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– Scyla Anfingrimm on...everything.

Scyla Anfingrimm, known also as the Scourgeborn, the Talon of Khorne, and the Bloodbeast, is a Chaos Champion of Khorne from Warhammer Fantasy best known for the fact that he was turned into a Chaos Spawn, but has somehow retained a measure of Khorne's favor. The cause for this transformation stemmed not from Khorne's wrath but instead from Scyla being too weak-willed to handle the multiple powerful combat mutations that his patron god had heaped upon him as a sign of approval. He is mostly known for being even more killy than a normal Spawn on the battlefield, whilst also keeping a Collar of Khorne around his neck, protecting him from enemy spells.

Despite being what he is, Scyla still manages to be a leader, but it tends to be leadership by example. After all, what's more inspiring than seeing a deranged demon-man who's gone so far that he can only think about killing anything?

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