Scientist Tripod

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All members of the race are dedicated to claiming the Target world as efficiently as possible to speed the rate at which it can be changed into a second home world. For some, that means wielding the fighting machines with supreme skill to annihilate the prey creature armies that oppose the colonial effort. For others that means guiding the constructor machines to carve great hold fasts to secure the land that has been conquered. For others of a more, inquisitive bent there is the study of the strange plants and creatures that inhabit the forests, plains and mountains.

In the opening stages of the conquest, such frivolities were not of high priority, as clans like the one in Landing group 32 were hard pressed to hold back a tide of prey creatures trying to crush the invasion before it could leave the crater its cylinders carved into the dirt. Once those first counter thrusts had been brushed aside and the conquest could begin in earnest, it became more affordable to spend resources on scientific endeavours.

While the studies of captured prey creatures have proved endlessly fascinating to those conducting the experiments, the stock of prey creatures is still rather limited due to the time they take to reproduce. Until such time as the Race can create self sustaining stocks of the prey creatures, the best way to increase the number of subjects is to capture more. Some research leaders have begun to introduce modified technologies more suited for this task.

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