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Scrollhammer is a Tabletop Miniatures wargame under development by /tg/, using the same engine and scale as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40000, that takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Needless to say, this system is nearly as broken as most fan-made codices for Warhammer fantasy. And is probably made by the same people. Haha, I think not.

A newer 2nd Edition has been made with a skirmish scale ruleset, no longer based off of Warhammer.


Scrollhammer began in the early days of 2011, when a fa/tg/uy posted a thread talking about the game as if it existed. Many newbies were disappoint, longing for a chance to do battle with huge swarms of cliff racers. A year went by, and now a project is underway on /tg/ to bring The Elder Scrolls to life on the tabletop. The rules are currently v1.0 as of 10/27/2012, and are subject to necessary errata and FAQ'ing based on the results of your playtests. So ask questions, and post the results!

Playing Scrollhammer[edit]

Scrollhammer uses the Warhammer tabletop wargame rules engine. The rules are tweaked to being applicable to both pitched battles and skirmishes, and to emulate the style of the Elder Scrolls universe.

Magicka, for example, is not merely huge game-shifting powers, but also small abilities that can be used by individual models. Each model gets a quota of Power Dice to spend on spells each turn; to cast a spell, roll any number of your power dice, and see if it goes off! If it doesn't, you can always spend extra power dice to modify the roll, but less efficiently, so plan your spellcasting well!

Models use square bases, and some use rank and file formations. Others, however, use various degrees of more loose formations. Each has its advantages and weaknesses.

Each model can use two weapons or spells during any given turn, or may use both hands for a big weapon or spell! During the shooting phase, you get to shoot your ranged weapons once, and you may use your close combat weapons in the close combat phase(or you can bludgeon them with ranged weapons, but that doesn't do much). If a model has a hand open to cast a spell, it can use any other spells you want it to, as long as it has enough open hands; you may even fire multiple shooting attack spells, provided you have enough Power Dice!

A model that's wounded can attempt to make an armour save. But AP, Armour Penetration, serves as a negative modifier to armour saves in Scrollhammer. If you think the armour save isn't worth it, you can have your model take a Ward Save instead; there isn't much out there that can reduce this kind of save. And if your model fails its save but has a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, he can attempt to Parry the blow, a last-ditch effort to survive.

Mighty heroes of Tamriel can fight one another in Challenges; some models must accept, and certain other models' challenges cannot be turned down!

Many effects from the Elder Scrolls universe translate directly into in-game mechanics. A model hit by a lightning bolt loses magicka. An adventurer can chug a Potion of Fortify Strength to hit harder against a particularly tough foe. Dragons can rule the battlefield with a toolbox of Shouts, while Assassins can mark a target for the kill. The list is too many to count, but features abilities emulating many different well-known Elder Scrolls spells, potions and magic items from the series' many installments.

Alliances can rise and fall between the different factions. Armies with similar goals, or that have worked together in the Elder Scrolls Lore can ally with one another easily; others have fewer allies, preferring to work alone, or else only being willing to seek outside "help" from those willing to become their pawns.

Read the Scrollhammer Rulebook for further information on the rules.

Armies of Tamriel[edit]

The Imperial Legion

For centuries the glorious Cyrodiilic Empire has ruled Tamriel. It has reached a height of wealth and prosperity, mixed with ever-increasing decadence. Founded by the god Talos himself, it holds dominion over men, elves, and beastfolk.

The Imperial Legion is the Empire's primary fighting force. It is perhaps the largest and most disciplined military in the known world. It advances in a great iron column, the famed Red Legions, under the banner of the great Dragon-God Akatosh. Supporting its ranks are endless orders of armoured knights, mercenaries and auxiliary troops from every Province. It is truly a sight to behold.

On the battlefield, the Imperial Legion provides a balanced army, with well-trained, heavily armoured infantry, backed up by brave heroes, elite cavalry, specialist auxiliary forces and powerful field catapults.

The Great Houses of Morrowind

From Morrowind in the east come the grey-skinned Dark Elves, mysterious in their ways, and eternally devoted to the three god-kings said to dwell in the palaces of their great cities. Descendants of nomads who long ago settled in cities, the clans of these elves, the Great Houses, have for millennia feuded over territory, slaves, and resources. But ever in the background are the countless powers of unabated evil forever threatening the people. The great Red Mountain looms over the ashy wastes, its ruins-dotted slopes inhabited by brigands, the living dead, and many things far worse.

The armies of the Great Houses are an assortment of elven warriors and thugs sworn to the service of one of the most powerful clans of Morrowind. The Dark Elves' doctrine of war is one of ferocity tempered by skill, combining the Blade, Bow and Spell together to overwhelm their enemies. Each of the Great Houses fights with its own preferences, whether they be strength, magic or guile.

A Great House's army has wide access to different types of units and powerful weapons; it is an elite yet versatile force. Much emphasis may be easily put on speed and skill with magic: that does not mean, however, that the Dark Elves are a pushover when it comes to other styles of fighting.

Holds of Skyrim

Skyrim, the wilds of the north, is the land where mankind first set foot on Tamriel. This homeland is a frozen land, filled with towering mountains and endless forests. It has a great population, yet its people are constantly beset from all sides by tribes of marauders and savage monsters that live in the dark glens and atop the highest peaks. The humans who remained there aeons ago endured great hardship, yet grew strong; they became the Nords, the Children of the Sky, and from their bloodline and culture sprang countless emperors. Skyrim is the heart of mankind's domains in Tamriel, long predating the Empire of Cyrodiil, and its heroes are innumerable.

