Knowledge, Light, Magic
Home Plane The Silver Lands (Outlands)
Worshippers Astrologers, explorers, magicians, wizards
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff

Ruornil, also called Rilni, Lirorn, and Lirovka, is the Cerilian god of the moon and magic. He's the husband of Sera, and father to Eloéle.


Ruornil was part of a small group of wizards who worshipped Vorynn, the old god of magic and the deposed patron of the Vos. He was given the title of Weaver, marking him as the most powerful wizard in Vorynn's service, and was a source of joy for the god. At the Battle at Mount Deismaar, Ruornil lead a small contingent of Anuirean wizards and the remnants of the Vos who still worshipped Vorynn. He attempted to turn the Vos away from Azrai, but was set upon by fell beings. As the gods manifested to fight Azrai, Vorynn gave Ruornil an silver pendant of an owl before going to fight. As the old gods died, Ruornil felt an unbelievable power coursing through the pendant, and with a heavy heart, he took the power to himself and ascended to replace his old god.


Ruornil rarely takes a form that can be easily identified when he's talking with his worshippers. When he does, he looks as he did before his ascension, a black-haired, pale-skinned youth in a silver robe. Some say that the Moon God also appears as a silver owl, or a fox for followers who are on a journey or undertaking a quest.


The Silver Prince's followers are mainly wizards and magicians, and work to achieve the goals of their god by studying the nature of magic, charting the ley lines, and defending the sources of mebhaighl (pronounced meh-VALE) around the world, often allying with rangers and people living in the wilderness around them. Many of his followers are hermits, preferring solitude around the sources to life in the cities. Some of his followers are also nocturnal, believing that Ruornil has more influence over their lives that, and some are active during the day, beliving that the Silver Prince will guard them over the night. His holy days are the Autumnal Equinox, when magical item are symbolically offered so that their magic can return to the earth it came from, and the Eve of the Dead, when rituals are conducted to keep the influence of the Shadow World at bay.

Ruornil's church is small, largely consisting of small, remote shrines attended by priests and wizards. He's also very remote, having set down no written word or communicating with his followers regularily.


The church in Rheulgard. They work with the elves of Coullabhie to preserve the Coulladaraight and the sources within it from despoilers.

Ruornil's Celestial Spell[edit]

The state church of Medoere, whose archpriest rules the land. Founded by a priest who gathered the faithful of Ruornil in Anuire to one place, they eventually broke away from the realm of Diemed after the ruler of the province planned to slaughter them all with an army. His daughter then murdered him and was declared the ruler of the land by Ruornil, who then used motherfucking moonlasers to destroy the coming army.

Ruornil's Silver Guard[edit]

The church in Grevesmühl. It's mainly focused on defending the human settlements in the frontier, and supports the Grevesmühl Guard, a famed group of rangers.

Temple of Rilni[edit]

The temple in Mairada. Here, Rilni, as Ruornil's known as, is the Binder of the Five Oaths, oaths that all khinasi wizards must swear, with guarding the locations of the sources seen as a secondary aspect. The elder priest, Jabil min Rilni, often makes the decisions regarding matters of the realm, with many officials and courtiers asking for his opinion before obeying the sultana.

Tor of Lirorn[edit]

The church in Wolfgaard and Hjorig. Named after it's founder, Tor Elke, the heir to Hjorig. Has similarities to the faith of Erik.

Treucht Chaucen[edit]

The church in Treucht. Lead by the Ehrsheghlien Thelma est Chauchen, The Church Of and For Treucht supposedly holds both Erik and Ruornil in high esteem, but neither are the focus.

The Deities & Faiths of Birthright
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Haelyn - Moradin Nesirie - Taelinri Cuiraécen - Laerme
Land's Protectorate
Neutral Avani Erik - Ruornil Eloéle - Sera
Evil Karthatok - Kriesha
The Serpent - Torazan
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