Scourge Stars

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Scourge Stars
Death Guard Flag.PNG

Unknown, perhaps the Plague Planet

Official Languages

Low Gothic


Minor Power


3 Systems, 10 Confirmed Planets

Head of State

Daemon Primarch Mortarion

Head of Government

Daemon Primarch Mortarion

Governmental Structure

Unitary Totalitarian Theocratic Dictatorship

State Religion/Ideology

Nurgle Worship


Humans, Daemons of Nurgle, Warp Beasts

Military Force

Death Guard, Plague Zombies, Daemons of Nurgle, Cultists

The Scourge Stars is the new mini-empire formed by the Death Guard under the leadership of Mortarion and a few others (But mostly Morty).

Made up of 3 diseased star systems, pretentiously named Noxias, Verminox and Rottgrave Imperium (seriously, Administratum? Might as well wrap the stars in tape and hand'em to Nurgle), it was created during the waning years of the Indomitus Crusade in the 42nd millennium and its existence is there to simply Troll the fuck out of the Smurfs and annoy the heck out of Rowboat Girlyman since it is located right to the galactic north of Ultramar.

Essentially speaking, the Scourge Stars is pretty much the North Korea of WH40K. You know, as in that they are that asshole neighbor that borders just north from Ultramar (South Korea), really want to have Ultramar despite being significantly weaker, have a fat and bloated tin-pot dictator that rules over a half-dead population and is constantly flinging shit over your fence. Except instead of shit, it's... ok, it's still shit but it's Nurgle shit alongside waves of Virus Bombs, Nurgle Marines, and Mortarion's unwashed socks and underwear. How rude.

Astrocartographic location of the Scourge Stars.


Star systems of the Scourge Stars. That's some forced names eh?

The Scourge Stars were originally three loyal systems of the Imperium, until the outbreak of the Thirteenth Black Crusade and the creation of the Great Rift; which caused the Warp to run unchecked, within an area of space now known as the Dark Imperium. The resultant Warp Storm activity caused all long-ranged astro-communications and interstellar travel to become virtually impossible. This period came to be known as the Noctis Aeterna, "the Blackness." Throughout several Imperial star systems located in the southern reaches of the Ultima Segmentum. It is unknown whether the Plague Planet is considered as the capitol of the Scourge Stars seeing as how unlike Sortiarius, it is still trapped in the Immaterium.

Although due to the strategic and religious importance of the Plague Planet, it probably is. When the Chaos God Nurgle discovered the Dark Imperium's creation, he decided to enact his long held plan of annexing the prosperous worlds of the Realm of Ultramar, into his Garden and began what became known to the Imperium, as the Plague Wars. These series of fierce battles, between the forces of Nurgle and the Imperium, first occurred within Ultramar, but soon spread to the areas surrounding it.

A WAAAGH! was sighted during the formation of the Scourge Stars, in which Warlord Badsmak led a headlong charge against the Death Guard to the Galactic West of the Scourge Stars. It would have gone off swimmingly for the Orks if the opponent they faced did not possess a fucking daemon Primarch, especially one such as Mortarion who is not only an accomplished infantry commander before his heresy, but also quite adept at biological and chemical warfare after. As you can guess from the likely outcome, Warlord Badsmak got proper krumped before fleeing like a pussy. Hmmmm.....An Ork Warlord that flees when the situation goes dire? I wonder where I heard that before?

The three systems that became the Scourge Stars, were one such area and after they fell to the forces of Nurgle, they became an empire from where the Plague Father could continue to launch attacks against the nearby Realm of Ultramar. The plague forces located within the Scourge Stars are commanded by three of Nurgle's greatest commanders, who are charged with the single goal of adding the worlds of Ultramar to the Chaos God's Garden.

With the conclusion of the Plague Wars, its future is currently unclear. The forces of Nurgle seemed to withdraw from Ultramar to protect the Scourge Stars which had come under threat from other followers of Chaos. The resultant conflict is known as the "War in the Rift". It also appears as if Guilliman intends to launch a campaign against the 3 systems in the near future.

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