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Praise the Sun!
Aliases The Dawnflower, The Cleansing Light, The Everlight, The Healing Light, The Healing Flame
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Goddess
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Sun, Redemption, Honesty, Healing
Domains Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun
Subdomains: Agathion, Day, Heroism, Light, (Redemption), Restoration, Resurrection, (Revelation)
Home Plane Everlight, Nirvana
Worshippers Healers, farmers, redeemed evil-doers
Favoured Weapon Scimitar


Sarenrae is the Golarion Goddess of the Sun, Compassion and Redemption. Originally an Archangel sworn to the service of Ihys, the now-deceased brother of Asmodeus, she took up her master's mantle when he was slain during the great cosmic battle between the Gods of Law and the Gods of Chaos. Her most notable feat after that was calling the gods together to seal away Rovagug.


Sarenrae is a goddess who teaches temperance and patience in all things. Compassion and peace are her greatest virtues, and if enemies of the faith can be redeemed, they should be. Yet there are those who have no interest in redemption, who glory in slaughter and death. From the remorseless evil of the undead and fiends, to the cruelties born in the hearts of mortals, Sarenrae's doctrines preach swift justice delivered by the scimitar's edge. To this end, she expects her faithful to be skilled at swordplay, both as a form of martial art promoting centering of mind and body, and so that when they do enter battle, their foes do not suffer any longer than necessary.


Sarenrae's realm of Everlight appears as a sun hanging at high noon in the sky of Nirvana. Her servitors gather there to plan their crusades without fear of espionage, as those who seek to do evil are banned from the realm. Sarenrae occasionally takes human form to walk the streets of High Ninshabur, learning from the less fortunate and reminding herself of her responsibility to care for the Great Beyond.


Sarenrae manifests as a bronze angelic beauty with golden hair composed of flowing flame. She emits a holy light which trickles down like liquid luminescence from one hand, while the other holds a scimitar emblazoned with radiant fire. Her holy light provides healing and sustenance, while the scimitar creates gusts of winds that remove disease and fear.


Sarenrae counts all non-evil gods as her companions, and even communicates with evil deities in the hopes of converting them from their dark ways, although certain tradition-bound deities like Torag distrust the Dawnflower and her flock, seeing their willingness to forgive is a weakness.

While Sarenrae believes in redemption, she understands that certain beings are irredeemable, including her only true enemy Rovagug and ironically Asmodeus, who once worked with her to imprison Rovagug. Sarenrae's hope that their cooperation would lead him to redemption never came to pass, and now she regards Asmodeus in the same category as Rovagug. Their rivalry goes much farther than their constant battle over souls.


Sarenrae shows her approval by sending doves, or the unusual appearance of ankhs. She indicates her disfavor through unexplained sunburns or blindness that can last from minutes for minor transgressions to an entire lifetime for the worst offenses.


Sarenrae has numerous angelic servants. Among these are her divine servitors, the yhohm, who are said to be born from a portion of phoenixes' souls every time they are reborn in fire. Her unique servants consist of the following:

  • Bryla
This servant of Sarenrae is manifested as a wheel of flaming sunlight.
  • Charlabu
Charlabu is a gold-colored hound archon that often appears in a canine form (no shit).
  • Mystmorning
This servant of the Dawnflower is an intelligent animated blade and possesses the same powers as that of a celestial unicorn.
  • Sunlord Thalachos
Her herald is a platinum-skinned angelic minion that is escorted by 11 divine doves.


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