The armies of Skyrim are a collection of mighty warriors, each in service to a Jarl of the one of the land's many Holds. Their strength and ferocity are legendary in battle; although the Nords lack the organization and regimented training found in their southern kinsmen and long-standing allies the Imperials, they endure through their daily experience of hardship and sheer force of will.

The muster of a Hold contains a very solid core of troops: well-armed infantry and cavalry overwhelming their foes through physical prowess and stubborn resolve. An army of Nords, in its quest for glory, can field far more heroes in battle than other armies. The most experienced warriors of every Hold each carry unique special abilities and skills, known as Mighty Deeds. The power of life's breath itself, whether through the songs of Bards or through the Shouts of Tongues, strengthens the warriors of Skyrim even further.

Daedra Cults

From beyond the confines of the material world dwell strange and powerful beings, with little stake in their affairs other than cruel amusement. Some of these Princes of Oblivion, as they are called, are benevolent at times; others are nothing more than demons, and some are so alien to mortals that their true nature cannot be comprehended. It is from the bitter, the desperate, the vengeful, and the ambitious that cults spring up in service to these strange powers, mortals who have sold their souls to beings who see them only as playthings.

The Daedra Cults army allows you to field a force of cultists, supported by the fiendish spawn of Oblivion whom they venerate. Alternatively, you can field a force consisting entirely of Daedra to unleash the full fury of the myriad eldrich planes upon your foes.

Cultists are weak in combat, but are strong spellcasters, and come in overwhelming numbers. Daedra are more specialized in their roles, each fulfilling the purpose upon the battlefield that its immortal essence and otherworldly state of mind drives it to perform. Even the smallest of Daedra can be a formidable foe for an unprepared mortal, and can be called upon wherever and whenever it is needed with the aid of your cultists.


The great soaring tyrants of the sky, the Dragons, were once worshiped by man. Now their numbers dwindle, slain one by one by mortal heroes. But it is said that they will return one day. And in the mean time, those who worship them in life and now lie dead, awaken once more.

An army of Dragons is a terrifying prospect to face. Supported by the undead remains of their worshipers, the Dragons awaken once more, and bring ruin upon their foes.

With the Dragons army book, you can field an army entirely of Monstrous Creatures: not pleasant at all for your opponent! You can also field the hordes of Draugr, the frozen dead of the north, and the ancient Priests of the Dragon Cult, now unliving in lichdom. The Dragons army provides a mixture of fast and powerful attacks from Dragons, and slow moving yet resilient swarms of undead.

Warriors of Elsweyr

Within in the heart of Tamriel lay the ruins of Elsweyr. Once stretching across the entirety of the continent, and a paragon of civilization and peace, it has since crumbled into a decadent and often-time violent society.

Upon the scorching sands, and deep within the luscious jungle forests, dwells the beastmen Khajiit. Born from the gods into darkness, their lives bound to the alignment of the moons, they are a rather unhinged and varied people. Their armies are among the greatest skirmishing forces of Tamriel, and the most feral.

The Warriors of Elsweyr are made strong by their great number of sub-races and expert skirmishing ability. Few races are able to stand against fireball-hurling housecats, let alone mamoth-sized tiger beasts, or drug-pumped lion men. No doubt this force holds the most physically varied units in the game, but also makes extensive use of drugs, allowing you to buff your forces when needed.

House Dagoth

Forgotten. Betrayed. Unmourned. The Great Houses of Morrowind were not always five in number. Long ago, when the skin Dunmer still yet shown like gold, there was a Sixth House: House Dagoth. But, in the War of the First Council the other Great Houses, led by the Tribunal, betrayed House Dagoth, and they were destroyed in the shadow of Red Mountain. The Sixth House was long thought dead, and the Tribunal long thought that they had gotten away with their crimes against their king and the gods. But they did not expect their ancient enemy to return from the grave. The Sixth House was not dead, but only sleeping. Now it wakes from its long dream, and with its Lord, Dagoth Ur, it comes forth to free Morrowind of foreign rulers and divine pretenders.

The House Dagoth army gives you access to a wide variety of twisted, disease-spreading cultists, and a core of powerful spellcasting elite. The mutated ash creatures of the Sixth House are terrifying to behold, and the debilitating diseases they spread can wreck havoc on enemy forces.

The House Dagoth army book places a strong emphasis on weakening your opponent before finishing them off with a cadre of powerful elites. From Sleeper Cultist assassins, to a range of demoralizing effects, to the ever-present list of horrible infectious diseases, and more; Sixth House players are given a diverse range of options on how they can to reduce their foes to feeble and debilitated shells of their former selves. However, Sixth House players are by no means limited to this one strategy, as the House Dagoth army book is easily able to accommodate a wide variety of play styles.

Comprehensive Rulebook[edit]

Scrollhammer Rulebook


The following is the list of complete Army Books in 1st Edition:

Daedra Cults


Great Houses of Morrowind

Imperial Legion

Holds of Skyrim

Warriors of Elsweyr

The following is the list of Army Books in progress:

House Dagoth

Order of the Black Worm

Kingdoms of High Rock

The following is a list of minor Army Books a little shorter in length and scope than the rest:


If you wish to add a new faction's Army Book, or improve an existing one, request in discussion or post on forums.


Artifacts of Tamriel

Dwemer Animunculi(in progress)

Experimental Rules(not yet updated for 1st edition)


These rules and army books are still quite new, . The following is a record of various playtests posted on /tg/. You may edit the following page to add your own battle reports that you posted on /tg/.

Battle Reports

Scrollhammer: Beta The rules for the previous edition. Not coherent in many places, very vague and thrown-together. They are included here for reference.