Screaming Eagles

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Screaming Eagles
Screamin eagles livery.jpg
Founding 26th
Successors of Blood Angels, White Scars and Ultramarines.
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Conotocaurious
Primarch Sanguinius, Jaghatai Khan and Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Neu Merica
Strength ~13,000
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red, White and Blue

The Screaming Eagles (also known as the Merican marines) are what happens when /tg/ creates the most American Marines ever, proud sons of Liberty who fight their eternal foes, the Communist pinko Tau.

Heroes of the Screaming Eagles[edit]

  • Chapter Master Conotocaurious
  • Master Librarian Franc Lein
  • Master of Armour Jorgess Paten
  • Master of Sanctity Sixtus
  • Master of the Fleet Jon Paaljowns
  • Master of the Forge Antonius Starc
  • Chief Apothecary - None (Free Healthcare is for Commies)
  • Master of Records Tomasjef Erson
  • Chapter Champion Cold Bear
  • Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
  • Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham
  • Venerable Dreadnaught Jeiefkei
  • First Company (Terminator) Captain Ronnal Reigen
  • Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
  • Third Company Captain Hulc Hogann
  • Fourth Company Captain Eisen Hower
  • Fifth Company Captain Jon Waine (given title of "Duke" by a Planet he liberated from the Tau)
  • Sixth Company Captain Mak Arture
  • Seventh Company Captain Chuknor Iss
  • Eight Company Captain Mestertei
  • Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow
  • Tenth Company Captain Schwarz Negaire
  • Eleventh Company Captain Kharles Barclei
  • Twelfth Company (Scout) leader Teodor Rusevelt
  • Thirteenth Company (Scout) Captain Davicrok Ette

Crunchy bits[edit]

Chapter champion Cold Bear, wielding a holy blade of freedom.
Chapter History 
26th Founding
Chapter Progenitor 
Blood Angels, White Scars and Ultramarines
Chapter Purpose 
Chapter Demeanor 
Suffer Not the (illegal) Alien to Live, Suffer Not the Work of Heretics, Swift as the Wind
Gene-Seed Purity 
None Purer
Gene-Seed Deficiency 
Chapter Flaw 
Pride in the Colors
Thirteen Companies, including 2 Veteran Companies and 2 Scout Companies
Combat Doctrine 
Armoured Assault, using the special 'Abramns' pattern Predator Land Raider [No transport, Vanquisher Cannon/Laser Destroyer, Heavy Bolter/Heavy Flamer Sponsons only----named Abrmans pattern Land Raider: Liberator of the Gulf-destroyed an entire Gue'vesa Armored Regiment and Tau armored section before being disabled by a Crisis Suit Team armed with Failsafe Detonators during the Second War of Abbasaid]
No Apothecaries, because Free Healthcare is for Communists.
Special Equipment 
Jump Pack Eagles and Speeder Eagles (see Fluff)
Chapter Belief 
Honor the Ancestors (the Founding Fathers)
Chapter Founding Father 
The Founding Fathers
Chapter Strength 
Chapter Homeworld 
Hive, Desert
Chapter Rule 
Direct Rule, because Merica
Chapter Friendship
The Salamanders, The White Scars, The Crimson Fists, the PDF and IG regiments raised from Nova Merica, the Hancock Rogue Trader Dynasty, The Order of Our Lady of Liberty, and the Adeptus Mechanicus
Chapter Enemy
The Tau, as a bunch of pinko communists who wish to deny freedom to the Imperium. Also Orks, Chaos, Dark Eldar and Tyranids
Chapter Battlecry 
Chapter Anthem 
The Warrior Song

Writefag bits, all by anon[edit]

The sounds of battle rang out all around, the PDF troopers taking cover. All seemed lost as the Xeno armoured column and mechanized infantry swooped in. However, that was when the Second Company arrived, resplendent in their Red, White and Blue Armour. Second Company Captain Enjrew Jaxon took the lead. "Come on men!" he boomed. "Let's lead a trail of tears right to the heart of them!" The xenos responded to this new threat with more firepower, a railgun round turning a group of PDF into a fine red mist. "Damn!" cried out Jaxon. "The tank is trying to kill me, but I will kill IT!" With that he lumbered forwards in his terminator armour, his archeotech refractor shield bouncing plasma fire away with laughable easy. Soon his momentum increased and he rushed at the Hammerhead, Power Cane upraised, before laying into it with a fury. The field of the Power Cane ripped open the side of the xeno vehicle - Second Company Captain Enjrew Jaxon was known for his hatred of tanks, and his skill at killing them. The crew exposed, he ripped his way inside, laying about left and right with his Power Cane while his storm-bolter roared in his other hand, splattering the filthy xenos across the landscape.

I remember the Merican Marines. We were outnumbered and outgunned, and the Tau were slaughtering us by the thousand. We commended our souls to the Emperor and prepared to meet our fate. We would not let them take us prisoner, we knew what they would do to us. ‘reeducation camps’ where we would be brainwashed in to hating the Emperor and the Imperium. No, we would die like true soldiers of the Emperor." And then they came. The sky was lit up by streaks of red, white and blue, and suddenly they landed in the midst of the enemy like a bolt from the blue. They slaughtered the tau, smashed their tanks to scrap and drove them screaming to oblivion. I remember hearing their Master of Sanctity screaming righteous hatred as he lead his marines, and the tread of mighty dreadnoughts crushing the life out of the Tau, the long dead chapter masters within still fighting, still struggling for freedom. And freedom was what the Merican marines gave us that day. Freedom to fight again, freedom to continue to serve the Imperium. The Tau wanted to steal our freedom, but the mighty marines of Merica saved us, saved freedom and I pray to the Emperor that they will continue to do so forever.

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Real World Counterparts[edit]

Rather amazingly, and unexpectedly, it turns out that the Screaming Eagles are an actual American army division started in World War 2, the 101st Airborne Division. And to add more 'Murica to the mix, the demolitions branch of the Screaming Eagles was called, I kid you not, the Filthy 13, known for not bathing or shaving, blowing stuff up, and being all around badasses.

If you don't believe me: