San Angelus Incident

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San Angelus Incident
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Date c.775.M30
Scale under-hive block
Theatre San Angelus Hive, Merica
Status Debacle
Thunder Warriors Sacred Band
Commanders and Leaders
Unknown Sergeant Mamercus
approximately 30 Thunder Warriors Fifth Squad, ten Space Marines
2 Thunder Warriors slain, 5 injured wiped out
Development of Fifth Legion set back, Thunder Warriors discredited
Fabricediallodescends.jpgThis article is about a battle in the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.

The San Angelus Incident was a small clash during the Unification Wars, but one that had a great impact on the development of the Space Marine Legions.

During the Pacification of the Merican Hives, Hektor Cincinnatus' Sacred Band undertook many dangerous missions to speed the Imperial advance. Early in the campaign, the Space Marines were called on to conduct a reconnaissance in force into the depths of the San Angelus Hive. Sergeant Mamercus and his Fifth Squad became separated in the confused conditions of the underhive and lost contact with the rest of the Sacred Band. Orend Ymoro's Second Squad would eventually find the torn bodies of the slain Space Marines. An investigation of the surviving vid-logs indicated that Mamercus and his men had not fallen victim to Merican partisans, but instead had been killed by out of control Thunder Warriors.

The loss of their command cadre greatly slowed the development of Fifth Legion. Antoine Antonelle, previously considered as a top candidate for Legion Quartermaster, was called on to guide the Fifth, but he commanded little respect among the veterans of the Sacred Band and the Legion was starved of resources for decades. The incident may have also played a role in discrediting the Thunder Warriors, leading to their removal from the forces of the Emperor after the Battle of Mount Ararat.