Sayl the Faithless

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Sayl the Faithless is a Sorcerer of Chaos Undivided, earning his moniker through the fact that he has never sworn allegiance to any single Ruinous Power, but rather paid lip service to many, and pursued pacts and bargains with many petty Chaos godlings and daemons, betraying each in turn when expedient. Paranoid and hubristic, he is an utterly self-serving egotist and practiced murderer, whose mastery of betrayal, guile and treachery has seen him rise supreme over other rivals whose arcane powers were greater than his and powerful champions who have enjoyed the favour of the Dark Gods.

He was an ally of convenience with the Chaos Champion Tamurkhan, and as such was a Forge World creation. He wields two magical items; the Viperous Staff, an heirloom of his Dolgan tribe in the form of a dark-iron staff entwined with enchanted snake sculptures that come alive and attack the bearer's enemies, and Schalkain's Teeth, a corpse-skin bag containing numerous sigil-etched teeth and fangs Sayl tore from the skulls of wizards he defeated, which he could use to divert the effects of miscast spells onto his luckless allies.

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