Sagittarum Guard

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The Emprah's Finest about to give your entire tank column a divine fisting.

The Sagittarum Guards are the Golden Gods' equivalent of the Space Marine Tactical Squad. They are the Dakka version of the Custodian Guard's Choppy version and are thus played differently. They wear Auramite Armour and are armed with the Adrastus Bolt Calivers which is like a Heavy Bolter making love with a Necron Gauss Cannon - which sounds cheesy, except for the fact that their performance on the tabletop is surprisingly underwhelming, especially when compared to basic Custodes armed with Adrathic Destructors. You basically pay the same points for putting out 3 Heavy Bolter shots as opposed to 3 or more Force Sword attacks at S6, and you'll probably need to buy them Misericordias as well so they aren't as bad in melee. A squad of 3 Saggitarii costs the same as 10 Intercessors, they have half the Wounds and Attacks, but they're tougher with T5/2+/4++, have better 2+ accuracy, better guns, and better melee attacks at S5 and AP-2. Yet you can't subdivide them further to hold 2 objectives the way you can combat squad Intercessors. Hardly anyone who has a Custodes army barely plays them in the Horus Heresy game because Forge World put Sagittarum Guard in the Heavy slot. As they take one away from more useful Telemon Dreads or Caladius Tanks. In 40k they are in the troops slot instead and thus aren't a waste of player's points, time and money. In fact, much like their Space Marine counterparts. It's recommended to have at least one squad in your list as Heavy Bolter troops are always useful. thought Necron Destroyers were bad? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Though less common within the ranks of the Legio Custodes than their peers, these golden lubes of anal penetration who comprise the Sagittarum Guard Sodalities nevertheless fulfill a number of vital roles within the Legio's order of battle. As you may already know, their art of war is focused more on slaying the foe and filling them up with holes and atomic rounds at a distance and upon the devastating application of firepower on the battlefield.

In addition to this, the Sagittarum have entered legend as the hawk-sighted sentries of the Terran walls, charged with vigilance over the external border of the Imperial Palace in ready anticipation of smacking some fool. Through decades of duty their ability to recall movement patterns, faces, and speech even years after the original incident was honed even more so than that of their peers. As such, their enhanced ability to analyse crowds for anticipated response grew in import upon the battlefields of the Great Crusade.

The oversight cultivated on the walls of the Imperial palace served to ensure that their presence among the detachments of the Emperor's guard was tailored to precisely excise the greatest threat of the enemy assault, annihilating it in the actinic fire of weapons the likes of which had not been seen in such concentration since the Dark Age of Technology.

Forces of the Adeptus Custodes
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Custodian Warden - Sagittarum Guard - Sentinel Guard
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