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Scyla the blessed (?) Talon of Khorne

Scyla Anfingrimm, known also as the Scourgeborn, the Talon of Khorne, and the Bloodbeast, is a Chaos Champion of Khorne from Warhammer Fantasy best known for the fact that he was turned into a Ch- *erm* -unmentionable thing but has retained Khorne's favor. The cause for this transformation stemmed not from Khorne's wrath but instead from Scyla being too weak-willed to handle the multiple powerful combat mutations that his patron god had heaped upon him as a sign of approval. He is mostly known for being even more killy than a normal Spawn-... Did I say it? You did. Just kill me before I turn. *FWIP* *Ahem* He is mostly known for being even more killy than a normal Chaos thingy on the battlefield, whilst also keeping a Collar of Khorne around his neck, protecting him from enemy spells. Appearance-wise, he's best described as a roided-up, spiky, red gorilla.

Despite being what he is, Scyla still manages to be a leader can still be the general on the tabletop (his actual tribe got a new leader once he lost his mind), but he tends to lead by example. After all, what's more inspiring than seeing a deranged demon-man who's gone so far that he can only think about killing everything?

Age of Sigmar[edit]

After the whole world blew up during the End Times Scyla like most chaos champions of note found himself reborn into a new set of realms filled with people he could slaughter for Khorne and proceeded to do just that. During the Age of Chaos, Scyla was trapped within the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch but was freed by Khorne himself and Scyla was once more unleashed upon the realms. Since then, he has committed countless acts of slaughter, driven by an incandescent fury that can never be satisfied. Among his most prominent feats was when he and his Bloodbound hunted down and slaughtered the Ur-Hydra Gorgahul and its brood in the Quicksilver Swamp in the realm of Ulgu.

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