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A blazing meteor impacting the earth.
Aliases The calm after the storm
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank God
Portfolio Annihilation,catharsis, and purity
Domains Catastrophe, daemons, entropy, freedom, rage, and self-realization
Home Plane Maelstrom
Worshippers Troubled youths, people angry at the world, anarchists
Favoured Weapon Meteor Hammer
Scal: its probably the soulless ginger jokes that make him so angry.

Scal is a nearly-forgotten deity of annihilation, catharsis, and purity that was worshiped by the peoples of ancient Azlant. Like any good self-help guru, he urged his followers to get things out of their system and, in so doing, purify themselves of negativity through destroying evil-doers, or anyone else that crossed their paths, in righteous fury so that they would be cleansed of their own ill-will and self-loathing in the process. He ended up getting a bad rap, though, catching blame for Earthfall because he said would destroy the world if humanity made him dissapoint. He didn't though, it was a bunch of slimy fish fuckers known as the Alghollthu who dun it.

But, since humanity couldn't handle the bants, the worship of Scal in a post-Earthfall world became taboo. Even the speaking of his name was forbidden. Worship of Scal is virtually non-existent now, with the only notable pocket of "worship" being among the Taldan noble family of House Denzarni, who claim to have old Azlanti roots to their family tree... although their ways of "worship" have certainly strayed from the old orthodoxy and into the realms of debauchery. Any other gatherings of his "worshipers" would be made up of loners and societal outcasts, angry about the flaws in society and angrier still they are powerless to change it alone, thus they congregate in groups less like temples of worship and more like fight clubs- DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS!

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