Scintillan Fusiliers

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Sexy bastard..

"Every private in the French army carries the baton of a Field Marshall in his knapsack."

– Napoleon Bonaparte


Which is why they are eager for war yet most of them suck at fighting and have little tactical or strategic sense. So, really old French attire combined with World War II suckiness and Napoleonic ego.

Basically, a regiment made up of arrogant blue bloods who think they are better than all the other rabble and aim to prove it. Dressed like they have come out of a painting from the 18th century complete with powdered wigs, tricorner hats, and bright colored pantaloons. Introduced in Only War, as a regiment made up from the capital planet of the Calixis sector of Dark Heresy fame. Famous for not caring much for other regiments, especially Catachans leading to more than a few unfortunate accidents in which the Scintillans "accidentally" called in artillery or the like too close to their supposed comrades. Please note however they have made sure to keep friendly fire rate well under the acceptable averages for combined regiments. When anyone's looking, at least. If you want to complain about them, and why would you since that is heresy, they have lots of friends in high places. Of course, a habit of "friendly fire" at regiments who tend to be sent against the most horrific enemies in the galaxy and daemon invasions is generally a bad idea. Because they'll rip your balls off and replace your eyes with them. Ultimately, though, regiments like the Catachans are valued infinitely more than the Scintillans. If their idiocy ever has any impact on such highly valued regiments, those noble brats will find that their lives are worth just as little to the Imperium as the next poor fool to be executed. On the bright side, their assholery is primarily limited to their seventeenth regiment (quoted further down this page in all their jerk-ass glory). Who steals gear from other Scintillan regiments. At least one of their armored companies fared very well against the enemies of man due to their Colonel not accepting "innate grit" as a replacement for intense practice and realistic training. The result of that training and his own scientific approach to warfare was that his company kicks the absolute shit out of everything.

Currently, their 17th regiment (the General's favored "golden regiment") are awaiting redeployment against the Dark Eldar. Hilarity will ensue. Clearly someone decided “well below acceptable” friendly fire was unacceptable (the "well below acceptable" was from the 112th regiment, who was merged with the 456th Catachan "Wrackwasps" and seem to honestly avoid shooting each other). It seriously pays to be as legendary as a Catachan regiment.


"I can assure you that almost all units of the Scintillan 17th have been withdrawn from the target zones and we will be ready to commence orbital strikes on the Ork vanguard shortly. I also realize that significant elements of the Catachan 223rd have not reached the safe zone. This was always an anticipated risk, and I think I speak for many here when I say: really, who will miss them?"

– Commander-General Pailus, Scintillan 4th Army Group (What a dick!)

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