Sean Reynolds

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Sean K. Reynolds is a game designer for Dungeons & Dragons. He's firmly in the B-List in published content, but he's A-List in moral integrity - just ask him.

His credits include the Slavers! reboot of Scourge of the Slavelords, a subpar effort; the (second) Against the Giants expansion which was okay; the Scarlet Brotherhood gazetteer likewise okay; and his portrait is the beefcake in Dead Gods.

Reynolds moved to Paizo, joining the design team for the Pathfinder original release. He is, allegedly, part of the reason why core issues from 3.5 weren't fixed in the transition and/or were nerfed and removed: issues like sorcerers not being able to take full advantage of metamagic, a plethora of the monk class's core issues remaining religiously unfixed and the magic item they desperately need to keep in-parity with everyone else jacked up in price, and crossbows being absolute dogshit. Some (not all, but some) of these issues were fixed or at least reduced in severity via errata and patches since his departure from the project, strengthening the charges.

Reynolds has a blog, where he complains about how people don't like his attempts at inserting "realism" into a system where, magic aside, even mid-fighters can make enough attacks in a short enough span of time to make any actual HEMA practitioner giggle.