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Scalykind is a racial grouping slash slang term in the Dungeons & Dragons fandom derived from the Forgotten Realms. In Faerunian lore, "scalykind" is one of several overlapping terms used to refer to the various sapient reptilian races, rather like demihuman or goblinoid. They have their own Splatbook called Serpent Kingdoms

Classic D&D scalykind races include:

Scalykind is also a Cleric Domain introduced in the 3e "Player's Guide to Faerun". It grants the Cleric the innate power to command and rebuke reptilian creatures in a similar way to an evil cleric commanding/rebuking the undead. Its bonus spells are Magic Fang, Animal Trance (reptiles only), Greater Magic Fang, Poison, Animal Growth (reptiles only), Eyebite, Viper Gout, Animal Shapes (reptiles only) and Shapechange.