Scepter of Ephelomon

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The Scepter of Ephelomon is an artifact-tier magic item in Dungeons & Dragons, which serves as the physical symbol of the pact between githyanki and red dragons that was engineered by Gith.

Mentioned in passing in githyanki-related sourcebooks, the Scepter of Ephelomon is detailed in Dungeon Magazine #100, where it is one of two artifacts in the possession of Vlaakith CLVII. Described simply as ruby-encrusted and dragon-shaped, it was presented to Vlaakith I by its namesake, Ephelomon, consort of Tiamat, eons ago. It is the physical symbol of the pact between Gith and Tiamat, and if it were to be destroyed, it would instantly sunder that pact, resulting in the red dragons abandoning their githyanki allies except where personally motivated to stay loyal. Likewise, should the pact be broken - as it is in Scales of War - then the scepter will lose its powers.

What powers are those? Well, for a start, all red dragons within a half-mile of the scepter must succeed at a DC 35 Will save or be affected by a Dominate Monster spell cast by a 30th level caster, which compels them to obey whoever's holding the scepter. Additionally, once per week, the bearer can use the scepter to create a Gate that summons a red dragon of the Very Old age category; this dragon must make the aforementioned save vs. domination, but even if it resists, is still affected by the normal compulsions of all Gated creatures. Finally, whoever bears the Scepter of Ephelomon is immune to fire and to fear.

The Scepter has 60 hit points, and can only be damaged by the claws of Bahamut (or a chosen vassal therof), a magic weapon with the Bane (Evil Dragons) enchantment, or by the cold breath weapon of a good-aligned silver dragon.

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