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The latest artwork for the cover of the ruleset.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : The RPG is what naturally comes when /tg/ decides to get shit done. Not to be confused with STALKER: The Other RPG, STALKER: The Zone RPG, or STALKER - The SciFi Roleplaying Game.

How it came into existence[edit]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : The RPG is a ruleset meant for the d20_Modern system. It was originally created from a British dude who didn't pay as much attention to it as he should. When a group of lonely and hungry-for-Stalker gamers found out about it, they decided it was far too broken to be played. Thus, the overhauling process was initiated.

After the invaluable help of fa/tg/uys, the ridiculous fixing and rule-adding actions taken by the Steam group that asked for feedback in the first place and 4 or so threads, the ruleset reached its final form. Although even cover art was made, the file remained in .doc instead of .pdf form, to the disapproval of many.

General Characteristics[edit]

  • The players take up the roles of Stalkers, wandering around in the Chernobyl and Pripyat area, a wasteland filled with mutants and dirty opportunity-seekers living in rebuilt settlements, military dudes and greedy traders.
  • Every human creature has 50HP, non-changeable (except through the use of artifacts found in the area). This is to promote realism and to keep players and enemies not-overpowered.
  • Most would agree that weapons do a lot of damage. This is correct, judging from the fact that 2 OR 3 BULLETS USUALLY KILL THE SHIT OUT OF YOU IRL. That, and guns in Stalker were pretty lethal too.
    • There was a big argument about the Knife only inflicting 2d20 damage, thereby being unable to inflict one-hit kills. It was generally agreed upon keeping it that way, since no-one would enjoy players running around armed with knifes and killing everything in one stab.

The setting was playtested by the original introducing crew using Fantasy Grounds 2. It was reported that it worked out well, although some minor problems still existed (like the fact that you won't be getting an assault rifle for some sessions). Overall, it's an issue that should really fall under every GM's jurisdiction. It's up to him to make things easy or hard in the first place

Another playtest was done by 3 Anonymous, 1 DM and his character and 2 normal players. This crew reported a small amount of un-needed feats (like the Rebuild feat, which allows you to fully reconstruct and reinforce small settlements, given time) or overpowered ones (like the Knifan focus, which allows 2 attacks per turn when wielding a knife). However, those kind Anons agreed that the game flow was undisturbed and there were no mechanics that hindered the progress of the storyline.

In the 4th thread, a variant cover was handed out and there was a promise of a .pdf-ication of the .doc file in the near future. If something is given out, expect it to be shown here.

Anonymous delivers. A PDF has been made.

  • Little does /tg/ in it's self buttpatting realize this game is actually barely a finished product (much like the original vidya). There are contradictory statements, as well as no explanation of some things, like what the hell Luck as a stat is much less what it's for. Also the character sheet is missing a place to write down what skills and feats you have. Furthermore: all of the enemy stats are bloated. All of them. If you don't think so then ask yourself if it makes sense that a dog, not a psuedodog just a normal dog, has 50 HP- the same as a human.

And so a lone gunman went to work finishing what /tg/ started. modifying and adding to the /tg/ pdf has been done. The game is finally playable. As much as /tg/ had a decent start everything has been modified and expanded to make it playable. A decent character creation and a character sheet has been made. Pictures for your viewing pleasure have been added too.

External Links[edit]

It seems the /tg/ guys left it to die here. However i have overhauled it. Here it is:

  • [1] The stalker rpg V2.4

Original version:

  • [2] Here, STALKAN: The RPG Corebook PDF and Character Sheet.

We're back, and better than ever!