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The Sacred Band began as an experimental combat formation for the first of the Space Marines. It was formally disbanded before the end of the Unification Wars. However, the Sacred Band remained in existence as an informal "old boys" network among the Solar-born Adeptus Astartes.

Origins: The First and Last of the Primarchs[edit]

The Emperor created twenty god-like Primarchs in his laboratories deep beneath the Himalayzian Mountains, intending for these beings to be the spearheads of his Great Crusade. This plan was spoiled by the intervention of the Ruinous Powers, who opened a rift in the warp and scattered nineteen of the gestating Primarchs throughout the Galaxy. Only Hektor Cincinnatus was saved, thanks to the heroism of Malcador the Sigilite. Endlessly creative and adaptable, the Emperor of Mankind used the genetic material from his Primarchs to create a series of artificial organs - the gene-seed - to transform mortal warriors into superhuman Space Marines. Twenty different lines of gene-seed were developed, one corresponding to each Primarch, and these organs were implanted into the best recruits that could be found.

Initially, the Emperor planned for the whole of his Space Marine Legion to be under the command of the remaining Primarch, Hektor. The first step in activating the Legion was the formation of a cadre unit, the Sacred Band. Each squad of the Sacred Band was comprised of the ten finest warriors to have been implanted with the corresponding Primarch's gene-seed. The gene-sons of Hektor Cincinnatus already showed promise above the other gene-seed lines and their excellence was recognized by appointment of the Sacred Band's three lieutenants from among their number in addition to the ten marines of the First Squad.

The success of Hektor's own lineage was not unwelcome, but it highlighted problems among the other gene-seed lines. Thirteenth Squad was particularly troubled in training, showing a marked lack of respect for authority and utter lack of discipline. The Emperor and his closest advisors deliberated on the matter and decided that the Sacred Band would have to be split up into twenty separate Legions. However, as the cadre were already reaching the end of the training, the Emperor determined to put them through a combat trial. The performance of the squads of the Sacred Band would determine the activation order of the new Legiones Astartes, though the First Squad's superiority was such that preparations for activating Hektor's own Legion began immediately.

The Test: Pacification of the Merican Hives[edit]

Although the Emperor's Thunder Warriors and genehanced regiments would carry the lion's share of the fighting throughout the Unification Wars, giving the Space Marines some combat experience before dispatching them to the stars was seen as essential. Their first opportunity was in the subjugation of Merica, an old, wealthy, and thoroughly decadent nation to the east of the Emperor's dominions.

Hektor's mission was not to conquer Merica, but to prove his soldiers' worth. The Thunder Warriors were stronger and savage, the genehanced troopers could be produced in far greater numbers. For all that the Emperor was confident in His latest creations, He assumed nothing and made it clear to the Sacred Band that they would not be sheltered on the campaign.

Order of Battle[edit]

Headquarters and reserves

First Section

Second Section

Third Section

Combat Performance[edit]

As a whole, the Sacred Band performed well. Casualties due to enemy action were low, although the Fifth Squad was tragically slain by berserk Thunder Warriors in the San Angelus Incident.


For the remainder of the Unification Wars, the veterans of the Sacred Band busied themselves in expanding their commands and fighting for the victory of the Emperor. Were it not for the conquest of Luna, their bonds might have slowly dwindled over time and become over-written by greater loyalty to their respective Legions. However, Hektor Cincinnatus's alliance with Pallas Eugenesis and the Eclipse Queen's subsequent role in supervising the gene-forges of Luna altered the political landscape.