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Syhana' symbol.jpg
A rainbow against a blue sky
Aliases The Cloudmaiden, the Lady of Color
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio 3E: Fair weather, good fey, rain
5E: Clouds, fair weather, fey, rainbows
Domains 3E: Air, Fey, Good, Rainbow
5E: Light
Home Plane Palace of Clouds (Golden Paradise)
Worshippers Desert tribes, farmers, fey, rural people
Favoured Weapon Prismatic Blade (Rapier)

Syhana is the demigoddess of fair weather and patron of the fey. She was born from the union of Madriel and the fey noble Syal.


During the Divine War, the land and the sky were both in disarray, with once fertile regions turning to deserts, fields into swamps, lightning burning forests to ash, and starvation being common. Madriel, seeing that the war would have been for naught if the mortals perished, asked her consort Syal advice on helping the situation, with the two eventually agreeing on creating a goddess in charge of gurading the clouds and bringing fair wether to Madriel's followers, thus siring Syhana.

Syhana was instructed by her mother on her duties, and from his father gained the aid and guardianship over the good-aligned fey. The task of restoring the weather system seemed too great for the demigoddess, as the storms created by Enkili and Lethene ravaged the land, and she couldn't be everywhere she was needed and couldn't prevent the clouds from scattering before they created rain. As she fell to despair, a fey ally told her about quillflies, a rare species of insect whose nectar could seed clouds and create rain. She sought out the insects and found the reports of their abilities to be true, though lacking in numbers. She took a handful of these insects and imbued them with divine power, turning them into skyquills, man-sized, crystalline butterflies with fey intelligence, that she tasked with taking care of the quillflies and using their nectar to create clouds and rain where it's needed.


The Cloudmaiden's realm, the Palace of Clouds, sometimes called Rainbow's End, is located in the Golden Paradise. The realm is connected to Madriel's citadel, being the top of her citadel despite moving across the realm. The second name of the realm comes from the fact that all rainbows end here, and her servants use them to travel throughout Scarn. Syhana spends much of her time here, which is very little considering the nature of her duties, orchestrating the recovery of Scarn along with her court.


Syhana is depicted as a beautiful and tall, young woman with long, black hair and crystal-bright eyes. She wears a flowing, iridescent robe and has multi-colored butterfly wings on her back, from the edges of which grow quills that can blind people.


Syhana is worshipped by those who rely on rain and fair weather for their livelihood, and her worship is often tied to the worship of Madriel. A common ritual of Syhana is to plant a butterfly bush that attracts quillflies and, unknowingly for most people, helps them create the clouds and rain needed. In the desert, rainfall is often seen as a sign from Syhana, and a cause for celebration. Syhana has no organized church, with her priests and clerics considered a part the church of Madriel.


An ibis
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Air, breath, souls of the dead, wind
Domains Air, Judgement, Law
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Arbiters, judges
Favoured Weapon Sunblade (Longsword)

Sarhari is the demigoddess of wind, air, breath, and the souls of the dead worshipped in Asherak. In most places, she's merely seen as the Asheraki incarnation of Syhana, but there's evidence she was known in Ghelspad and Termana long ago, and that Syhana is actually an incarnation of her.


Sarhari, along with Gamgal, worked to end the titan-created cycle of life, death, and rebirth during the Divine War, allowing the gods to take hold over the souls of their worshippers. This made her very serious about who should and shouldn't be raised from the dead, but during the war, most people didn't care about this. The war also caused her to withdraw from the world, as she couldn't handle death and destruction that increased her amount of work. She eventually came back and returned to her duties.


Sarhari is depicted as a light-bodied and pale-haired female figure wearing flowing robes. She described as wind incarnate, being able to fly without wings.


Sarhari's priest and clerics are much like those of Hedrada, acting as arbiters and judges, and known for their wisdom and impartiality. There is also a movement formed from her more radical worshippers, who are intent on restoring her to her former place.

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