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The Sage (or Savant) is an Inquisitorial Henchman and butt-buddies for life. They are biologically augmented with increased mental storage and processing power. They are used to aid the Inquisitor in tracking down their foes. Often they are also useful for calculating trajectories, communicating with local populations and translating ancient texts. They are also used to predict enemy movements. (Or to rig the odds in chance games in seedy gambling establishments when accompanying a famous Commissar)

Sages come in three types.


The Autosavants are types of servants used by Inquisitors. A type of Sage, these non-combat henchmen are capable of storing, processing, and accessing vast tracts of information. There exist many specialized varieties, such as those with a higher level of knowledge of technology, mathematics, tactics, statistics, or linguistics. Autosavants are there to become literal walking libraries and unlike Librarians, Autosavants have little to no risk in daemonic possession.

One has to wonder why Chenkov doesn't keep one of these as a consultant. Maybe he ordered said consultant to march through a minefield to clear it.


A Lexmechanic, the intelligence gatherer and paper carrier of the Inquisition.

The Lexmechanic is one of the lowest ranks of Tech Priest within the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their purpose is to compile and analyse data so that it can be entered into a central computer repository. They work with computer speed and accuracy, assembling battlefield reports, economic statistics, planetary reports, and so forth. Because of their role as excellent bureaucrats, they are often assigned to duties throughout the Adeptus Terra and Administratum. However, due to their role in information and intelligence, Lexmechanics also are a favored Sage by the Inquisition, more specifically Inquisitors who are more keen in covert investigations.

Sister Dialogous[edit]

The Sister Dialogous, part of the Orders Dialogous which are a non-militant order of the Adepta Sororitas are the Sage and secret girlfriends of an Inquisitor. The sisters within are experts in language and scholarly activities. They can translate texts, heretical, pious or alien in nature. Sister Dialogous are there to help decipher text that would further give in information in a Inquisitorial investigation. Occasionally they can offer assistance by translating the tongue of their Inquisitorial masters to that of natives that do not speak low gothic, xenos or even heretical daemons.

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