Scriptor Mortis

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"Writing to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."

– Issac Asimov
"#459: Died while choking on a kebab, #460: Died while having coitus wi-Oh that's just disgusting."

Spooky Scribes that write the story of their opponent's deaths in their books, so that Nagash can fap to it later.

Nighthaunt Units
Leaders: Cairn Wraith - Dreadblade Harrow - Guardian of Souls - Knight of Shrouds - Krulghast Cruciator - Lord Executioner - Scriptor Mortis - Spirit Torment - Tomb Banshee
Troops: Bladegheist Revenant - Chainrasp - Craventhrone Guard - Dreadscythe Harridan - Glaivewraith Stalker - Grimghast Reaper - Myrmourn Banshee - Black Coach - Hexwraiths - Spirit Host