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Scholar is a Spheres of Might class based on bombs, knowledge and healing.

As you might guess from the name, (most) Scholars aren't musclebound frontline fighters who can crush rocks with their bare hands (although they can get Int to attack and full BAB with some spheres). They have low BAB, low hitpoints, low Fort and even a low amount of combat talents, as much as an Armiger with no customized weapons. With their massive amount of skill points and free access to the spheres of Alchemy and Scout, they're more like casters and skill monkeys, hanging back to identify enemies, heal the wounded and throw infinite flashbangs that deal low damage but can deafen and dazzle/blind. Funnily enough they also work as decent pack mules thanks to their ability to carry items with their massive brains.

Unlike most classes with feat-like discoveries / rage powers / prowesses / whatever, Scholars get two different types of such things since they don't have many other class features: knacks and material impositions. Knacks are the usual fare - improved healing/knowledge, lightning staff, submarine, extra talents, etc. - while material impositions give abilities - line helmets with lead to temporarily protect from divinations - and often also additional effects to put on their flashbangs - add brimstone to deal extra fire damage and sicken people - by expending their martial focus.

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